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1. Look for the station(s) in the database. If you know of a station that exists that is not listed, send it along! Also use the form below to update or correct information already in the database. Be as specific as possible when submitting information - I may not be able to use all the information but it will help me understand clearly which station you are referring to. I also try to keep all information on hand in case someone has a specific question in the future.

2. Read This Carefully: To be included in the database, a structure must be an existing railroad station, depot, shelter or flag stop located in Pennsylvania. The structure must have been built specifically by, or for, a railroad's passenger or freight service. Replica and dual-purpose (i.e. general store/station) stations will be included but will be clearly marked as such. Interurban and trolley stops or substations will not be included in the main station database. If you want or have info on interurban stations, a good place to check out is the Railroad Station Historical Society website

3. The form below is for submitting EXISTING stations only. Right now I am only including stations that are gone only IF I have a photo of the station. If you would like to send me a photo and info on a station that is now gone, please use email.

If you have an Ohio station to submit go here.

Send Email To Submit PA Station Information

If you are adding to an existing listing you only need to fill in the fields that are necessary for me to know what station you are referring to and your new information. If you do not know a piece of information leave the area blank or write "unknown."  If you need help click the linked text for further explanation of what info is needed.

Copy and Paste the following into an email and fill in the information...

Your name:

Your email address: (e.g.: you@aol.com)

City or town in which station is located?

In which county is this station located?

Railroad that built the station?

What is the current location/address of the station (be as specific as possible)?

Are you?

What type of station is it? 

What is the station used for now?

What year was the station built?

Status of tracks? 

What is the station made of? 

Current railroad that uses tracks (if there are tracks)?

Notes or other information:

Key To The Entry Fields

City: City or town where station is located. If a station has been moved to a city or town other than its original location, the station will be listed under both locations.

Railroad: The railroad that built the station. Sometimes this can hard to discern if the date of the building is not known and mergers and transformations have taken place. Some of the stations in the list have ????s not because we do not know what line they are on, but rather because we did not know which railroad (evolutionary version or predecessor) built the structure.

Current Location: We have tried to be as specific as possible, giving addresses when possible or, barring that, intersection or street names. When submitting a location be specific enough so others might find the station.

Type: P = Passenger; F = Freight; C = Combination.

Current Use:

Date Built: Self-explanatory.

Track Status: Self-explanatory.

Building Material: Wood, Brick, Stone or Stucco.

Current Railroad: If there are tracks running by the station this is the railroad that operates the line.

Notes: Anything more specific that does not fit in another column. If someone submits an extended note or story about a depot I will make a link from the note section to the extended text.

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