Existing Allen County Stations

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City Railroad Current Location Type Current Use Date Built Track Status Bldg. Mat. Current Railroad Notes
Bluffton AC&Y 562 N. Main St. C Business 1920 Gone Stucco None Frozen custard stand.
Decorated with AC&Y
memorabilia and train history 
Bluffton LE&W Off Riley St. P Club ???? Gone Wood None Moved. This station replaced the original station which sat across the tracks. The station was built soon after the opening of Bluffton College in 1899.
Delphos NKP ???? P Private ~1952 Gone Block None See Note One.
Kemp Erie 150 ft. north of the tracks on the west side of Kemp Road C Residence ???? In Use Wood RJ Corman Two-unit apartment. The roof was raised and two dormers added for a second story.
Lima P&FW (PRR) Half block north of Wayne St. on Central St. P Public ???? In Use Brick NS Restored! Just west of the diamonds of the B&O/NKP and PRR ! 
Lima D&LN/Ohio Southern (DT&I) Bellefontaine St. C Business 1896 In Use Wood I&O Date stone reads "1923". This is when the freight section was added on.
Lima Ohio Southern
(later DT&I)
Lincoln Park P Display 1893 None Wood None Moved from
Uniopolis, OH
Spencerville Erie Off Main Street C Vacant ???? In Use Wood RJ Corman Former HQ of
Specerville & Elgin RR


Delphos (NKP) - Since Dephos sits in two counties (Van Wert & Allen) I am not sure which one the depot is in. The depot is perhaps the most unattractive structure you will ever see. Constructed during the 1950's of cinderblock it is nothing to write home about. This is several blocks north of where the PRR tracks & the NKP tracks cross. --Michael Schwiebert

A retired NKP section hand (who worked out of Delphos from 1952 until the late 1980s) said the concrete building that was once a station and crew room. He said when he started with the NKP in 1952, the building was not there, but was built shortly after that time. The building housed two clerks, an operator, telegrapher, and the trainmaster's office was directly north of the current structure. The trainmaster's office is gone and only the concrete platform remains. In addition, there were showers and lockers for the crews when they arrived from Frankfort and Toledo to clean up after their runs. The bland concrete structure replaced several NKP offices located in the downtown business district of Delphos. The NKP/AC&Y yards were next to the western terminus of the AC&Y tracks. The NKP tracks from the former PRR mainline in Delphos were recently removed. --Daniel Meckstroth

Lima (Uniopolis) - The Uniopolis station was built in 1893 for the Ohio Southern Railroad. It is painted in the gray reflecting Henry Ford's ownership of the railroad in the 1920's. The Lima station of the former D T & I at Bellefontaine Ave., now used as a business was also built by the Ohio Southern Railroad in 1893. It has served as both passenger and freight station during its career. -- Scott Trostel

Allen County Stations Of The Past

Station Railroad Notes
Delphos PFt.W&C (PRR) Built in 1879. This station sat on the west side of South Washington Street.
Delphos Northern Ohio The first passenger station was on the southeast corner of East 1st Street and South Washington. The freight station was on the next lot to the south. By the early 1900s those stations were gone (replaced by a large coal shed) and a newer passenger station was in place on the north side of East 1st Street.
Delphos CH&D The passenger station was on South Washington Street just south of the location of the old TSt.L&KC station.
Delphos TSt.L&W This station was located on the northeast corner of South Main Street and East Jackson. The freight station was just to the east of the passenger station.
Delphos TSt.L&KC This passenger station sat diagonally across the diamond from the PFt.W&C station on South Washington. Later it served only as a freight station. It was gone by the early 1900s.

1898 Allen County Railroad Map