Existing Stations In York County, PA

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City Railroad Current Location Type Current Use Date Built Track Status Bldg. Mat. Notes
Ben Roy MA&PA Off Camp Betty Washington Road near Old Dutch Lane. C Residence ???? Gone Wood Building was general store, post office, train station combo. Sits on private drive.
Brillharts Station Northern Central Brillharts Station Rd. off Twin arch Rd. C Residence ???? Abandoned Brick York Co. Rail Trail goes by station.
Brogueville MA&PA Trinity Road off
Brown Road
C Residence ???? Gone Wood  
Delta Peach Bottom RR Front St. at Broad St. P Residence ???? Gone Wood  
Fawn Grove New Park & Fawn Grove Market & Mill Sts. C Residence ???? Gone Wood  
Felton MA&PA Maul Avenue near High Street F Private ???? Gone Wood  
Glatfelters PRR Glatfelters Station Road, along rail trail. P Residence ???? Abandoned Brick See note.
Hellam York & Wrightsville Cherry Ave F Storage ???? Gone Wood  
Hanover WM/PRR Railroad Street & Library  Place P Business ???? In Use Brick  
Hanover WM Railroad St. at Park Ave. F Railroad ???? In Use Wood/Metal  
Hanover Jct. Northern Central (PRR) PA616 near Shaffers Church Rd. C Civic 1860s In Use Wood Now restored!
Laurel MA&PA Laurel & Old Forge Rd. P Business ???? In Use Wood Stained Glass
Mt. Wolf Northern Central (PRR) Front St. near Maple St. C Private ???? In Use Wood Model RR &
Muddy Creek Forks MA&PA Muddy Creek Forks & New Park Rd. C Museum 1900 In Use Wood Also was
general store
New Freedom Northern Central (PRR) Front St. at
Franklin St.
C Railroad 1860s Abandoned Wood See old postcard.
Ore Valley MA&PA Springwood Rd. south of Camp Betty Washington Rd. C Residence ???? Gone Wood  
Orwig Stewartstown RR Along PA 851 between Waltemyer School Rd. and Hill Rd. P Residence ???? In Use Wood  
Red Lion MA&PA Main St. & First Ave. C Civic ???? Gone Brick Owned by historical society.
Relay MA&PA Fruitlyn Drive, off North Walnut St. C Residence ???? Gone Wood  
Seven Valleys
Northern Central (PRR) Main Street C Business 1838 In Use Wood  
Stewartstown RR Main St. north of Tolna Road C Vacant ???? Inactive Brick Boarded Up.
Springvale MA&PA Circle Drive off Springvale Road C Residence ???? Gone Wood  
Snyderstown (Yoe) MA&PA 7-9 East Pennsylvania Avenue, Yoe. P Residence 1880 Gone Wood See note.
Stewartstown Stewartstown RR Hill St. & Pennsylvania Ave. C RR/Museum 1912 In Use Brick See note.
Tolna Stewartstown RR Dear Creek and Windy Hill Rds. C Residence ???? In Use Wood  
Tolna Stewartstown RR Dear Creek and Windy Hill Rds. F Private ???? In Use Wood Across the tracks from the house-like Tolna station is this little one story freight shed. It probably served as a freight shed at some point in Tolna's history.
Wiley New Park & Fawn Grove Marsteller Road & Draco Road P Residence ???? Gone Wood  
Woodbine MA&PA Miller Rd. (PA425) at Muddy Creek P Residence ???? Gone Wood  
York Northern Central (PRR) North & Duke P Business ???? In Use Brick Photo studio and
bus station.
York PRR North & Duke F Business ???? In Use Wood  
York WM George & Arch F Business 1893 In Use Brick  
York WM 200 Block of Roosevelt F Business ???? In Use Wood Fruit Distributor
York MA&PA 490 E. Market C Business ???? In Use Wood Housing Authority maintenance dept.
Older photos of each section.


Glatfelters - It is a 2 story orange-ish colored brick building. Milepost 49 is directly across from the building. Also, if you look closely, you can see the
foundation for the westbound passenger shelter beside the milepost.

Hallam - A carpenter from Hallam, dismantled and reconstructed the station at the rear of his property near 67 ?? East Market Street in Hallam in the 1960's. Cherry Avenue (a narrow alley) runs east and west on the north side of Market Street in Hallam. The railroad station originally sat south of Market Street near the old Hallam Furniture Factory.

Hanover - The station appears as though it was oriented towards the PRR right-of-way, so I suspect that the PRR actually built the station. The station sits between the two right-of-ways, and appears to have served both the WM and PRR. The CSX uses the old WM tracks, and the Ma & Pa uses the old PRR tracks. There is a diamond and an interchange just east of the station. There are DOT stop signs facing the Ma & Pa tracks at the diamond ... I found that interesting. -Greg Halpin

Hanover Jct. -  York Co. rail/Trail Authority to start restoration of this station in the near future. It will be restored to it's 1863 time frame. It was used by the PRR, NCR, the Hanover Jct. Railway, and Western Maryland. 

Laurel - The MA&PA station in Laurel was located in a general store. The building is currently used by a woodworking business. The tracks are still in place, extending about 500 feet north, and owned by an Authority of York County. Eventually, the Maryland and Pennsylvania Railroad Preservation Society hopes to extend the rail excursions operated from Muddy Creek Forks as far north as Laurel.

Muddy Creek Forks - This station was located in a large general store built in 1900 by A.M. Grove. The station is located along a six mile section of the original M&P mainline acquired in 1986 by the Maryland and Pennsylvania Railroad Preservation Society. The store/station and surrounding village was acquired by the Society in 1996. The buildings and tracks are now owned by an Authority of York County. The Society has restored the store, including the station room, to its 1920s appearance. The village is open on Sundays during the summer and excursions are offered by the Society from the station over 3 miles of the track.

New Freedom - Bill Knepper of the York Co. Rail/Trail Authority writes, The station is undergoing restoration. It was built in the time frame of 1860-1870. It was enlarged 3 times, we could tell that because the wood was of 3 different sizes. It looks like the original section was the passenger end, later it looks like the freight shed was built on, and later the freight end was enlarged. About 15 feet was added to the north end. The station was disassembled and rebuilt in 1999.

Seven Valleys - This is the second oldest existing station in continuous use in the USA. It is now a general store. The only unscheduled closing was for four hours during the assassination of President McKinley in 1903. The waiting room still has the arrival and departures boards hanging on the wall from the 1950's, and the station masters office remains in use as the manager's office. The ticket window remains as originally constructed in 1838.

Snyderstown (Yoe) - Combination general store/post office/passenger station. Village was originally called Snyderstown, but the Postal Service rejected the name for a post office as another already existed in Pennsylvania. Town was then renamed Yoe. A second Yoe passenger/freight station was built later, across the street, and was razed by the railroad in the 1970s.

Stewartstown - Has original waiting room, ticket office, and freight house. Brick station, however second story is wood.  The Railroad has been closed to tourists for a few years now since a derailment a couple years back on their Easter Bunny Train. The station is currently in poor condition with holes in the roof and a crumbling platform. Volunteers occasionally will maintain the tracks to a certain degree, but for the most part, past Tolna the railroad is abandoned with exempt signs at the grade crossings. --Thomas Gallion, 2007

York - For more information and photos on all York city and county stations see Greg Halpin's page  Railroads and Railfanning In and Around York!

York County Stations Of The Past

Station Railroad Notes
Bridgeton MA&PA Photo is of Hack Eaton at station in 1962. 
Brodbecks WM  
Castle Fin MA&PA  
Cly Northern Central  
Dallastown MA&PA  
Delta MA&PA Burned down in 1965.
Dillsburg Cumberland Valley On the short Dillsburg branch of the Cumberland Valley RR.
Fawn Grove New Park & Fawn Grove RR  
Felton MA&PA Passenger station.
Glen Rock PRR There is now a modern gas station on this site at Main and Water Sts.
Glenville WM  
Hellam Northern Central  
High Rock MA&PA  
New Park New Park & Fawn Grove RR  
Spring Grove Northern Central  
Stewartstown Stewartstown RR  
Strawbridge New Park & Fawn Grove Station was located at Marsteller & New Park Roads in Hopewell Twp. Torn down around 2005-06.
Thomasville WM  
Yoe York Southern Station was built in 1896 by York Southern before the MA&PA acquired it. Photo from 1950.
York WM This passenger station was on the east side of George Street (across from the existing freight station). It was built in 1893.

1895 York County Railroad Map