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Type Current
Dornsife Off PA225 next to 405 Creek Road P Garage ???? Gone Wood  
Hunter Off PA225, moved about 200 yards from original location, in backyard of 302 SR 3004 P Storage 1905 Gone Wood  
Milton Filbert Street P Civic 1881  In Use Brick
Milton Filbert Street F Civic 1890 In Use Brick  
Northumberland 2 Front Street P Restaurant 1910 In Use Brick
Northumberland Near Front Street & PA 147 F Warehouse ???? In Use Wood
Northumberland 356 Priestley Avenue F Railroad 1911 In Use Brick
(S. Danville)
1 D&H Avenue
(GPS: 40.956199, -76.624100)
C Business ???? In Use Wood
Shamokin Liberty & Commerce Streets P Storage 1893 Gone Brick
Sunbury Third Street P Business 1872 In Use Brick
Sunbury Second Street P Business 1870s Gone Wood
Turbotville Church Street C Museum 1886 None Wood
Cameron There was a waiting shelter here that was built in 1903.
Chulasky There was only a platform here with a station stop sign.
Dewart Station was on the north side of Main Street on the west side of the tracks. It was torn down in the late 1950s/early 1960s.
Georgetown The first station here was built in 1859.
Gowen A shelter-type station was built here in 1885. This station was on the Sunbury Division.
(Trevorton Jct.)
The RDG station was north of the Ferry Street crossing and just north of the PRR station. It was at approximately GPS: 40.710886, -76.842742. In the photo, it is the station in the background.
Herndon The PRR station was just north of the Ferry Street crossing and just south of the RDG station. It was at approximately GPS: 40.710361, -76.843108. It is the station in the foreground of the photo.
Locust Gap This station, built in 1875, was at 2nd and Railroad Streets.
Locust Summit  
Milton The first station here was built by the Sunbury & Erie Railroad (later P&E) in 1855.
Mt. Carmel Was located at Railroad and Turnpike Sts. under overpass of PA 61. Was torn down to make way for new highway overpass.
Mt. Carmel This station was at 5th and Market Streets. The railroad built this station in 1889 to replace the original which was a dilapdated house with a small freight shed.
Mt. Carmel Junction This station was located near the Alaska Colliery.
Mt. Carmel Junction This station replaced the older one listed above in 1909.
Prior to the 1910 brick PRR station being built at 2 Front Street, there was previously a wooden frame station here. This station may have dated from 1867 when new passenger and freight stations were built here.
Selinsgrove Junction Station established as Selinsgrove Station in January 1861, ten years before bridges and line to Selinsgrove built. The station was on the west side of tracks north of present-day Selinsgrove Junction switch south of Sunbury. Station demolished 1932.
Shamokin A new combination station was opened here in 1876.
Shamokin Was located on Independence Street. Demolished in October, 1965.
Shamokin Freight station. Demolished in the Spring of 1966.
Sunbury This station was technically in Sunbury. It stood where Kase tower later stood on the east side of the north branch of the Susquehanna river where the junction of the Susquehanna or Wilkes Barre branch connected with the P&E branch in north Sunbury.
Sunbury There was a small station at the I.O.O.F. Orphanage east of town. It was likely located at approximately GPS: 40.871702, -76.728221.
Trevorton This station was located at 5th and Railroad Streets.
The first station here was built in 1859.
This station was on PA405. It was built in 1886.
Notes About Existing Stations...

Milton (P&E) - Now houses the Milton Police Department. Here is an old view showing the freight station. The station at Milton which was part of the PRR was formerly of the Philadelphia and Erie Railroad not the Northern Central Railroad. The Northern Central stopped at Sunbury though it was a part owner the in the Northumberland yard before it was absorbed into the PRR. The Northern Central also owned the Williamsport to Elmira branch at one time but it did not own the tracks or stations between Sunbury and Williamsport. --Greg Stone. According to an item in the Kane Weekly Blade from June 30, 1881, the P&E were building a new depot here at that time.

Northumberland (PRR - Passenger) - Station was also used for DL&W Bloomsburg connection. Though wooden "rooms" have been added to extend the restaurant, the station is brick; one can see the brick in the 2nd floor but also in the original exterior walls now inside the restaurant. --Gary Lapointe

Northumberland (PRR - Freight) - Local resident reports that the former PRR freight station, heavily altered in appearance and construction, still survives as a former lumber business warehouse. Can anyone confirm and provide a photo of the building?

Northumberland (DL&W) - The tracks that originally served this building (west side) were removed. The existing tracks are of former Erie origin and are on the east side of the building, and are about 150 ft. away. Concrete sign at north end of building clearly says: "Lackawanna Freight House."

Riverside (PRR) - This town was formerly called South Danville.

Shamokin (PRR) - The windows of this station are now boarded up and the platform gone. It was last used as a bus station and is now a warehouse for a furniture store. 1935 was the last time it was used as a passenger train stop. The station is within a block or two of the Lower Anthracite Model Railroad Club at 210 East Independence Street.

Sunbury (RDG) - First railroad station in the world to use electric lights.

Turbotville (WB&W) - Station was destroyed in a storm on Aug. 4, 2012, but parts were salvaged and the station was rebuilt by 2014. Originally moved to the Magee Transportation Museum in Bloomsburg, Columbia County in 1964, but returned to Turbotville on Dec. 16, 2011. Visit the Turbotville Borough Heritage Society for more information. The train station was built by the Wilkes-Barre & Western Railroad in 1886. The railroad was chartered June 22, 1886 and the first train came to Turbotville on December 13, 1886. The train station was built sometime between June and December. It is wood frame construction, tongue and groove interior walls and ceiling, tongue and groove roof that originally had wooden shingles, but today has asphalt shingles.