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Type Current
Ellwood City Beaver Avenue between 6th & 7th Streets.
(GPS: 40.859231, -80.290246)
F Vacant 1927 Gone Brick  
Harlansburg US 19 and PA108 P Museum ???? None Wood
New Castle
138 West Washington Street
(Elm Street & North Columbus Street)
(GPS: 41.001017, -80.350437)
P Civic 1887 Gone Wood
New Castle 334 East Washington Street
(GPS: 40.998831, -80.341266)
P Business 1914 Gone Brick  
New Castle West side of Moravia Street between Home Street and Lutton Street
(GPS: 40.990005, -80.348792)
F Business ???? Gone Wood  
New Wilmington 405 E. Neshannock (PA 208) C Business ???? Gone Wood
Wampum Main St. (PA288) just South of bridge to Chewton. F Storage ???? In Use Wood  
West Pittsburg PA 168 (Union Valley Rd.) C Vacant 1907 In Use Stone
Wilmington Jct.
NE side of PA956 between Old Mercer Road and Sipe Road
(GPS: 41.086954, -80.312267)
C Residence ???? Gone Wood  
Awwa Junction This was on the Old Butler Road on the outskirts of New Castle.
Bessemer A new combination station opened here in 1881.
(Walford Sta.)
A freight station opened here in 1905 which the PRR designated as Walford Station. This small station was in the vicintiy of East Poland Avenue and served the short branchline that the PRR built from Covert's Crossing on the mainline to reach the industries in Bessemer.
Butler Road
Chewton This building was near the end of Mill Street. I'm not sure that this was a station, but it looks like one of B&O design. If it is, it is probably not what served as the main B&O station here. A local told me that it was a MOfW shed moved many years ago from "down the tracks" but it was quite ornate to be a MOfW building. It was the second to last garage on the river side of the street. The building collapsed sometime around 2013.
Coverts Station  
East New Castle
This station was likely where the tracks crossed Old US 422 (Willowbrook Road) at GPS: 40.981492, -80.305976. This location was also known as "Joyce." Passenger service began between East New Castle and Butler in 1906. This was a close as the WARR got to having a passenger station in New Castle as several challenges prevented the RR from getting into, and having a station in, New castle proper.
Edinburg At various times the spelling of this town name has been Edenburg, Edenburgh, and Edinburg.
Ellwood City This station was on the west side of 5th Street on the south side of the tracks at GPS: 40.859383, -80.287766. It was torn down when the new union station was built at the same location in 1911-1912. A boxcar was used as a temporary station during the transition.
Ellwood City This freight station was west of 6th Street and south of Commercial Avenue on the north side of the tracks at GPS: 40.860180, -80.289874. It is shown on the 1894 Sanborn map and all maps thereafter.
Ellwood City
This union station, built in 1912, was on the west side of 5th Street on the south side of the tracks at GPS: 40.859383, -80.287766.
Ellwood City The original P&LE combination station was on the west side of 6th Street on the south side of the tracks at GPS: 40.859663, -80.289158. It was a frame station with a long platform/walkway later added that extended west to the U.S. Steel factory.
Ellwood City
(W. Ellwood Jct.)
Gibsondale This station was between Butler Road Station and Princeton. It burned down on October 14, 1921 (New Castle News, 10-18-1921).
Grant City  
Harbor Bridge  
Hazel Dell There was a flag stop station here in 1883.
(New Castle)
This station was on Cherry Street.
(New Castle)

This station, located on the NW side of Liberty Street on the NE side of the tracks, opened on June 1, 1917 (New Castle News, 6-2-1917). It was at GPS: 40.972733, -80.376130.
(New Castle)
This station, which was across the tracks from the B&O station (which can be seen in the photo), was opened on July 9, 1933. It was located on the north side of Lacock Street on the SW side of the tracks at GPS: 40.972616, -80.376259. There was no agent at the station, so it was more like a fancy waiting room and platform. The P&LE ticket agent was in an office downtown on the public square with a bus shuttle service from there out to the station. The B&O agent also handled P&LE tickets and freight from that station. So, this became like a union station that was built in two parts 16 years apart.
(New Castle)
The original P&LE station here was on the north side of Lacock Street near Ashland Avenue on the SW side of the tracks at GPS: 40.972887, -80.376694. The station went out of service in 1933 when the new depot opened, but was pressed into service agin during peak traffic during WWII. It was torn down in March 1970 (New Castle News, 3-16-1970).
(West Moravia)
This was a small passenger shelter located behind Moravia Presbyterian Chruch at GPS: 40.922537, -80.376699).
(West Moravia)
New CastlE Junction
Station built between the P&LE and B&O mains. It was used for a Yard office for the small P&LE Yard. It was built in 1895 and demolished in 1998.
New Castle This station was on the south side of West Washington Street between South Front Street and the river. Built in 1878, it was on the east side of the tracks at GPS: 40.999166, -80.351975. In later years the station was altered/reduced and it was torn down in 1962.
New Castle This freight house served as a flour company after its retirement in the 1960s. It was east of the passenger station on the south side of West Washington Street between South Front Street and the river at GPS: 40.999190, -80.351455. It burned down in 1971.
New Castle This union station, used by the PRR, P&LE and P&W (B&O), was on East Washington Street near Grove Street. It was built in 1882 by the P&LE and Oil City & Chicago RR (later WNY&P, later PRR) and was gutted by fire on December 13, 1910  (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Dec. 14, 1910) with the shell of the building finally being torn down in 1913. I have seen sources that say the P&LE built this station and granted use to the OC&C and others that say the opposite. The Oil City & Chicago RR also built a small freight office in the rear of the station (it was a terminal-type station). After the station was gutted by fire the railroads constructed a temporary frame station behind the ruins, and, much to the city's dismay, this temporary station ended up being in service for three years. The new PRR station here (still standing) opened in June of 1914 and the railroads vacated the temporary station and it was razed. The P&LE remodeled the old Erie depot at that time and shifted its operations there. The B&O continued to use the PRR station here.
New Castle This P&LE freight house was on Pear Street (now called Produce Street) at GPS: 40.998686, -80.341927. It was built in 1887 (Daily City News, 9-20-1887).
New Castle A new freight station was built in 1913 between Grove Street and Cunningham Avenue.
New Castle See listing for "East New Castle" above.
New Castle The frieght station was located approximately where existing station was moved to in 1977. It was near the corner of Shenango and North Streets.
New Castle There was a freight house on the NW corner of Mill and Division Streets at GPS: 40.991985, -80.344347.
Princeton This was both a general store and station.
Princeton A new combination station was opened here in 1908.
Pulaski This station was on the west bank of the Shenango River, about 600 yards south of the Pulaski Bridge. PA 208/551 now runs right behind where the train station was.
Rose Point  
Volant This station was on the south side of PA208 (Main Street) at approximately GPS: 41.113156, -80.258502. The station was built in 1905 (New Castle News, 10-25-1905).
Wampum The platform steps for the freight station (still standing as of 2009) can be seen in the foreground of the photo.
Wampum Junction This station closed in 1918 and all PRR business was then handled at the P&LE station.
Wurtemburg A new station opened here in 1886.
Notes About Existing Stations...

Harlansburg (Replica) - Although the RR never ran through Harlansburg, the owners built a replica station (of no particular RR design) and opened a very nice transportation museum complete with passenger platform and old PRR passenger cars. Lots of RR items on display and a gift shop. Open everyday except Monday in the summer till 5 pm. Open Sat and Sun till 5 p.m. in the winter. Short drive from New Castle or Grove City.

New Castle (Erie) - This station was remodeled and used by the P&LE following the demise of Union Station and the subsequent temporary station there. The P&LE occupied the station on June 1, 1914 until 1933. In 1933 the Erie RR moved some division offices back into the station after years of having the offices located on Grove Street. I do not know if the Erie resumed passenger service at the station at that time. Some sources say the station was built in 1890, but the Sanborn map fro 1888 shows the station so it was likely built in 1887 when the New Castle & Shenango Valley Railroad started. This station was moved 300 feet north to its current location in 1977.

New Wilmington (Sharpsville RR) - This is part of the Amish Peddler gift shop although barely recognizable due to additions and siding. When looking at the building from the front you will see two roof peaks. The smaller peak to the left defines the part that was the station. Also there is a small loading platform still on the West side of the building. Inside the store you can make out the original wooden east outside wall of the station. The station was remodeled by the railroad in 1916.

West Pittsburg (P&LE) - The Beaver-Lawrence Railway Historical Society has purchased and is in the process of restoring this long neglected station. So far it has been cleaned out and many broken roof tiles have been replaced. The chapter has fund raisers often to support the work and payments. The station is surely a large station for such a small town. Back when it was built there were big plans for this town. -- Don Gee.