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Type Current
Akron NW corner of Fulton and Front Streets.
(GPS: 37.0625,-95.677068)
C Residence ???? Gone Wood
Akron NW corner of Fulton and Front Streets.
F Storage ???? Gone Wood  
Bareville In a backyard on the west side of Graybill Road across from Hershey Avenue (GPS: 40.090297, -76.163903). P Private ???? None Wood
Baumgardner Frogtown & Baumgardner Roads C Business 1880 Gone Wood  
Bird-In-Hand Main Streetr at overpass F Business 1871 In Use Brick  
Christiana Green Street & West Slokum P Business 1900 In Use Stucco
Christiana Green Street & West Slokum C Civic 1882 In Use Brick
Columbia Corner of Walnut & North Front Streets
(GPS: 40.030973, -76.506929)
P Business 1870 In Use Stone  
Columbia Bank Avenue between Locust Street and Union Street
(GPS: 40.029484, -76.503945)
F Vacant ???? Gone Brick
Columbia South 10th Street
(915 Lancaster Avenue, behind bank)
(GPS: 40.032919, -76.490883)
F Business ???? Gone Brick  
Cordelia (Ironville) Ironville Pike at ski shop. C Storage 1921 Gone Stone
Dorsey Half mile east of Peach Bottom C Vacant 1870 Gone Wood
East Petersburg PA741 & PA897 in East Strasburg C Museum 1900 In Use Wood
Elizabethtown Wilson Avenue off West High Street. P Railroad 1915 In Use Stone/
Ephrata Northeast side of Main Street, just SE of State Street.
(GPS: 37.0625,-95.677068)
P Civic ???? Gone Wood  
Fulton Off U.S. 222 in village. C Civic 1870 Gone Wood  
Goshen Goshen Road & Pilgrims Path Road (off PA 272) P Residence 1906 Gone Wood
Herrville 108 Herrville Road north of Brooks Road
(GPS: 39.951893, -76.260587)
F Business ???? None Wood
Lancaster McGovern & North Queen Street P Railroad 1928 In Use Brick
Landisville Snavely Lumber Yard on Main Street at railroad crossing. P Vacant 1930 In Use Wood
Leaman Place
Stock Lumber where RT. 30 crosses the railroad (in Paradise). F Office 1880 In Use Brick
Leola Horseshoe Road & Maple Avenue at Stauffers C Business 1900 In Use Wood
Limerock Limerock Road off PA772 C Residence 1900 In Use Wood
Lititz Lititz Springs Park R Civic 1999 In Use Brick
Manheim 210 South Charlotte Street C Museum ???? In Use Wood
Marietta 280 West Front Street P Business ???? In Use Brick
Marietta West side of Perry Street at Front Street
(GPS: 40.05464,-76.560428)
C ???? 1860 In Use Brick
Millway East side of Meadow Valley Road (between Cocalico Road and Briar Road). P Business 1907 Gone Brick/
(Beartown Sta.)
Narvon Road across from quarry entrance. C Garage 1880 Gone Wood
New Holland 217 South Railroad Avenue
(GPS: 40.101143, -76.085169)
F Business ???? In Use Brick  
New Providence Main Street near Pennsy Road behind the Refton Ambulance Building. C Storage ???? Gone Wood  
Refton Across from Feed Mill  C Storage ???? Gone Wood
Reinholds PA897 at tracks. C RR Office ???? In Use Wood
Salunga Stoney Battery Road, Oak Lane and West Brandt Boulevard.
(GPS: 40.099449,-76.42592)
C Offices ???? Gone Brick
West Willow Corner of West Willow and Millwood Roads across the street from the West Willow Post Office (730 Millwood Road). C Business 1875 Gone Wood
White Rock Along creek near covered bridge. C Residence ???? Gone Wood
Aberdeen This station was on the west side of Mill Road on the south side of the tracks.
Adamstown This station was on the east side of Willow Street.
Bainbridge It may be that this station was destroyed in a flood, as pictured, and was replaced by the station listed above.
Benton Station This station was at the end of Benton Hollow Road.
Beverly Station This station was on the east side of Old Hershey Road on the north side of the tracks.
(Silver Spring)
Buzzard Rock  
Cabeens Branch
The Lancaster & Quarryville RR opened a station here in 1875. The L&Q eventually become part of the PRR in 1909.
Cedar Lane  
Chickies Station
ChurchTown Road Station  
Collins This station was just SE of Falmouth in Cono Township.
Columbia The first station here was in the Washington House Hotel which was on the SE corner of Wanut and North Front Street (GPS: 40.030687, -76.506610). It served as the station until the new station was built on the other side of Walnut Street in 1870.
Columbia The freight station was on the NW side of passenger station on North Front Street at GPS: 40.031186, -76.507143.
Columbia There was a long open-sided freight shed off North Front Street on the SW side of the tracks at GPS: 40.031253, -76.508129. This shed was gone by 1904, but which time the PRR had opened a new freight house next to its roundhouse (see listing below).
Columbia There was a terminal-type freight house next to the PRR roundhouse on the SW side of North 2nd Street at Poplar Street at GPS: 40.033916, -76.507761.
Columbia The railroad also owned a "tobacco warehouse" freight station with a large platform. It had previously been occupied by J. Fendrich & Son. It was across the tracks from the passenger station on the corner of Walnut and Locust Streets at GPS: 40.030571, -76.507346. It is shown on maps from 1886-1904. Sometime around 1899 it became the property of the railroad.
Columbia The first station here was built in the 1860s and was at "Carpet Hall" at the corner of Locust and Bank Streets (same location as the station below).
Columbia The second passenger station was on the south corner of Locust and Bank Streets at GPS: 40.030106, -76.504974. It was a terminal-type station with a large train shed, built in the 1880s when passenger traffic increased significantly. It was torn down in 1966.
This station was on Bossler Road. In the photo, Richard Leber is 2nd from the left in the picture. He acted as a station master, ticket agent, and caretaker. A new station was built here in 1888.
Cordelia Station was located on Burma Road
Cordelia This is the second Cordelia depot, although this photo appears to be newer than 1921 when the the current building was purportedly built on the same foundation. This location was originally called Kaufmans Station (see 1864 Lancaster Co. atlas).
(Union Station)
The original name for Denver was Union Station.
(Fishing Creek Sta.)
East Earl A new station was built here in 1892.
Elizabethtown This station predates the 1915 station that is still standing.
Elizabethtown This freight station was on Wilson Avenue, one block east of the passenger station. It was demolished on April 30, 2013 to make way for an expanded Amtrak parking lot. The PRR constructed the freight building in 1912. The Railway Express Agency operated the station from 1929 to 1972.
Falmouth In 1899 the station was located between the tracks and River Road just south of Conewago Creek.
Fites Eddy Station This station was between Drumore and Bonview as shown on the 1899 map.
This town sat between Mt. Joy and Rheems on the PRR main. Prior to 1882 this station was known as Springdale.
Gap The passenger station here opened in 1884.
Gap Freight station. Was located on Pequea Avenue just NW of Resevoir Avenue (GPS: 39.987507,-76.021088). Torn down by Amtrak in February, 2011 after having been vacant and run down for many years. It was the style of the other very early brick railroad buildings on this line and may be a leftover of the Philadelphia and Columbia Railroad era. Some sources say it was built in the 1850s and some say 1884.
Glen Moore  
Gordonville This station was built in 1889.
Greenfield This station is shown on the 1899 map as being on Greenfield Road at approximately GPS: 40.047017,-76.255138.
Groffs Station
Haines Station This station was where Haines Station Road used to end at the tracks.
Hempfield Station
(Chestnut Hill)
Kellers Station This station is shown on the 1864 and 1875 maps and was located just NW of Limerock. There are no roads to this location today. It was at approximately GPS: 40.162497,-76.350625. It is not shown on the 1899 map.
Kellers Station In 1864 there were two Kellers Stations on the line; here and the one listed above which was NW of Limerock. This Kellers Station was located NE of Ephrata on West Mohlers Church Road.
Kings Bridge  
Lancaster The first station here was built by the Philadelphia & Columbia RR in 1834. In 1859 the PRR acquired the building and replaced it with a new station which opened in September 1860 or 1861. This station was on the NE corner of North Queen Street and Chestnut Street (GPS: 40.041349,-76.306121).
The Lancaster & Quarryville RR opened a station at West King and Water Streets in 1875.
Lancaster There was a wood frame station here prior to the 1907 station listed below. It was likely at the same location as the 1907 station.
Lancaster Built in 1907, the R&C station was on the west side of Prince Street at Frederick Street (GPS: 40.047468,-76.309748). Either the freight station and/or the old R&C station may be shown in the background of the photo.
Lancaster Junction Station  
Landisville The 1864 map shows a Reading & Columbia station here on the NE corner of the diamond (when the PRR was the Harrisburg & Lancaster RR).
Landisville The PRR built a new station here in 1863.
Leacock The PRR built a new station here in 1890.
Leaman Place The first station here was a hotel built by Henry Leaman in 1835 that also served as a station on the Phidelphia & Columbia Railroad.
Leaman Place  
Leaman Place The old freight station.
Lititz Built in 1884 and designed by Frank Furness. It was demolished in 1957 so new park entrance could be built. However, an exact replica was rebuilt in 1999 on the same site (see existing station in above table).
Lititz This freight station was on the west side of North Water Street on the south side of the tracks. It was built in 1921 and demolished in August 17, 2013.
Lutz Lutz station was at Railroad Street and South Ridge Road between Denver and Reinholds. The depot was at approximately GPS: 40.254702,-76.12114 in 1864. The station is not shown on the 1875 or 1899 maps, so it may have been removed early on.
Millway It appears that this was the original station and that the building across the tracks, J.H. Reitz's Warehouse, also served as the station for some time (based on some of the old photos).
Mt. Joy From 1836-1876, the Exchange Hotel on the corner of Barabra and Main Streets served as the station. The line was originally known as the Harrisburg, Portsmouth, Mt. Joy & Lancaster RR. It crossed West Main and traveled on the north side of town to Barbara Street where it jogged south toward where the current line is today. Remnants of this old main line can still be seen on the north side of town.
Mt. Joy The railroad built its first station in 1876. It was located on North Market Street across from Spangler's Flour Mill. It served until 1896.
Mt. Joy This station was built in 1896 and was located at Delta & Henry Streets when the railroad built the "big ditch" cut for the new mainline. It was torn down in January, 1976. The old platforms are still used by Amtrak and the site of the station is now a parking lot.
New Holland This station was built in 1892. The view in the photo is looking east from Custer Avenue. The building on the right is a locomotive house
New Holland In 1913 the station was on the east side of South Railroad on the north side of the tracks at GPS: 40.101542, -76.086029. Not sure of the dates for this station and the one pictured in the listing below.
New Holland  
New Providence
The Lancaster & Quarryville RR opened a station here in 1875. The L&Q eventually become part of the PRR in 1909.
Peach Bottom Peach Bottom, York County and Peach Bottom, Lancaster County were across the Susquehanna River from each other, but the PRR was on the Lancaster County side of the river. The Maryland & Pennsylvania RR (and it's predecessors) served Peach Bottom in York County. Peach Bottom in York County is now under water due to a dam being built downstream from it.
(Barr's Quarry)
Station was located north of East State Street between North Hess and North Church Street. The Lancaster & Quarryville RR opened a station here in 1875. The L&Q eventually become part of the PRR in 1909.
Ronks Station This combination station was located on North Ronks Road. It was built in 1883.
Rothsville Station This station was on the west side of Rothsville Station Road on the south side of the tracks.
Safe Harbor  
Sellers Station This station was on Mill Road just west of Junction Road (T884) and is shown on the 1864 map.
Shenks Ferry  
Shocks Mills
(Rowenna P.O.)
This station was near the intersection of Railroad Avenue and Old River Road. Known as "Schock's Station" on the 1864 county atlas.
Shreiner Station  
Spruce Grove  
Star Rock  
(Reamstown Station)

Tucquan Station This station was at the end of Tucquan Glen Road when that road went all the way to the tracks. There are now no roads in the are where the station was.
Washington Boro
In 1899 the station was on the west side of Water Street (PA-441) just south of Rockfish Street (GPS: 39.996703,-76.472676).
Watts Station This station was in the vicinity of Furnace Road and Donegal Place in Marietta. It is shown on the 1899 map. It was located at approximately GPS: 40.059083,-76.534906. Jim Kelling writes, "Watts Station, on the east side of town, was built by Henry Miller Watts in 1869 to serve the nearby Vesta Furnace, which he and Henry Musselman cofounded, producing pig iron from 1868 until the 1920s. The brick combination station (type B-101) was smaller than the Marietta station but had the same style doors, windows, overhang, and detailing. The furnace buildings are all gone, except for the recently restored office building, which now stands alone in the riverside park; it is reputed by some to have been a PRR station. If so, it could have been only for a short time, until completion of the Watts Station. [ICC Valuation 1918, Box 6016]"
Witmer This station was on the west side of Mt. Sidney Road on the north side of the tracks (as shown on the 1899 map).
York Furnace  
Notes About Existing Stations...

Akron (R&C) - This station was in it origional condition until 2009 when it was converted into apartments. Akron was known as New Berlin on the 1864 county map.

Bareville (PRR) - This passenger shelter was originally moved and converted into a storage building, but the owner has since torn the extra wood off and returned it to its shelter form for use as a patio/deck (including a "Bareville" station sign). According to the 1899 county map, the shelter was on the west side of Graybill Road on the north side of the tracks (GPS: 40.089678,-76.163385).

Christiana (PRR - Passenger) - This is an interesting one-story structure built of brick, stucco and "half-timber" style, with a low hipped roof. Philadelphia and Columbia RR stone blocks are found in curious places throughout the town.

Christiana (PRR - Combination) - Restored by the Lancaster chapter of the NRHS. Originally used for freight and passengers, later just for freight.

Columbia (R&C) - Restored in 2001.

Cordelia (RDG) - Only remaining flag stop in Lancaster Co. Rebuilt on earlier foundation. Roof sheathing is old wood walls including the station sign.

East Petersburg (RDG) - At the RR Museum of Pennsylvania. This station was moved to East Strasburg from East Petersburg. It was formerly on the Reading and Columbia branch of the Reading RR. The station was designed by Frank Furness ("Frank Furness, The Complete Works" by G. Thomas/J Cohen/M. Lewis, Revised ed., 1996). Other sources say the station was constructed in 1882.

Gap (PRR) - This is a freight station. The passenger station was located about 100 feet to the east (track direction). It is in very poor condition (a tree is growing through part of the roof!). It is in the style of the other very early brick railroad buildings on this line and may be a leftover of the Philadelphia and Columbia Railroad era.

Herrville (PRR) - The building that served as the Herrville freight station was originally built as a tobacco barn circa. 1900. The loading dock is intact and the track bed is still visible beside the building. The building has been repurpoposed into a cabinet shop called "The Wood Shed."

Landisville (PRR) - Station is built on foundation of old tower that controlled crossing of Reading. There is office in the station for the tower operator.

Lititz (Replica) - The original station at Lititz was demolished in 1957. The replica of the Lititz passenger station was built in the exact spot the original station stood. It is along the tracks and in the park (the tracks boarder the one side of the park). The tracks end on the east side of town about 1/4 mile past the freight station. At one time the tracks continued onto Ephrata, Denver, and Reading. The line was known as the Reading and Columbia branch on the Reading Railroad. Today the tracks no longer exist between Lititz and Ephrata. -- Jeff Smith

Marietta (PRR) - This building served as the first station in Marietta. It was built between 1820-23 to provide accomodations for canal traffic before the RR was built. After the RR was built it was used as a station and ticket office until a new station was constructed in 1860. This building is shown as the station on the 1864 map of Marietta. See the Railroad House B&B web site for more information.

Marietta (PRR) - Although some sources say this station was built in 1860, the 1864 map of Marietta does not show this station as having been built yet. The 1864 map still shows the hotel across the street as the station. The map may be incorrect or the station build date may be incorrect.

Refton (PRR) - On Quarryville track which was abandoned in 1972.

Salunga (PRR) - This building was in fact the Salunga PRR station. When the tracks were realigned in the mainline improvement project in the 1890's, the building was sold to the Conestoga Traction company and used as a rotary station. The obvious evidence is the sturdiness of the structure and the presence of platforms and the street is named Railroad Ave. It is also shown in Bridgens Atlas (1889) as PRR (Lancaster County Historical Society). It is also reported as an existing building when bought by the Conestoga Traction Company in 1898 (CTC Annual Report 1900). - Kevin Landis