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Type Current
Clarks Summit Bedford Street C Businesses 1903 Gone Brick  
Dickson City Boulavard Avenue at the DL crossing. F Warehouse 1912 In Use Wood  
Glenburn Waterford Road P Civic 1915 In Use Concrete  
Green Ridge Wyoming Avenue C ???? 1867 ???? ????
La Plume LaPlume Road F Business ???? In Use Wood/
Mayfield Pennsylvania Avenue at Walnut Street P ???? 1891 ???? ????  
Moscow Market Street and PA435 P Railroad 1903 In Use Brick  
Moscow Market Street and PA435 F Railroad 1903 In Use Brick  
Old Forge 919 South Main Street P Office 1912 In Use Brick  
Olyphant Lackawanna Avenue & Lafayette P Railroad 2001 In Use Wood  
Peckville Bridge Street, south of Main Street C Business 1890 Gone Wood  
Scranton 701 North Washington Street P Business ???? Gone Wood
Scranton 700 Lackawanna Avenue P Business 1907 In Use Brick  
Scranton 6th Avenue at Lackawanna Avenue bridge. F Warehouse 1893 Aband. Brick
Scranton 701 Wyoming Street F Lumberyard 1883 In Use Brick
Scranton 151 Cedar Avenue at Laurel Line Drive F Business ???? Gone Brick  
South Scranton ???? ? ???? ???? Aband. Brick  
Wimmers Now in Hamlin in Wayne Co. on SR 191 P Library 1885 None Wood  
Archbald This station was between Laurel Street and the tracks SW of Wayne Street. The location is now the backyard of a house on Laurel Street (GPS: 41.495674, -75.541083).
Archbald This station was on the south side of Pike Street between Cherry Street and Spruce Street on the west side of the tracks at GPS: 41.493671, -75.539551. It was built in 1873. In 1904 it was moved from the east side of the tracks to the west side and enlarged.
Ash Gap  
Carbondale This combination station included a steam-powered elevator. It was on Dundaff Street between Salem Avenue and Enterprise Drive, on the site of the present day Post Office (GPS: 41.575459, -75.503297). The tracks were eleveated through town here and some of the piers for the bridge can still be seen in the area.
Carbondale There was a freight station just south of the passenger station near the corner of Dundaff Street and Salem Street at GPS: 41.574645, -75.503159. This station was on a spur that was not elevated.
Carbondale The first station here was built in 1870 on Dundaff Street. It was retired in 1895 with the addition of the new brick station (listed below), but continued to serve the Stegmaier Brewing Company as a beer depot and then as a D&H dispatcher's office at least until the late 1920s and perhaps beyond that. It was at approximately GPS: 41.576928, -75.503549.
Carbondale This brick passenger station was built in 1895 and burned down in the early 1970s. This was known as "City Station" and was located at GPS: 41.571865, -75.504908. Prior to this station, there was a small wooden station at this same location as shown on the 1892 Sanborn map.
Carbondale There was a small shelter-type station on the SW side of Lincoln Avenue on the west side of the tracks that was built in 1911. It was at GPS: 41.570720, -75.494193.
Carbondale There was a freight house that was built in 1876. It was subsequently cut in half and and moved to the Erie tracks opposite the D&H freight office. It was then used as the Erie freight office.
Clarks Summit There was a frame freight house here built in 1903.
Clifton Siding ICC records from 1926 list a station at Clifton Siding that was built in 1893 and list a modified boxcar as a passenger station at Clifton that was placed there in 1913. It could be that the boxcar was used as a replacement for the station above after it met its demise.
Dalton Original station
Dalton Newer station, built 1915. Was on Lilly Lake Road.
Dickson City  
Dickson city  
Dunmore There was a combination station here built in 1886.
Elmhurst This station was built in 1894.
Elmhurst This station was built by the Erie & Wyoming Valley in 1885.
Glenburn This was the station on the old main line prior to 1915.
Green Ridge There was a frame freight house here that was built in 1888.
Hollister There was a 6' x 10' x 11' shelter-type station here that was built in 1898.
Jermyn This station, built in 1873, was on the west side of Chestnut Street between Delaware and Hudson Streets. It was on the east side of the tracks at GPS: 41.525078, -75.545354. The station was originally on the south side of Hudson Street but was moved to the north side in 1904.
Jermyn This station was located on the south side of the east end of Franklin Street on the west side of the tracks (formerly Scott St.) (GPS: 41.530333, -75.544243). There was a freight station (probably the original passenger station) on the north side of Franklin at GPS: 41.531151, -75.543892.
Jessup Also known as Jessup-Peckville, this station was built in 1873 and enlarged in 1887.
La Plume The final La Plume passenger station was made of concrete and built around 1915.
This station may have been located just across the line in Tioga Co. NY.
Moosic Built in 1867, remodeled in 1910.
Nay Aug There was a combination car inspector's office/passenger waiting room building here that was built in 1883.
Olyphant This station, built in 1873 and located off Garfield Avenue, was demolished in 2004.
Providence This station sat in a junkyard on East Market St., Scranton. (west end of the
Lackawanna River bridge.)
Rocky Glen The railroad served the amusement park here.
Saco The passenger station here was a modified bocar body placed in 1916. There may have been a station here prior to that.
Scranton Passenger station
Scranton This passenger station burned on Dec. 18, 1910. Two CNJ coaches were also burned in the blazed.
Scranton This small wooden station (just left of the locomotive in the photo) replaced the ornate CNJ passenger station (above listing) after it burned.
Scranton There was a passenger station here made of concrete block with a slag roof that was built in 1904.
Scranton There was a freight station here built in 1885.
Scranton Old Lackawanna Avenue passenger station. Built 1894.
There was an freight express house here that was owned 50% by DL&W and 50% by REA. It was a brick building erected in 1908.
Scranton There was a brick freight house here with a reinforced concrete roof that was built in 1909.
Taylor This station was built in 1908 and last used as an office in the Taylor Yard. It was demolished in early 2010. There was also a freight station here that was built in 1878 that was probably the original passenger station.
Unknown ICC valuation records for 1926 list a waiting shed, built in 1908, at MP 146, which was somewhere between Clifton and Langdon. No station name is given on the report.
Waverly There was a passenger and a freight station here.
Notes About Existing Stations...

Green Ridge (D&H) - Station abandoned by D&H in 1928. 

Scranton (Erie) - The former Erie station at 701 North Washington Ave. is Cooper's seafood restaurant, the original station building is still there with several additions attached to it, including a pirate ship facade on the north side. -Frank Dutton

Scranton (CNJ) - Passenger station was adjacent but it burned down in 1910. Here are some older photos.

Scranton (D&H Freight) - This served as the prototype for the Walther´┐Żs model called the Water Street Freight House.