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Type Current
Alexandria Brewhouse Lane and Hartslog Street behind the Hartslog Heritage Museum
(GPS: 40.558029, -78.098873)
P Museum 1897 None Wood
Broad Top City Corner of Washington Street
and Main Street (PA913) in Dudley
(GPS: 40.206495, -78.178135)
C Museum ???? None Wood
SW corner of 4th Street and
Allegheny Street
(GPS: 40.483756, -78.011422)
C Business 1872 In Use Brick
Mt. Union Washington Street between Small Street and Pennsylvania Street
(GPS: 40.386718, -77.885094)
F Civic ???? In Use Wood
Pogue Spring Creek Road (Hamman Road) NW of PA994.
(GPS: 40.210696, -77.930246)
P Residence ???? Gone Wood
Robertsdale Main Street (PA913) at Railroad Street
(GPS: 40.183156, -78.115301)
P Museum 1917 Aband. Block/Frame
Rockhill FurNACE
North side of Meadow Street (PA994)
(GPS: 40.241441, -77.898988)
C Railroad 1906 In Use Wood
Rockhill FurNACE About 100 yards south of Meadow Street
(GPS: 40.240367, -77.898999)
F Storage ???? In Use Wood
Alexandria Built 1903 to replace the above station.
Alfarata This station was on the NE side of Main Street (CR4014) at approximately GPS: 40.566735, -78.120879.
Ardenheim There was a flag stop station here in the early part of the 20th Century.
Aughwick Mills  
Barree Forge This station was on the west side of Barree Road on the north side of the tracks at approximately GPS: 40.584838, -78.102614.
Blacklog This station was near where the tracks crossed U.S. 522 near Blacklog Road in the vicinity of GPS: 40.231795, -77.873144.
Blair's Mills
Brumbaugh This flag-stop type shelter station was on Garner Road in the vicinity of GPS: 40.386588, -78.146157.
Cedar Rock  
Coffee Run  
Coles Station  
Cooks According to the 1912 county map, this station was in the vicinity of Twin Creek Lane around GPS: 40.202149, -78.094665.
Cove Station  
Curfman Shown on the 1912 county map on the Rocky Ridge Branch.
Dungarvin The 1915 county map puts this station on Dungarvin Road in the vicinity of GPS: 40.711696, -78.096115.
Evanston Shown on the 1912 county map on the Rocky Ridge Branch.
Furnace Road
(Pennsylvania Furnace)
This station was on Dry Hollow Road in the vicinity of GPS: 40.723967, -78.061512. There is a building in a field that just a short distance SW of that location at GPS: 40.722556, -78.063602. This building looks like it could have been a station. See this photo. Can someone in the area confirm or deny this? The PRR built a new combination station here in 1881.
Glazier Shown on the 1912 county map on the Rocky Ridge Branch.
This station was on Grafton Road in the vicinity of GPS: 40.420001, -78.109037.
Huntingdon Demolished in April 2001. Was located across the tracks from the large Huntingdon station at 4th and Allegheny at GPS: 40.483390, -78.011669. Several groups tried to obtain the station but it was demolished by the RR. The H&BTM had a track that ran on that side of the PRR mainline. In the early years there was just a shared platform here and a subway leading to it from the PRR platforms and station. On the 1901 Sanborn map a building is shown at this location and on the 1906 map it is labeled "H&BT Station."
Huntingdon There was a brick freight station on the north side of Allegheny Street between 2nd and 3rd Streets (GPS: 40.482911,-78.007978). This station is shown on the 1873 town map and Sanborn maps thereafter. After the new freight houses were built (see listing below), this building was used as a carpenter's shop and storage for the PRR.
Sometime between 1901 and 1906, new wooden freight houses were built for the two railroads. The frieght houses were next to each other on the east side of 7th Street at Penn Street. The PRR's station was at GPS: 40.485976, -78.015178, and the H&BT's station was a few feet to the north at GPS: 40.486108, -78.015080 (they shared a common track in between the buildings). The H&BT station was a bit shorter than that of the PRR, but other than that the buildings appear to have the some profile on the map.
Locke valley  
Mapleton This station was built in 1867. In 1873 the station was on the north side of Main Street between Hill (Sherman) Street and Sugar Street (GPS: 40.392797,-77.940018). The freight station was just to the SE between Chruch and Hill (Sherman) Streets.
Mapleton The freight station was just to the SE of the passenger station between Chruch and Hill (Sherman) Streets.
This station was actually in Aitch (formerly known as Grantsville) which is now gone due to the flooding of the valley for Raystown Lake. The station also served as the post office. The town was renamed Aitch to avoid confusion with the railroad station in Grantsville, MD.  The name of Aitch was formed from the last names of prominent families in the town. The station was in the vicinity of where the Aitch Recreation Area is today near what is now the end of Aitch Road.
Martins This station was on the east side of Cooks Road south of Old Plank Road (PA994) in the vicinity of GPS: 40.211216, -78.088050.
McNerland Shown on the 1912 county map on the Rocky Ridge Branch.
Mill Creek  
Mt. Union This original passenger station was on the corner of North Jefferson and Pennsylvania Streets (GPS: 40.386344,-77.883743). J.C. Sechler was the station agent here in 1873.
Mt. Union
This second-generation PRR station was sold to the EBT when the PRR realigned its right-of-way around 1917. It was on Pennsylvania Avenue (right in the middle of the street) on the SE side of North Jefferson at GPS: 40.386219, -77.883360.
Mt. Union This station was built in 1917 whent he PRR was realigned and elevated. It was between Jefferson Street and Division Street on the south side of the tracks at GPS: 40.387051, -77.882057.
(Eyer Station)
This station was on Eyer Station Road (T-544) in the vicinity of GPS: 40.688024, -78.171907.
Petersburg This station was at the southern end of King Street (GPS: 40.567179,-78.047369).
Petersburg This freight station was just down the tracks from the passenger station.
Rocky Ridge Sat abandoned in the woods for years and finally collapsed in 1997.
Saltillo This was the first station here.
Saltillo Built in 1892, the station was located at PA 655 just south of PA2022. It sat abandoned for many years and received some stabilization work in 1999. The station was razed on 12-31-04. The borough approached the railroad and asked them to demolish the building. The Friends of the EBT documented the building in detail, and both the FEBT & EBT saved examples of siding, sashes, doors and windows in case the station can be rebuilt in the future.
Shade Gap Built in 1885, the station met its demise when it was burned in a fire department training exercise. The original station location was due north of the intersection of Taylor Road and Shade Valley Road in what is now just an empty field. The upper picture is the station as it looked after being sold & moved to a new site. The bottom picture is looking NW at the original site. The station sits on the left side of the tracks behind a tree, the water tank would be just beyond it. The covered structure to the right of the main is a spur serving a small coal trestle for local deliveries. The track behind the photographer would continue SE to Neelyton.
Shirleysburg In 1873 this station was on the north side of Bullet Lane (now 2nd Street) on the east side of the tracks (GPS: 40.300046,-77.877013).
Sleeman Shown on the 1912 county map on the Rocky Ridge Branch.
Spruce Creek A. McBean was the station agent here in 1873. There was also a freight station here. A new station was built here in 1886.
Stover This station was on PA550 (Pennington Road) in the vicinity of GPS: 40.673173, -78.209633.
Three Springs  
Tyrone Forges  
Union Furnace
Warrior Ridge  
Warriors Mark This station was near the intersection of Warriors Mark Path (PA350) and Station Road in the vicinity of GPS: 40.700180, -78.126710. The PRR built a new station here in 1881.
Water Street  
Wrays hill According to the 1912 county map, this station was between Martins and Rocky Ridge.
Notes About Existing Stations...

Alexandria (PRR) - Built in 1897 when the PRR first extended the tracks to Alexandria from the mainline in Petersburg, this station served Alexandria until 1903. This station was still standing in the late 1980s. It was previously located on the North side of Shelton Ave.

Broad Top City (H&BTM) - Moved from Broad Top City to nearby Dudley.

Huntingdon (PRR/H&BTM) - The tracks were originally on the north side of the station. They were rerouted to the south side of the station in 1892 to eliminate some grade crossings (the tracks essentially ran down the middle of Allegheny Avenue before 1892).

Mount Union (PRR Freight) - This building has been through a number of different configurations. The two-story part of this building was adeed to the freight house that was built here sometime before 1894. In the early 1900 the freight station was extended and then sometime between 1911-1919 this two story section was added on. Then, sometime after it went out of service, the original part of the freight house was torn down leaving only the two story addition. The one-story extension is a replica of the original frieght house and was added on when the station was restored. 

Pogue (EBT) - This was a farmhouse and general store that also served as a flag stop for the railroad.

Rockhill Furnace (EBT) - Located in Rockhill Furnace but called Orbisonia Station to avoid confusion with other stations named "Rockhill" in Pennsylvania.

Rockhill Furnace (EBT) - May have been the original passenger station prior to 1906.