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Type Current
Bigler Smeal Road C Storage ???? In Use Brick  
Bigler PA470 F Private ???? In Use Wood  
Brisbin Swoop Street and Larch Alley C Private ???? None Wood
Burnside U.S. 219 & NYC Cherry Tree Branch C Vacant ???? In Use Wood
Chester Hill
Presque Isle Street at Moshannon Creek
(GPS: 40.895028, -78.225113)
F Vacant ???? Gone Wood
Clearfield Near Market Street & Gulich on the west side of town.
(GPS: 41.021549,-78.443788)
P Business ???? In Use Wood  
Clearfield Reed & Third Streets near Bridge Street
(GPS: 41.025896,-78.436466)
P Business ???? Gone Brick/
Curwensville Meadow & Filbert Streets
(GPS: 40.974058,-78.526478)
C Business ???? Gone Wood
DuBois 1 North Franklin Street P Business 1894 In Use Brick  
Houtzdale 823 Hannah Street P Business ???? Gone Wood
Houtzdale Brisbin Street C Storage ???? Gone Wood  
Hyde Susquehanna Street C Storage ???? In Use Wood  
Irvona Moved from Irvona and rebuit in Blain City in a backyard there. Anyone have exact location? Is it the building at GPS: 40.756512, -78.529376? C ???? 1904      
Rockton State Route 6, just south of intersection of State Route 321 in Kane, PA P Railroad 1898 In Use Wood
Smoke Run One mile South of former location on Crossroads Boulevard at Jones Salvage. C Storage ???? None Wood
Unknown On the north side of Splash Dam Road at Curry Run Road, NW of Curry Run, PA ? Residence ???? None Wood
Winterburn 444 Winterburn Road, Pennfield, PA at the intersection of Ontario Street across the road from the confuence of the Bennet Branch & the South Branch. F Cabin ???? None Wood
Bald Hill This was on the West Branch Valley Branch. This was a small enclosed shelter-type station.
Belford This was on the West Branch Valley Branch.
Bells Landing This was a small enclosed shelter-type station.
Blue Ball
(W. Decatur)
Boardman This was on the Boardman Branch, formerly the Clearfield Southern mainline.
Cataract There was a freight station here.
Chase This was on the Clearfield Southern Branch south of Lambert and north of Faunce.
Clearfield There was a freight station on the south side of the exisiting station near Market and Gulich Streets.
Clearfield This station was located on Reed and Third Streets and is a predecessor to the station that currently exists. There was also a freight station on Third Street to the north of Bridge Street.
Clearfield This station was on North 2nd Street north of Bridge Street (GPS: 41.027159,-78.437641).
Clearfield Junction  
Curry Run  
Cush Creek Junction  
Deer This was on the West Branch Valley Branch.
Dowler Junction  
DuBois This station was near the intersection of Brady Street and Liberty Boulevard.
Dubois This frieght station was next to the passenger station.
Falls Creek Shown on the 1878 map as the first station in Clearfield County on this line in Brady Township.
Faunce This was on the Clearfield Southern Branch.
Five Points  
Frenchville This was on the West Branch Valley Branch.
Gray This was on the West Branch Valley Branch.
Irvona Reports say it was moved from Irvona and rebuit in Blain City in a backyard there. Anyone have exact location if it does exist?
Karthaus Torn down 1981.
Karthaus Perhaps this station predated the one listed above? The S&C was a predecessor of the NYC in that the S&C was a PRR-affiliate first and then the NYC bought the S&C from the PRR in 1901.
La Jose  
Lambert This was on the Clearfield Southern Branch south of Dimeling.
Lumber City  
Madera This station was on Main Street just west of Clearfield Creek.
Mitchell was the railroad's name for O'Shanter.
Mowry This was on the West Branch Valley Branch.
New Millport  
Osceola Mills  
Rush This was on the West Branch Valley Branch.
Shawsville This was on the West Branch Valley Branch.
St. Lu  
Steiner's Station A small Tyrone & Clearfield station is shown here on the 1878 map and also on the 1910 Sanborn map. It was located on the NW side of the tracks at the Phillipsburg Fire Brick Company. There are no streets in this area now, but the station was at approximately GPS: 40.888172, -78.226112. This is past the SE end of Laura Street in Chester Hill.
Tyler Shown on the 1878 map as "Tyler's Station."
Walton This was on the West Branch Valley Branch between Shawsville and Frenchville.
Winburne Burned down by Conrail in mid 1983 or 1984. Sat beside Avondale hotel.
Winterburn A station is shown here on the 1878 atlas.
Wallaceton The original Tyrone & Clearfield station was on the NW side of Baughman Street as shown on the 1878 map (GPS: 40.958607,-78.288901).
Notes About Existing Stations...

Brisbin (PRR) - Brisbin was on the Moshannon Branch of the PRR. Still standing as of 10/2011.

Burnside (Beech Creek Extension) - Owned by the Borough of Burnside. Attempts underway to get it added to National Register of Historic Places and obtain funding for restoration. The BCE RR included the Canoe Creek Railroad and Clearfield Southern Railroad and was a separate company from the Beech Creek Railroad although both were later part of the NYC.

Chester Hill (Beech Creek) - This was the NYC/Beech Creek Railroad's "Philipsburg" station. The Borough of Philipsburg is actually across the Moshannon Creek from this station. This was built as a combination type station. The passanger and second floor station master's residence were razed after fire damage. All that remains is the freight shed portion of the building. Station is used for storage by JJ Powell Oil Company.

Clearfield (PRR) - Tracks were in the street on Third Street. This has been a laundromat since the 1960s.

Curwensville (PRR) - This is at the exact same location as the original Tyrone & Clearfield station. It may be the original station or it may have just been built at the same spot. A station is shown here on the 1878 map.

Houtzdale (Alley Popper) - The "Alley Popper" RR was built as a competitor to the PRR in the Moshannon Valley. It was in financial distress for its entire life and ceased operations in 1931 and was abandoned in 1936. The "Alley Popper" was its more popular name and is more recognized than its barrage of formal names over its troubled life. Owning Railroads: Altoona & Philipsburg Connecting RR, New York & Pittsburgh Airline RR, Philipsburg RR, Philipsburg & Susquehanna Valley RR, and Pittsburgh & Susquehanna RR. Leasing Railroads: Pittsburgh, Johnstown, Ebensburg & Eastern RR, New York & Pittsburgh Central RR and  Philipsburg & Johnstown RR.

Rockton (BR&P) - Station was originally built in 1898 for Buffalo, Rochester & Pittsburgh Railroad at Rockton PA on the Clearfield Branch.  The depot was dismantled and first moved to Sloan Cornell's Penn View Mountain Railroad near Blairsville PA in the 1970's.  The depot was dismantled and moved a second time to Gettysburg PA on Sloan Cornell's Gettysburg Railroad in the late 70's.  An expansion of the nearby Gettysburg College later necessitated the station to be dismantled and placed in storage.  The station was moved a third time and recently reassembled in Kane PA on Cornell's Knox and Kane Railroad.  The reassembly was in progress when the tornado destroyed several piers of the Kinzua Bridge.  The station has been finished, but regular passenger and freight service has ceased on the K&K, and the railroad is for sale. - Kevin Moore, 2007.

Smoke Run (PRR) - Moved to present location late 1960's.

Unknown (????) - This station was moved from ??? and is now being used as a cabin. Could this be the Lumber City Beech Creek (NYC) station? Here is an old photo of the Lumber City depot. It is not the NYC station that served Curry Run.

Winterburn (Allegheny Valley RR) - Used as a hunting cabin, a two-story addition was put on it in the 1930's. Original station was about 11' X 22' inside plus porches. The original cement steps are still out front.