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Type Current
Beaver Meadows South end of Depot Street
(GPS: 40.927559, -75.911478)
C Business ???? Gone Wood  
Jim Thorpe
(Mauch Chunk)
Race Street east of U.S. 209
(GPS: 40.863070, -75.737615)
P Business 1888 In Use Brick  
Lansford Dock Street
(GPS: 40.832378, -75.889698)
C Business ???? Aband. Brick
Palmerton Mauch Chunk Road West of Delaware Avenue
(GPS: 40.799904, -75.618289)
P Private 1909 In Use Stone
Weatherly Wilbur Street between East Main Street
and 1st Street
(GPS: 40.941323, -75.829211)
C Offices 1889 In Use Brick  
Weatherly Along the tracks between Carbon Street and Hudsondale Street, just south of 1st Street.
(GPS: 40.940109, -75.829248)
? ???? 1867 Gone Wood
Ashfield Station This station was on the same road as the Balliet LV station.
A station is shown here on the main street on maps from 1875. It is hard to say exactly where this station was given that the streets have changed so much since then. At one time Audenried (north) and Yorktown (south) were two separate towns.
Bear Mountain
(Mauch Chunk)
Black Creek Junction  
Bowmanstown Bowmanstown is on the CNJ side of the river and the town of West Bowmans is on the LV side. The station was on the SW side of White Street on the SW side of the tracks at approximately GPS: 40.800722, -75.667109.
Drakes Creek  
East Mauch Chunk This freight station sat on Laurel Street behind Jim Thorpe Market. It was wooden but had cinderblock additions in recent years. It burned down in late 2003/early 2004.
Glen Onoko This station burned down on May 1, 1917 when WWI soldiers were camped there and got the chimeny too hot (Allentown Leader, 5-3-1917).
Glen Onoko In the photo the CNJ station/shelter is to left at the end of the CNJ Turnhole Tunnel bridge before the CNJ tracks were realigned. In the background is the Hotel Wahnetah. The photo was taken from atop the LV bridge.
Hazle Creek
Bridge Station
This station was where the Beaver Meadow branch of the LV crossed Hazle Creek and junctioned with the Buck Mountain RR just inside the Lausanne Township line. This was just a bit north of where the Hazle Creek flows into the Beaver Creek.
Hickory Run  
This was originally called "Hartz Station" by the railroad.
Lehigh Gap The 1875 and 1921 maps show the station on the south side of what is now PA248 at GPS: 40.793176, -75.612972.
Lehigh Tannery There were stations on both sides of the river here about 700 feet from each other as the crow flies. The LV station was on the east side of the river (in Carbon Co.) on the south side of Tannery Road on the west side of the tracks.
Lehigh Tannery The CNJ station here was on the west side of the river (in Luzerne Co.), also on the south side of Tannery Road, on the east side of the tracks.
Lehighton This staton was east of North 1st Street at GPS: 40.838453, -75.708627. It was torn down in 1960.
Lehighton The original wooden passenger station here was on what is now Sergeant Stanley Hoffman Boulevard at the end of Coal Street. It was at GPS: 40.837121, -75.707915.
Lehighton There was a long freight transfer shed located at GPS: 40.837073, -75.706290 along the tracks near the river.
Lehighton This newer concrete station was located on the street now known as Sergeant Stanley Hoffman Boulevard at GPS: 40.833816, -75.707209.
Lehighton There was a later concrete freight house along what is now Sergeant Stanley Hoffman Boulevard at GPS: 40.837331, -75.707911. This is just north of where the original passenger station stood.
Leslie Run  
Little Gap  
Lizard Creek Junction This was where the Pottsville Branch Line of the LVRR joined the main line.
Mauch Chunk
(Jim Thorpe)
This freight station was next the passenger station to the NE at GPS: 40.863490, -75.737203.
Mauch Chunk
(Jim Thorpe)
This station was located on Laurel Lane near River Street. There was also a brick freight house just to the SE of the passenger station.
Mauch Chunk
(Jim Thorpe)
The passenger pavillion/ticket office was at the end of Chruch Alley at GPS: 40.866129, -75.737461.
This station was just south of the Luzerne/Carbon County line and just west of Hazle Creek. It is shown on maps from 1875 along with a road that is no longer there.
Mud Run  
Palmerton This two-story station was on the north side of Delaware Avenue just SW of 3rd Street on the SW side of the tracks at GPS: 40.801501, -75.611253. Access to the station was via stairs up from Delaware Avenue. It was built between 1912 and 1921. Prior to this station there was a small 1-story "waiting room" with a platform at the same location.
Palmerton East  
Parryville Station was on the north side of the railroad between the mainline and PA248.
Parryville This station was between the river and where Interstate 476 is today. It was across the river to the SW of the CNJ station. Both the LV and CNJ stations are shown on maps from 1875.
Pavilion Station  
Penn Haven Jct. The original Penn Haven station was on the south side of the Quakake Creek just across the trestle where the RR crossed the creek. Later, the station pictured was built between the tracks.
Penn Haven Jct. This station was not far from the LV station.
Rockport Contained living quarters for the stationmaster and his family, as well as a prepay freight station run by the agent at White Haven. The station was located on the west bank of the Lehigh River and also served the poorhouse at Lowrytown.
Rockport The Rockport LV station in 1875 was on the east side of the Lehigh River, but there was a ferry to shuttle passengers across the river to and from the town.
Stetler This station was between Hickory Run and Mud Run stations. It was on the east side of the Lehigh River across the river and just a bit south of where Leslie Run flows into the Lehigh River.
Stony Creek  
Summit Hill This station was on the south side of West Ludlow Street (formerly known as Railroad Street) between Market and Chestnut Streets at GPS: 40.824656, -75.872029.
Weatherly The photo shows the original LV station.
Weissport In 1875, the station was near the north end of White Street at what used to be Mill Street.
West Bowmans
(Bowmans Sta.)
Notes About Existing Stations...

Lansford (Panther Creek) - This station originally was built by the Panther Creek Railroad Company which was absorbed by the L&NE in 1913.

Palmerton (CNJ) - The station is now authentically restored and houses the Millimeter Wave Research Laboratory. The men's waiting room and the baggage room had been vandalized and heavily fire damaged. It has been gutted and rebuilt. The nature of the ongoing research precludes public visitation without prior arrangement. Small groups of ten or less can be accommodated and there is no charge.

Weatherly (LV) - What is this building? If this is an original LV station, there must have been three over the years (see table of Stations Of The Past) Can someone clarify the building's history? Leonard Bachelder writes: "This building is in the complex of buildings that was once the LV shops and about 1890 was closed and the property converted to a steel mill. A gentleman who is involved with a funded "cleanup" of this property, looking toward some kind of restoration, told me that this building was the dispatcher's office. I have no independent verification, but he seemed to know generally what he was talking about, and from its location, that appears more likely than use as a station.