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Type Current
Barto Mohr Lane off Barto Road P Residence 1871 Gone Wood
Bechtelsville Chestnut Street and Railroad Street
(GPS: 40.372476,-75.627673)
C Civic 1912 Gone Brick
Birdsboro Furnace Street and West 1st Street F Vacant 1914 In Use Wood  
Birdsboro Furnace Street and West 1st Street C Business 1884 Gone Brick  
Off PA143 at Kistler Valley Road and Creek Rd., Kempton F Railroad ???? In Use Wood
Douglassville Between Rts. 422 & 724  C Apartments 1884 Gone Wood  
Fleetwood Richmond Street at Brown's feed mill (PA662) P Business 1924 In Use Brick
Fleetwood South Walnut Street, one block south of Locust Street.  C Vacant 1859 In Use Wood
Tuckerton Road in Temple. C Railroad 1905 In Use Wood
Hamburg SR 61 at Station Road P Railroad 1987 In Use Wood  
Off PA143 at Kistler Valley Road and Creek Rd., Kempton P Railroad 1906 In Use Wood
Kutztown 106 Railroad Street at Peach Street C Vacant 1869 In Use Wood
Lenhartsville Off Old Route 22 at Maiden Creek. P Cottage 1878 Gone Wood  
Mertztown Chestnut Street C Storage 1895 In Use Wood
Mohrsville Mohrsville Road just south of Main Street. P Residence ???? In Use ????
(Franklin Street)
Plum Street between Franklin & Chestnut Streets
(GPS: 40.332945,-75.924271)
C Vacant 1929 In Use Stone
Robesonia 213 9th Street, New Cumberland, Cumberland County P Business 1856 None Wood
Shoemakersville 379 Main Street P Residence 1884 In Use Wood
Shoemakersville Canal Street, just SE of the passenger station. F Apartments ???? In Use Wood  
Sinking Spring In Hertiage park along the north side of the ex-RDG, off Keller Avenue  P Civic 1872 None Wood
Sinking Spring In Heritage park along the north side of the ex-RDG, off Keller Avenue  F Civic 1858 None Wood  
Topton Home Avenue, near State Street and East Centre Avenue P Business 1884 In Use Brick
Vinemont Vinemont Road P Residence 1906 In Use Stucco
Wernersville 20 East Penn Avenue (Off 422 at Hoover
C Storage 1927 In Use Stone
Wernersville 20 East Penn Avenue (Off 422 at Hoover
F Business 1856 In Use Wood
Albany A station is shown here on the 1876 county atlas.
Bechtelsville The original station here was in about the same location as the existing station.
Berne The original station here was a small frame structure.
Berne This brick station was built in 1914.
Birdsboro According to the 1876 county atlas, the original Wilmington & Reading station here was on South Furnace Street on the south side of the tracks (GPS: 40.262617,-75.807182).
Birdsboro Aside from the W&N station, there was also a station on the Reading main line where the Reading Belt began. This station was built around 1887.
Blandon According to the 1876 county atlas, the original station here was on Chestnut Street about halfway between Main Street and Lindbergh Avenue. It was on the south side of the street and on the north side of the tracks (GPS: 40.439055,-75.884312).
Boyertown Also known as Colebrookdale, this station was built 1868 and was located on the northeast side of Third Street between South Chestnut and South Washington Streets (GPS: 40.331436,-75.636637). The station was dismantled in August, 1975. Passenger service ended on the Colebrookdale Branch on January 23, 1933.
Cold Run Station A station is shown here on the 1876 county atlas.
Dauberville Built around 1905.
Douglassville The first station here stood near where the Douglassville Hotel is today.
Douglassville This station was built in 1882 and was designed by Frank Furness.
Douglassville Built 1916, this was at the third station here.
Farmington A Catasaqua & Fogelsville RR station is shown here on the 1876 county atlas. There was a passenger and freight station here at that time.
Fuhrmans Grove This stop was just north of Trexler at the Furhmans Grove picnic area. There was a small shelter-type station here a little larger than a phone booth. It was torn down around 1990. The picnic area itself, not much more than a couple of picnic tables, was destroyed by a wind storn in 2011.
Hamburg Built in 1887 and torn down in 1977. This station was at Station Street & Main Street. Station was used for the USO in the WWII days. Second photo shows station after a flood in 1906.
IronStone Station This station was between Colebrookdale and Manatawny. A station is shown here on the 1876 county atlas.
KlapperthaL JUNCTION
The Neversink Mountain was a standard-gauge electric railroad that was closed in 1917. The station was closed by the Reading in 1902.
(West Leesport)
Built 1877.
Lenhartsville Freight station. Sat near passenger station in the woods off Old 22. Collapsed into a pile of debris around 2005-2006.
A station is shown here on the 1876 county atlas as "Exeter." Later a brick station with the name Lorane was built in 1884.
Maiden Creek  
(Pine Forge)
Mertztown An East Penn RR freight station is shown here on the 1876 atlas.
Mohrsville This photo shows only the platform which is gone. The main station building is still standing down the hill.
Mohrsville Built in 1864.
Monocacy Built in 1882.
Naomi Station This station is shown on the 1876 county atlas. It was near the current location of Ridgewood SE of Reading.
Neversink Station  
NEw Berlin  
(Outer Station)
Built in 1874, and known as the Outer Station, this structure with beautiful landscaping was on the east side of 6th Street between Buttonwood and Greenwich Streets. The station burned in 1978.
Reading The original freight station was on the south side of Buttonwood Street between Reed and Eighth Streets.
(Franklin STreet)
There were two generations of stations here. The first was built in 1884 which was replaced by the stone station in 1930 (still standing).
Reading Back of postcard read "Reading station in the eastern part of town. Built on the old Fitzsimmons property." Not sure if this is Reading, PA or somewhere else. Can anyone clarify?
Red Lion A Catasaqua & Fogelsville RR station is shown here on the 1876 county atlas.
Rickkenbach There was originally a passenger shelter here built in 1887 which was replaced by a station in 1912.
Robeson Station Not to be confused with Robesonia, this station was in Robeson Township between Naomi and Birdsboro.
Shoemakersville The original station here was on the south side of Miller Street (Shoey Road) on the west side of the tracks. A later station was built in 1877.
South Mountain Built in 1895.
Topton The original depot and frieghthouse were on the east side of Main Street on the north side of the tracks according to the 1876 county atlas.
Trexler According to "Reading's Victorian Depots" by Edward A. Lewis, Trexler had a 1 story frame depot measuring 30' x 15' built in 1879 and retired as a passenger depot in 1954. I previously had this photo of an existing building posted for Trexler, but it is not the RDG depot. Maybe it was a switch shack or flagstop? A station is shown here on the 1876 county atlas.
Virginville In 1876 this station was on Main Street on the east side of the tracks.
Wernersville Built in 1881.
Wernersville The earliest station here was a freight station constructed in 1856. It and the former passenger station (listed above) were replaced by the existing combination station in 1927.
West Hamburg Built 1877.
White Bear  
Windsor Castle  
Womelsdorf Built in 1856. There was a freight station here as well. The passenger station was torn down in 1977.
Wyomissing The first station here was a 10'x14' frame shed.
Wyomissing The second station here was a brick building that was erected in the 1920s. Both stations were located near the Berkshire Kinitting Mills factory.
Notes About Existing Stations...

Barto (RDG) - End terminus of the Colebrookdale Branch. Station closed 1965.

Bechtelsville (RDG) - Municipal building, on Colebrookdale Branch. Station closed 1965.

Catasauqua (RDG) - Moved to Kempton for the WK&SRR in the mid 1960s.

Fleetwood (RDG) - Here is an old photo of the Fleetwood station.

Fleetwood (P&R) - Was this moved from elsewhere?

Frackville (RDG) - Moved from Frackville (Schuylkill Co.) to Temple in 1984 by the Blue Mtn. & Reading.

Joanna (W&N) - Kempton Passenger Station is the ex-Joanna station of the RDG W&N branch. It was moved in 1963 when the WK&SRR started up the tourist line.

Kutztown (A&A) - Built for the Allentown and Auburn RR by the P&R in 1869. The P&R operated the A&A until 1945 at which time it was merged into the Reading system. The station is currently owned by the borough of Kutztown. At times there are community events held at the station. Recently, East Penn Rail excursions used the station from 1996-99 as the starting and ending station for scenic rides from Kutztown to Topton, a distance of 4.4 miles one way. That operation went belly up in winter of 1999. The actual railroad was recently purchased by the borough of Kutztown from the Commonwealth of PA. East Penn Rail Excursions has been an on again/off again proposition. It operated in the early 2000s, but the last train was July 2005. However The Freight operation is taking off! Just come and see all the gondola cars sitting in front of the station. They are loaded with Scrap Steel for the McConway and Torley Steel Mill in Kutztown. The Borough of Kutztown, which owns the station, has received a $275,825 grant from the Transportation Enhancement Program of The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in 2006 for the express purpose of once again restoring the station to more modern standards The project will start in 2007 and will include heat, water , sewage, installation of handicapped access. The station will retain its original look . -- Submitted by Jim Schlegel, Chairman Kutztown Transportation Authority.

Mertztown (RDG) - Restored. Station was closed by the RR in 1964. The Mertztown station is now owned by Atlas Minerals and Chemicals, which is the industry located adjacent to the station and tracks. It is currently used for storage by Atlas. The "Mertztown" sign was built and painted by an Atlas employee who was also responsible for convincing Atlas to repaint the station into original colors.

Mohrsville (PRR) - There were steps that led from the building to a waiting platfrom up at the tracks. According to an item in the Reading Eagle from Oct. 12, 1970, the station was purchased by a private owner in 1928 and comverted to a residence.

Reading (RDG) - As of Fall, 2008 the city of Reading (owner of the station) and BARTA (local public transport agency) have compiled around $2,000,000 in grant money to renovate the station.  At this point, they are looking for someone to submit a viable business idea.

Robesonia (Lebanon Valley) - Moved to New Cumberland in 1957. The original location of this station was on the west side of Robeson Street where it used to cross the tracks. The station was on the north side of the tracks (GPS: 40.349553,-76.136295).

Shoemakersville (PRR) - There was a section gang shanty to the south of the freight station and the foundation for that could still be seen as of 2010.

Sinking Spring (RDG) - Sinking Spring - Both the passenger and the freight stations originally sat within one hundred yards west of Railroad Street (now called Woodrow Avenue), on the NORTH side of the double tracks of the Lebanon Valley Line of the old Reading Railroad. Both structures were moved in the late 1970s to a section of the Borough Playground (now called Heritage Park) and renovated to their current condition.

Topton (RDG) - Restored! Now used by the Market Cafe.

Vinemont (RDG) - Also served as general store. Closed 1953.

Wernersville (RDG) - The station was purchased by the Heidelberg Heritage Society in 2003. The Society embarked on a restoration program which was completed in May 2013. A re-dedication ceremony was held on June 8, 2013. The station serves as an adjunct to the society's main building and is now furnished and open to the public by appointment. Visit for further information.