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Type Current
Apple Creek Mill Street at Lance Street
(GPS: 40.748503,-81.834168)
P Private ???? None Block
Fredericksburg 80 yards due north from the intersection of West Clay Street and Water Street C Storage ???? Gone Block
145 Depot Street P Museum 1868 In Use Brick
Overton Corner of Mechanicsburg and Winkler Roads. C Farm Use ???? Gone Wood  
Rittman West side of South Main Street between Sterling and Front C Railroad 1891 In Use Wood
Rittman Intersection of Seneca, Grant, and Ohio Streets.
(GPS: 40.970838,-81.778434)
P Business 1913 In Use Wood
Smithville Main & North Milton Streets
(GPS: 40.863643,-81.859734)
P Business ???? None Wood
Sterling At "Rails to Trails" site west of Kauffman Avenue and next to the CSX tracks. F Storage ???? Gone Wood
Wooster Columbus Avenue at Vanover Street
(GPS: 40.795602,-81.948422)
C Business ???? In Use Wood
Apple Creek The station that still stands in Apple Creek may be this same building, but heavily modified. The PRR ordered heavy modifications of the stations on this line in the 1950s. There were originally both passenger and freight stations next to each other on Depot Street (now Maple Street) at Cross Street (GPS: 40.749122,-81.834755). According to the Evening Independent of July 27, 1965, the first depot here was built in 1852 by the Cleveland, Mt. Vernon & Columbus Railroad near where the tracks crossed Apple Creek.

Some field work is need on the ground in Apple Creek to detangle the depot situation there. Are the stations pictured the same or different buildings? Do one or both (if there were two) still stand?

The other building that is reportedly the station is in an alley behind the house at 190 Main Street. That building is at GPS: 40.746757, -81.834502. Can someone get a photo of that building and find out more info?
Armstrong This station was built in 1888 (according to the B&O Annual Report of that year).
Burbank    This station was on Depot Road. Technically it was probably over the line in Medina County although most of the town is in Wayne County. 
Burton City
This station sat on the west side of Mt. Eaton Road north of Market Street. It was on the south side of the tracks (GPS: 40.844979,-81.703531).
Burton City
  This station was on the SE corner of Mt. Eaton Road and Burton City Road (GPS: 40.843696,-81.703117).
Creston This station was on Hay Street east of Brooklyn Street on the south side of the tracks (GPS: 40.98449,-81.892465). According to Sanborn Fire maps, this station was gone by 1930.
The Erie and W&LE shared this station southeast of the intersection of Brooklyn Avenue and Erie Street near Onion Street (GPS: 40.982555,-81.892304). There was a shared freight house to the east and the old Morehead Hotel sat to the west with the interlocking tower between the two.
Custaloga This station, which was at A&W (Ashland & Wooster) Junction was built in 1900 by the PRR (Akron Daily Democrat, 5-04-1900).
Dalton This station was NE of the intersection of East Schultz Avenue and North Cochran Street (GPS: 40.800528,-81.687346).
East Union  
Easton This was the first Easton station, built in the early 1880s. It was on the old main line located on the south bend of what is now called Harvey Circle (GPS: 40.948043,-81.739896).
EASTON This was built later (compared to the above) by the B&O. It was probably built when the line was moved to the other side of town (although both stations are shown on the 1897 map). It was on the NE side of Cleveland Street just east of SR-94 on the south side of the tracks (GPS: 40.955046,-81.736463).
Fredericksburg This station was about 80 yards north of the intersection of Clay Street and Water Street on the west side of the tracks. This is probably the building that still exists there (as of 2009) with heavy modifications made by the PRR in later years.
Funk This station was of the same design as the station at Jeromesville (Ashland County).
Marshallville Both the passenger and freight stations sat on the bend in Euclid Street south of Market Street.
Orrville The passenger station was located near the intersection of Chestnut and McGill Streets. It was on the north side of the tracks on the east side of McGill. This location is an empty lot as of 2009.
Orrville The freight station was at the end of West Chestnut Street (the part that is unpaved). This location is an empty lot as of 2009.
orrville The CA&C had a freight house NW across the tracks from the passenger station.
Orrville A frame station predated the 1868 station. It was on Main Street and was destroyed by fire in 1867.
Orrville This brick freight station was at the corner of McGill and Pine Streets. When the railroad abandoned the freight station, most likely in the 1950's, it was connected to the Orrville Body Company building (its final use was as a storage/manufacturing facility for the Wilburt company). The windows were the same shape as the union depot. It was torn down sometime in the mid 2010s.
Rittman The first station on this line was located at the corner of Main and Elliot Streets. After the new passenger station was built in 1913, this station served as the freight-only depot for a few years, but was gone by 1924. This station sat on what is now part of Erie Street.
Shreve This station was located on the west side of Market Street between Jones and Robinson Streets (GPS: 40.682705,-82.022493). It built sometime prior to 1892, and was torn down around 1963 with the bricks used as fill for a southern extension of Market Street.
Smithville Station Also known as Smithfield Station.
A NYP&O-designed, v-shaped union station sat on the south side of Atlantic Street east of Lake Street (GPS: 40.970198,-81.847943). This station was still visible on maps from 1908.
Sterling According to the 1897 map the B&O had a station on the west side of Kauffman Avenue on the north side of the tracks (GPS: 40.971178,-81.851074).
This station was a standard B&O design. It was built in the early 1900s and sat at the same location as the NYP&O/CL&W station listed above (GPS: 40.970198,-81.847943).
West Salem This station was on what was formerly known as Depot Street. This location is now known as Centennial Street. The station was at the south of the end of 2nd Street toward 3rd Street (which is now gone). 
West Salem  
Wooster An earlier station here opened in 1884.
Wooster Photo is from the late 1970s. This station, opened around 1890, was on the east side of the intersection of Spink Street, East Liberty Street and Pitsburgh Avenue (GPS: 40.799372,-81.931778).
Wooster The freight station was to the SW of the passenger station across Pittsburgh Avenue on the south side of East Liberty Street (GPS: 40.798875,-81.932881).
Wooster A freight house was built here in 1888 (according to the B&O Annual Report of that year). Does anyone know where this was located?
Notes About Existing Stations...

Apple Creek (PRR) - This may be the original CA&C station after undergoing the heavy modification program that the PRR performed on old CA&C structures in later years. The sign is on this building and it has what looks to be the same Insulbrick siding. Or, this may have been a later PRR station or the freight station. Or, it may just be an unrelated building that the sign and siding was placed on. See Killbuck (Holmes Co.) and Sunbury (Delaware Co.) as other examples of modified PRR stations. Other reports say that this building is not the station, but that it was moved to another location and now looks like a barn. More research is needed to verify the fate of this/these station(s). Also see the listing below in the "Stations Of The Past" section.

Fredericksburg (PRR) - Building is block but covered with shingling. Sits about 200 yards off Clay St. behind old feed mill. Old CA&C milepost nearby. This may be a part of the original station as maps from 1897 show the original station at this same location. It looks like it underwent the extreme PRR makeover of removing most of its distinguishing features and was then chopped into a smaller piece. Either that or this was a later PRR station.

Orrville (PFt.W&C and CA&C) - Home of the Orrville Railroad Heritage Society. The new W&LE bought these tracks from Norfolk Southern back in the early 90's, when the new W&LE was established. See OrrvilleRailroad.com for more information.

Smithville (W&LE) - Moved here from the tracks in the late 1970s. The original location was ont he south side of Main Street on the west side of the tracks (GPS: 40.868292,-81.851181).

Sterling (CL&W) - The station was moved in 2010 to its current location. The station sat for many years behind a warehouse at Kauffman and Chestnut Streets (GPS: 40.967458,-81.846393). Maps from 1897 and 1908 show a B&O passenger or freight station located on the west side of Kauffman Street just south of Atlantic Avenue (to the NW of where the old passenger station sat).