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Type Current
Dennison 400 Center Street
(GPS: 40.392154,-81.332171)
P Museum 1887 In Use Brick
Dover 185 South Tuscarawas Avenue
(GPS: 40.516416, -81.474802)
F Railroad ???? In Use Brick  
Sugarcreek Factory Street north of Main Street
(GPS: 40.502704, -81.639352)
C Railroad 1915 In Use Brick  
Uhrichsville East 4th Street
F Business ???? In Use Brick  
Uhrichsville Off Trenton Avenue
(GPS: 40.391633,-81.356544)
F Aband. ???? In Use Wood
Baltic This station was on the west end of Mill Street on the east side of the tracks (GPS: 40.439637,-81.702898).
Bolivar The passenger/freight station for Bolivar was located near where Poplar Street curves to the NW on the east side of the tracks (GPS: 40.652143,-81.460662). At one time, there were several spurs in this area that served the freight depot and a brick yard that once was located to the west side of the tracks. The station was torn down in the late 1960s.
Dennison The original frame station here was at the corner of Center and 6th Streets (GPS: 40.392062,-81.330368). It was built in 1873 and is shown on the 1875 map at that location. When the new brick station was built in 1887, this station was moved down the tracks to a location between 2nd and 3rd Streets and converted to a freight station.
Dover I am not sure if this is the old B&O station or the old C&P station. The photo was taken right after the 1913 flood.
Dover The passenger station was at the corner of West Front and Factory (North Tuscarawas) streets. It was torn down by the PRR in July, 1956 (Dover Daily Reporter, Sept. 20, 1967).
Dover This freight station was on near the passenger station on West Front Street. The PRR had another freight station on the corner of West 3rd and Broad Streets just to the northwest of the old Hardesty Milling Company
Dover According to the Nov. 27, 1874 Coshocton Age (Tribune), there was an original Lake Shore & Tuscarawas Valley RR (later Cleveland, Tuscarawas Valley & Wheeling, later CL&W, later B&O) station built at Canal Dover in 1874. A newspaper report from 1877 says that the roof of the station was blown off by a storm on September 1, 1877 (Summit County Beacon, Sept. 5, 1877).
Dover This station was on West 3rd Street between Borad Street and Commercial Parkway. It was demolished by the RJ Corman Railroad on April 9, 2013.
Dundee The station was on the north side of Main Street on the east side of the tracks.
Goshen Station This was the first station SE of New Philadelphia.
Lock 17  
Mineral City This station was on the east side of High Street just south of Center Street. There was a freight depot across the tracks to the southeast. The passenger station was gone by 1949.
Mineral City This freight depot was across the tracks from the passenger station to the southeast. The freight station remained until at least the late 1970s, perhaps longer.
Mineral City This combination station was on the east side of High Street just south of Miners Street (GPS: 40.599886,-81.360782). The station was gone by 1949 and a small RR tool house was at this location instead. An early station is shown at this same location on the 1875 map and is noted as a combination store/depot.
New Cumberland  
New Philadelphia This combination station was located bewteen 1st Drive SW and Broadway just south of St. Clair Avenue SW (in the old days 1st Drive SW (then called 5th Street) extended all the way to the tracks) (GPS: 40.485751,-81.447444). This station was replaced by the B&O station listed below sometime between 1901-10. After that, this original station was used as a freight-only station.
New Philadelphia Built by The Pittsburgh Construction Company, this station was on the west side of South Broadway on the north side of the tracks. It was built in 1905.
New Philadelphia This combination station was on the NW corner of North Broadway and East Ray (GPS: 40.49307,-81.444365). It is shown on the 1875 map of the city (at that time this branch line ended here at the station).
Newcomerstown The original PCC&St.L station here was a combination depot that sat between Bridge Street (formerly Railroad St.) and South River Street (GPS: 40.273002,-81.607282). It only served the PCC&St. L line. This station can be seen on 1895 maps, but was gone by 1901.
Newcomerstown The original C&M stations were along the tracks in the SE corner of the diamond on the east side of Bridge Street (GPS: 40.273346,-81.605785). The freight station was closest to the diamond and had a platform along the PCCC&St.L and the another along the C&M. The passenger station was just to the south of the freight station. These stations can be seen on 1895 maps, but were both gone by 1901 when the new PCC&St.L freight station was in this location and the new passenger station had been built across the tracks to the north.
Newcomerstown The freight station can be seen on the right side of the photos and the Fountain hotel is on the left. These stations were on Railroad Street just south of Church Street. The passenger station was in the NE corner of the C&M/PCCC&St.L diamond while the freight station was in the SE corner. These stations were built around 1900. The freight station was doubled in size around 1905 and then replaced with another freight station (shown on 1933 maps) that was farther to the SE, diagonal along the transfer track between the C&M and PCC&St.L lines. The photos here are of the stations as they looked around 1905.
Port Washington This station was at the end of High Street on the NW side of the tracks (when High Street went through to the tracks) (GPS: 40.327702,-81.516275).
Post Boy  
Somerdale The station was located approximately 1/2 mile west of current village of Somerdale. It was located between the railroad and what is now State Route 212.
Stone Creek
Strasburg The station was ont he north side of Cross Street (1st Street) on the west side of the tracks (GPS: 40.597234,-81.52599).
Sugarcreek Burned in 1914, replaced with current brick station.
This union station was north of West 1st Street in the SE corner of the diamond (GPS: 40.392948,-81.356785). The B&O had a freight station a few feet to the east (between the station and the CL&W roundhouse). The freight station was on a siding that came up behind the passenger station. This siding split off the main line around Trenton Avenue.
Uhrichsville This station served the CL&W before the union station (listed above) was built. It was located between Trenton Avenue and West First Street on the west side of the tracks (GPS: 40.391384,-81.356742).
Urichsville The original station here, before union station was built, was at the corner of 4th and Main Streets on the south side of the tracks (just west of where the existing freight station is) (GPS: 40.392407,-81.345016).
Valley Junction (Zoarville)
Did this serve the PRR too?
Valley Junction  
Wolf Station Maps show a station here as early as 1875.
Zoar This station was at the southern end of Park Street (when Park Street went through to the tracks). It was on the west side of the end of the street on the north side of the tracks (GPS: 40.610923,-81.423733).
(Old Zoar)
This combination station was located on the NW side of the tracks below the intersection of Connotton Street and abandoned State Route 212 (now a hiking trail). All the structures in the photo were torn down in the mid-1930s when the roadbed was relocated uphill due to the downstream construction of the Dover Dam. The station was not rebuilt as part of that construction.  Instead, C&P passengers were directed to use a station built across the valley in New Zoarville which served the B&O, W&LE and the C&P. Zoarville was previously known as Zoar Station and Fairfield. There was a station here when the town was known as Fairfield in as early as 1875 when the line was .
Notes About Existing Stations...

Dennison (PCC&St.L) - Museum info. On National Register of Historic Places.

Urichsville (B&O) - Near crossing of the RJ Corman (B&O) and Ohio Central (PRR) .