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Type Current
Akron Grant Street off Wolf Ledges Parkway P University 1950 In Use Brick
Akron East Mill Street F Business ???? Gone Brick
Akron 31 North Case Avenue
(GPS: 41.070445, -81.486887)
F Unknown ???? In Use Brick
Akron 1924 East Market Street
(West of Spanky's Carpet Outlet)
(GPS: 41.061332, -81.461460)
F Storage ???? Gone Wood  
Akron 27 Ridge Street
(GPS: 41.089496, -81.514993)
P Railroad ???? In Use Wood  
Barberton 356 4th Street NW P Vacant 1890 In Use Wood
Boston Mills At the bend in Mill Street in Peninsula P Railroad ???? In Use Wood
Brecksville 721 West Highland Road, Sagamore Hills F Barn ???? None Wood
Copley 3772 Copley Road C Museum 1891 In Use Wood
Cuyahoga Falls 215 East Portage Trail
(GPS: 41.136533, -81.479636)
F Railroad ???? In Use Wood  
Mogadore 87 South Cleveland Avenue, near Gencorp Plant P Society ???? None Wood
Peninsula Mill Street, north of the Boston Mills depot. F Public ???? In Use Wood
Sharon Center SR 94 north of Sharon Center ? Residence ???? ???? Wood  
Akron This was Akron's first union station built around 1852 by the Cleveland & Pittsburgh RR. It was torn down in 1891. This station was located on Mill Street at the intersection with Summit Street.
Akron The CA&C RR built a temporary union station here in 1890 to serve until the new union station opened in 1891.
Akron Old Union Station. Built in 1891 and demolished in 1951. This was Akron's second Union Station and was located between East Market and Park streets in what was called "Amelia Flats." The station served the B&O, CA&C (PRR) and Erie. The CA&C had an office nearby on East Market next to the Hotel Pendleton. The Amelia Hotel was also nearby on Park Street.
Akron This station sat at the northern corner of West Market and South Canal Streets. According to Mark Camp's book "Railroad Depots Of Northeast Ohio" it was in service from 1852-1890, although the book "Akron Railroads" by Craig Sanders claims it began service in 1888. The building still appears on an 1892 Sanborn Fire map, but it is listed as vacant. Other information says that the station was built in 1888 and after its tenure as a railroad station served as a meat packing plant and stoof until the 1960s.
(Howard ST.)
The Valley (later B&O) also had this passenger station and a large freight station on Ridge Street at North Howard (GPS: 41.089488,-81.515014). The passenger station part of the structure stood until the mid-1960s (B&O ended service to the station in 1963). Craig Sanders' book "Akron Railroads" claims that this was the first Valley Railway station in Akron, but was supplanted by the West Market station above because passengers found this location inconvenient. On the 1891 county atlas, the entire station is shown, but it is only labeled "Freight Depot."

The Valley Railway also had a freight station on the south side of East Water Street just northeast of the intersection with East Market Street.
(East Akron)
There was a passenger and a freight station on the east corner of East Market Street and Case Avenue (GPS: 41.070212,-81.487366). The freight station was adjacent to the AC&Y freight station that still stands in this area (
Akron The first passenger and freight stations were located at South Summit and East Mill Streets. See this map for detail. Later another NYP&O/CA&C freight station was added at that location just east of the passenger station. That original passenger station was later a freight house for the Erie RR. The NYP&O also had a "South Akron" passenger station located off Ira Avenue near the former Akron Electrical Manufacturing Company and Brigger Belting Company (later American Hard Rubber) factories. That station was later used for freight only.
Akron This station, which was located on North Broadway near Exchange Street at GPS: 41.076064,-81.518914, was built in 1947 and was torn down 2/25/97 to make way for a new bank. It sat vacant for several years prior to demolition.
Akron Photo from 1909. This may have been the "South Akron" station. Does anyone know where this station was located?
Akron This freight station was built in 1916 and torn down in 2013 to make way for student housing. Prior to its demolition it was used by the Akron Beacon Journal to store rolls of paper. It was located on the SE corner of South Broadway and Exchange Streets at GPS: 41.075257,-81.519681. It ran along South Broadway about 3/4th of the way to Selle Street.
Akron The railroad had a station (unclear if it was freight or passenger) on South High Street near Steiner Ave. This station was right next to what was the Globe Sign Company. The CA&C also had a roundhouse and shops near the intersection of S. Forge and Hill Streets behind the old Akron Twine and Cordage factory.
Akron The PA&W had a passenger station on the west side of North Main Street between Tallmadge (Federal) St. and Furnace St. The freight station was on the east side of North Main. This station appears on a Sanborn Fire map dated 1892.

This station was on Tuscarawas Ave. and was demolished in 1940 to provide more room for parking. It was originally built by the CA&C to replace the "New Portage" station. During the later PRR years it was a passenger station for both the B&O and PRR. It was vacated after the B&O and PRR moved the passenger waiting area to the nearby freight station (see below).

Barberton Originally this was the CA&C freight station and later became the passenger and freight station for the PRR and B&O.
Barberton This freight station was on 4th Street.
Barberton This station was built in 1888 (according to the B&O Annual Report of that year).
Clinton This station was on the south side of Main Street on the east side of the tracks (GPS: 40.928137,-81.632736).
Copley The frieght station was on the north side of the tracks at the intersection of Sawmill Road and Cleveland-Massilon Road. It was torn down in 1992.
Cottage Grove
(Portage Grove)
Cuyahoga Falls The B&O passenger station was located on the south side of Portage Trail across the street from the freight depot (still standing).
Cuyahoga Falls This station was on Water Street just south of Portage Trail. Water Street and this location are no longer there and have been replaced by the freeway (SR 8 & 59). There was an earlier CA&C station here on the north side of Portage Trail (as shown on the 1891 map).
Cuyahoga Falls
There was a small station for the Glens just south of the east end of the Glens High Bridge on the west side of the tracks known as "Glens Depot" (GPS: 41.130262,-81.48242). This station is shown on the 1891 map with the tracks being locted where SR-8 is today.
Dennison Station
This was an early station on the line. It was also known as Buckeye and later as Sherman and is now part of Norton. The station was located ion the west side of SR-21 on the north side of the tracks near Dorothy Avenue (GPS: 41.014379,-81.664647). A station is shown at this location on the 1891 county map.
East Akron
Everett This station was on the north side of Everett Road on the west side of the tracks (GPS: 41.204691,-81.572843).
The town was later renamed Ira because there was another town called Hawkins on the B&O (although I don't believe the other Hawkins was in Ohio). See map below for location. On August 21, 1887 a collision of freight cars near the station sent a boxcar hurtling through the air and landing on the depot resulting in its complete demolition. The station agent escaped before the boxcar came to rest and a hobo on one of the boxcars was also unharmed (Cincinnati Enquirer, Aug. 22, 1887).
Hudson In 1886 the Hudson C&P station was moved to the site of the small passenger shelter near the junction of the CA&C and the C&P. This then became a joint station for both railroads (which would both eventually become part of the PRR).
Hudson This station which sat just ot the north of the SR 303 underpass was demolished by the railroad on August 28, 2013. It was built in 1903. This was Hudson's third depot.
Hudson There was originally a small passenger shelter here for the CA&C.
Krumroy Station This is where the Cottage Grove branch diverged from the main line.
Macedonia This station was on the east side of Hudson Road just south of Northfield Road (Main Street).
Metz This station was on Harmon Road in Stow Township.
Munroe Falls The station was on the west side of Main Street on the north side of the tracks (GPS: 41.140377,-81.439486).
This station was built in 1878 and closed in 1932. It was originally called "Uniontown." The name was changed to "Myersville" by the B&O around 1907 in order to entice a local landowner, John Myers, to sell his land to the railroad so it could expand its freight operations there. (Akron Beacon Journal, 7-13-1932).
New Portage
New Portage is now part of Barberton, but before the towns merged it had its own station on the SW side of Fairview Avenue on the SE side of the tracks (GPS: 41.023895,-81.593268).
Peninsula This was the original Peninsula depot. The photo shows the station in the aftermath of the big 1913 flood. It was located at the bend in Mill Street, where the relocated Boston Mills depot now stands.
Silver Lake Station  
Twinsburg This station was built in 1881 (The Summit County Beacon, 6-15-1881).
The joint station was located on 4th Avenue just south of Division Street between the tracks. Warwick tower was to the south across the CA&C tracks. The station was shared by the Akron & Chicago Junction RR (A wholly-owned subsidiary of the B&O) and the Cleveland, Akron a& Canton RR (later PRR).
Notes About Existing Stations...

Akron (B&O/PRR) - This was Akron's third Union Station serving the B&O and PRR. It is now U of A's Buckingham Ctr. Front view.

Akron (CA&C) - At Quaker Square. Here is a 2000 Photo. This was the old CA&C freight station which later served as the REA Express Agency station. See this old map for detail. Mpas from 1910 also show the building labeled as the CA&C freight station.

Akron (AC&Y) - Plain, boring building. Now houses a heating and cooling company. There was also a B&O freight forwarding station adjacent to this building that was demolished.

Barberton (Erie) - Oustside restored in 2005. Here is a 2000 Photo. Erie Depot was built in 1890 by town founder Ohio Columbus Barber to promote east/west rail traffic in Barberton. Style of construction is Eastlake Stick Construction. Station is currently an empty shell. Shell has had $200,000 in moving, restoring wood and repainting in Erie green shades of paint. Faux slate roof replaces asphalt shingle roof. Work has been expertly done but interior is gutted. The NYP&O also had a large freight station across the tracks in the old days. The station has been moved across the tracks, rotated 180 degrees so it still faces the tracks and moved across 4th street. The site was once a coal yard into the 1950's.

Boston Mills (B&O) - Moved from Boston Mills to Peninsula in 1967. Here are a couple more old photos of the station in its original location on the south side of Boston Mills Road on the west side fo the tracks (GPS: 41.262396,-81.560488).

Brecksville (CT&V) - Building was purchased by the operator from Jaite and moved to the current location in 1942.

Copley (PA&W) - Now houses Copley Historical Society. See this 2000 Photo.

Mogadore (W&LE) - This station is technically in Portage County as the county line is Cleveland Avenue. It was moved from its original location on the east side of North Cleveland Avenue at the W&LE crossing. A train derailed and hit the building in 1912.

Peninsula (B&O - Freight) - Houses Public Restrooms near park entrance.