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Type Current
Alliance Main Street east of Liberty Street P Railroad 2011 In Use Brick  
Alliance Main Street east of Liberty Street P Railroad Modern In Use Brick  
Aultman Century Village, 14653 East Park Street, Burton, OH in Geauga County. P Museum 1878 None Wood
Brewster SR 93 in town P Railroad 1914 In Use Brick
Canton Between Cherry and Madison Streets
(GPS: 40.794826,-81.370153)
F Business ???? In Use Brick
Canton South Market Avenue P Business 198? In Use Brick
Canton 1315 West Tuscarawas P Railroad 2004 In Use Wood  
East Sparta Across the street from 9875 Chestnut Avenue SE P Business ???? Gone Wood  
Hartville Edison & Howard Streets P Business ???? In Use Wood  
Magnolia Behind Magnolia Flouring Mill on SR-183 C Storage ???? Gone Wood  
Massilon Penn Avenue (runs off of South Erie Street next to the railroad bridge.) P Business ???? In Use Stone  
North Canton
South side of Portage Street NW between Whipple and Freedom Aves.
(GPS: 40.881487,-81.425069)
P Business ???? In Use Wood  
South Cedar Street C Society 1880 In Use Wood
Alliance This was the station for the Adams Express Freight Agency which was located near the intersection of Ash and South Webb.
The first station/hotel here bruned down in 1863 or 1864.
This second generation station/hotel was near the intersection of East Main Street and South Webb Avenue. This station included the Hotel Alliance with a lunch room and large dining room. It opened in September 1866.
North Freedom
Freedom is one of three small towns that merged to become Alliance in 1854. This station was most likely in the vicintiy of North Park Avenue and Keystone Street. Does anyone know the exact location for sure?
Alliance The PRR had a large freight station off Patterson Avenue just east of the Alliance Gas & Power Company plant. This freight facility sat between the C&P division tracks and the PFt.W&C division tracks.
Alliance There were several LEA&W stations in town. I believe the photo in the link to the left is the passenger station on the north east corner of East Market and South Mechanic Streets. This was downtown near the Johnson Building (which can be seen in the photo). The station was later a bicycle shop, then abandoned and torn down sometime in the late 1960s or early 1970s. A freight station was located at the same intersection on the southeast corner. Another freight house (and possibly an old passenger station) was located just to the north on the corner of southeast corner of East main and South Mechanic. Here is a 1904 MAP showing the location of those three stations. There was also a Mount Union passenger station located on Penn Avenue just south of West Chestnut Street.
Alliance This was Alliance's first railroad station, built in 1853 by the Ohio & Pennsylvania Railroad. It was located near the location of East Main Street and Webb Avenue. It burned down in 1863.
Beach City
Beach City  This station was ont he south side of Main Street on the east side of the tracks.
Canal Fulton This station sat on Market Street just northeast of 1st Street.
Canal Fulton This station was on Market Street on the river side of the tracks. It was about 125 feet northeast of the B&O station. On early maps (1893 & 1898) the building is clearly marked as the passenger station, but on later maps (1911) the building is just shown as a storage facility. By the 1923 map, the building is gone.
Canton This combination station was on the the north side of East Tuscarawas Streets between Cherry and Orchard Streets (GPS: 40.797904,-81.370274). It included a large covered platform and a clock tower. It was built in 1888. Prior to this depot being constructed there was a freight station here that handled that type of traffic. 
Canton The Valley Railway had a passenger station and freight station between High and Marion Avenues at the crossing of the CT&V and the PFt.W&C (PRR). These stations were just northeast of the Canton Glass Company. An 1891 map indicates that this passenger station was not in use by then.
Canton This passenger station, built in 1887, sat between Cherry and Madison Streets about 100 feet west of the existing freight station (GPS: 40.794274,-81.371419). According to maps, this building was still standing, but unused in 1914.

Here are three Edison videos shot at the station in 1901 (from the Library Of Congress):

Arrival of McKinley's Funeral Train
Taking President McKinley's Body From Train
President Roosevelt At The Canton Station

There was also a freight house on the east side fo Cherry Street south of Mulberry Street (GPS: 40.792475,-81.372331). All the tracks at this location have been removed.
Canton Built in 1909, this station was on Market Street South at the location of the existing Amtrak station and replaced the original PFt.W&C station (later a freight stations) that is still standing near the Cherry St. overpass. The station was torn down in 1976.
Canton The B&O had a passenger station was on the east side of the tracks between Tuscarawas Street West and 2nd Street SW (GPS: 40.800532,-81.38733). There were probably two generations of stations at this location, an older frame station which was replaced later by a brick station. The second station here was made of tan brick. Jim Bailey writes: "The second floor was apparently a significant office for the railroad. There were many women working there. Regular passenger service did not exist in the 1940s. However, I saw several troop trains loading from the station. To the best of my recollection the building was torn down in 1944. It was a fairly modern looking building. My guess is that it was built about 1920."

The B&O also had a freight station on between Cherry Ave. SE and Rex Avenue across the tracks from the Bloom & Klein Fruits and Produce facility.
Canton There was a freight station on Cherry Ave. SE across the street from the B&O freight station listed above. The NKP freight house was on the east side of Cherry.
Congress Lake This lake is just north of Hartville. Station was retired in 1939, eventual fate unknown.
Crystal Springs
East Sparta This was a predecessor to the station listed above that is still standing. This was the original depot north of town.  It was a victim of numerous flooding so a new depot was built south of town on the new alignment that went around the west side of town.
This station was down the hill from Greentown on State Street NW. It was torn down in 1959.
This station most likely served both RRs as it sat between the two lines.
Limaville This station was located at the east end of Church Street (across Iowa Avenue). The interurban station was also at this end of Chruch Street.
Louisville This passenger station sat on North Depot Street. The freight house (which can be seen in the photo) was directly SW on the passenger station. Both of these stations were gone by 1933. The 1933 Sanborn map shows a different freight station at that location and no passenger station. However, the map also shows some fire ruins nearby, so perhaps the station was destroyed by fire. In 1909 a mail car crashed into the depot (Lima News, Dec. 3, 1909). The article reported that the mail car was demolished, but did not note the condition of the depot.
Mapleton Station The depot was on the NW side of Mapleton Street on the south side of the tracks (GPS: 40.753503,-81.227192).
Massilon The CL&W passenger and freight stations were on the west side of the tracks between Main and Water Streets with the passenger station bordering Main and the freight station bordering Water. Later only the passenger station was at that location and a "new" freight house was built on the south side of Main Street (see listing below).
Massilon This freight station was on the south side of Main Street.
Massilon This station was on the south side of Main Street just west of the stone bridge that crossed the Tuscarawas River (where Lincoln Way NW crosses the river now). The W&LE freight house was on the north side of Main at the same location. There was a small cigar/candy shop (later a restaurant) wedged between the station at the end of the bridge.
Massilon The freight station was to the northeast of the passenger station on Penn Ave. (formerly Railroad Street) at the end of Albright Street. The building itself was on a siding track that ran right next to Penn Ave.
Maximo This station was on the north side of Easton Street on the east side of the tracks (GPS: 40.875837,-81.174272).
(Oval City)
This station was at the bend in Depot Street NE.
Navarre This station was located near the corner of Church and Basin streets on the south side of the tracks.
Navarre In the early days, there were both CC&S and W&LE stations in town. The W&LE combination station was on the west side of Main Street just south of the canal and Navarre Mills. The station was gone by 1911 as it, and the line, had become redundant. By that time the W&LE tracks were abandoned or torn out to the east of Main Street, but kept in on the east side as a spur to serve Navarre Mills.
North Industry This station was on the SE side of Baum Street.
North Lawrence This station was at the north end of Millside Avenue on the south side of the tracks (GPS: 40.842349,-81.627729).
Robertsville This station was on the NE side of Baywood Street SE on the south side of the tracks (GPS: 40.760809,-81.188369).
Washington This tiny town is now gone. According to the 1896 county map, I believe it was on what is now called Salem Church Street NE just west of Hartzell Avenue NE (Formerly Freeburg-Strasburg Road). The station was on the east side of the tracks at the end of what used to be Main Street (as Salem Church Road would have ended at the depot grounds there) (GPS: 40.850351,-81.149204).
Waynesburg This station was on the west side of Main Street on the south side of the tracks (GPS: 40.669238,-81.257737).
Notes About Existing Stations...

Aultman (B&O) - The station is located at Century Village.

Brewster (W&LE) - This is a large brick structure that houses the W&LE dispatchers, the yardmasters, and the crew callers.

Canton (PFt.W&C) - According to old Sanborn Fire maps (1891), this is the PFt.W&C freight station. This station can be seen to the east of the Cherry Ave. overpass. The building is somewhat run down but still has the fancy trim under the eves. The old passenger station sat about 100 feet to the west of this building.

Canton (Amtrak) - The Amtrak station sits on the site of the former Pennsylvania RR station. All that remains of the former station is the tunnel that led from the station to the passenger shed between the tracks.

Osnaburg (CC&S) - Station is now used by the East Canton Model Railroad Club. Tracks are used for bringing plastic pellets to NEXPAC Inc. by W&LE Railway.