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Portsmouth 9th Street at Gallia Street just east of Lincoln Street F Business ???? Gone Brick
Bloom Junction This was listed at a separate stop on old B&O timetables. This was at the junction with the DT&I.
Davis Station  
(Gephart's Sta.)
Terry Turner writes: "My paternal grandfather moved his family there in the 1920s, and my father was born there in 1926. The station served the surrounding community for passenger service; my dad and my grandma used to ride into town on shopping trips because it was faster and more convenient than a car or horse. The station also served the two clay mines operated by the Pyro Clay Works. One was at the northeast corner of the intersection of Gephart and Tick Ridge Roads, and the other was on my grandfather's property at the end of a spur that extended behind the station/store building. During our visits in the late 1950s and into the 1960s, the tracks and siding were still there, and trains ran daily, although the station itself and the mines were closed then. As I recall, Gephart Road crossed that main track 4 or 5 times between the turnoff at SR140 and the station. My father bought the property in 1973, at which time the station/store building and the mine structures were still standing. The track and sidings had been removed by then. My sister and her husband own the property today, though pretty much all of the old structures are gone. The original rail grade is still quite visible if you know what to look for, and the places where Gephart Road once crossed the tracks are still easy to spot."
Hales Creek  
Lucasville Built by Scioto Valley in 1877, remodeled (longer freight room/tower removed) 1926, closed Sept. 13, 1968, razed March 12, 1969. This station was located on East Street halfway between Jackson and Scioto Streets.
McDermott This was first depot built by the narrow-gauge Cincinnati & Eastern around 1876 and used until replaced by N&W in 1905.
McDermott Built by N&W in 1905 out of stone from nearby quarry, closed May 10, 1968, razed April 1969. This station was on the south side of Barker Street at the intersection with McDermott Pond Creek Road (formerly part of Maple Street).
New Boston  
Otway This station was originally located on Walnut Street on the NE side of the tracks. It was relocated a short distance away from the original location to the intersection of SR 348 and SR 73. Torn down in late September of 1999. A new mini-mart gas station has been built on this site. Another old photo.
Otway Original passenger station, later probably used for freight station.
Portsmouth This passenger station sat between the CP&V and N&W tracks with large platforms on both sides. It was on 10th Street on the west side of Waller and was built around 1886.
Portsmouth This freight station was on the corner of Waller and 10th Streets. It was on the north side of the tracks on the east side of Waller.
This building with odd roof shape was constructed by CP&V in 1901 at the northwest corner of North Waller and E. 10th Street. while negotiations were ongoing for the N&W takeover of that line, which occurred in March of that year. N&W moved into it in 1903 and used it as a passenger station until 1931 when the "art deco" building opened, this building remained in use as storage by the signal department until razed in 1968.

The 1916 B&O timetable lists the main B&O station at Market Street and also lists a passenger stop at Waller Street so the CP&V depot was shared for some period of time by the B&O.
Portsmouth Built in 1931 and demolished in 2004. Sat at 16th and Findlay Streets. Building was officially vacated by the Signal & Communications Departments in November 2003, and the deeds, keys, etc. were turned over to the Scioto County Commissioners in early December, 2003. Here is a photo from when the station was new and a trackside view.
The East Portsmouth station was at the end of Norfolk Street between the N&W and B&O tracks. It was gone by 1950.
Portsmouth This was the original CWB (later B&O) passenger station that served throughout the B&O years of the 20th Century. It sat just south of Market Street between W. 4th and W. 5th Streets. Sometime between 1905-1910 a new set of tracks was added to the east of the station. The station was then relocated a few hundred feet so that it had frontage right on Market Street. It was torn down sometime between 1922-1950.

The original freight station was across the tracks to the south. The freight station was torn down sometime between 1905-1910.
Portsmouth This freight station was built to replace the original CWB freight station sometime between 1905-1910 when a new set of tracks were added (see above). It was on Market Street between W. 3rd and W. 4th.
Portsmouth This was original Scioto Valley depot built in 1877, N&W took it over when they bought SV in 1890 and used it until 1903. It was located on the west side of Chillicothe Street at the intersection with 15th Street.
Rarden This depot was on the SE side of Taylor Street (ironically, now called Depot Street).
Scioto Furnace  
Sciotoville This station was near the corner of Harding Street (SR 335) and Hocking/4th Street.
Sciotoville Closed and razed in 1968 for highway widening project. This was probably on Front Street.
Sciotoville Junction This station was west of town at the junction with the N&W. It may have been a shared station, but it is listed on B&O timetables for sure.
(Wait's STA.)
The CW&B placed a station at Wait's in 1851 and then moved it, nine months later, one mile to the east to Slocum. Although the station was now in Slocum, the depot and post office still were called Wait's for some time after. The first station agent was Benjamin F. Wait, son of the man for which the station/town was named. The station also served as a store.
Slocum This was the second station at Slocum. It was a store/post office/station built by Herman Hansgen in 1911. The man in the foreground of the photo is B&O train conductor Gus Yeley. The building was eventually torn down to make room for a new convenience store/gas station. (The building located at 2250 SR 140 is not the old station as some have claimed. This has been verified by the descendents of the man who built that building in 1924.)
South Webster This station was at the intersection of Tyrrell Street and Webster Street (formerly Railroad Street).
Star Yard The 1916 B&O timetable lists a passenger stop at the Star Yard (near New Boston), although a separate station building there was probably unlikely.
Wheelersburg Building to the right in the photo is a flour mill that caught fire on May 30, 1920, burning it and this depot down to the ground. Station of similar design rebuilt on same site (flour mill never rebuilt), closed on Sept. 16, 1968 and razed immediately thereafter. The station was located off River Road (Center Street).
Notes About Existing Stations...

Portsmouth (N&W) - Former location of Moore's Hardware.