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Type Current
Bellville Side St. W. of SR13 North edge of town. R Civic ???? Gone Wood
Butler Unknown F ???? ???? ???? ????  
Lexington US 42 C Civic ???? Gone Wood
Mansfield West side of North Mulberry Street
(GPS: 40.766292, -82.518522)
P Vacant ???? In Use Brick
Plymouth Bell & West High
(GPS: 40.993115,-82.668305)
C Vacant 1887 In Use Wood
Plymouth Near Bell & West High behind Locomotive Works
(GPS: 40.99068,-82.669922)
C Vacant ???? In Use Wood
Alta Alta was originally known as Summit Station.
Bellville This depot was on the east side of North Bell Street.
The first station here was on the NE side of Main Street on the SE side of the tracks (GPS: 40.58824,-82.425511).
Depot was torn down sometime before 1980. Here are some photos of the station before a 1908 fire claimed the tower part of the building. In the 1974 photo, you can see the roof repair where the tower section was removed. The station sat just to the north at the end of East Henry Street. In the old days the Hotel Victor sat behind the station and a handle factory was across the tracks. Town was originally called Independence when the RR first came through.
Lexington This was the first station here.
Lucas The brick combination station was on the south side of the tracks at what used to be the south end of Union Street (now the intersection with Moffett Road) (GPS: 40.701929,-82.419399). It was built in 1882.
This union station was off north Diamond Street, just to the NE of the NYP&O (Erie RR) freight station listed below. It was in the south quadrant of the PRR/Erie diamond. Here is another photo from 1974.
Mansfield This Railway Express depot was just to the SE of Union Station along the PRR tracks.
Mansfield The freight depot was on a spur on the east side of North Diamond Street, just north of Olive Street.
Mansfield The freight house was at the end of several spur tracks on the north side of East Bloom Street (now East 5th Street) between North Adams and North Franklin Streets.
Mansfield The first B&O station was on the east side of Main Street just south of Orchard Street (GPS: 40.769622,-82.514738).
Mansfield This station was at 283 North Mulberry (on the west side of Mulberry Street, just south of Surrey Road near where the more modern brick station is now).
Mansfield The freight station was on the west side of North Walnut Street, between West 5th and West 6th Streets. The building was expanded with an office on the south side sometime between 1887 and 1892. Around 1900 another smaller freight depot was added on the north side of the lager freight house. By 1909 these two freight houses were joined as one building.
Ontario On April 25, 1891 a wreck occured at the station when two trains attempted to occupy the same siding. The depot platform was demolished in the wreck (Mansfield News-Journal, 4-25-1891).
Pavonia The station was on the north side of the tracks on the east side of North Street.
Plymouth Before the B&O station was built here, there was an older SM&N station. It was probably at the same location as the B&O station and likely demolished for the newer station's construction.
Shelby This combination station was located on the south side of East Main Street. It was torn down to make way for a parking lot. Before being torn down it was used for storage and altered, having its bay window removed. It was built sometime between 1885-1889.
Shelby A more modern station?
Shelby The NYC had a small station on the north side of West Main Street. This station is shown on the 1919 Sanborn Map next to a signal tower at that location. The station was short-lived as it does not appear on the 1909 or 1930 maps.
Shelby Junction
The first station at this location in the northern part of Shelby was built in the 1850s and destroyed by fire sometime in the 1880s. This location is near the intersection of North Broadway and Flint Street. The illustration is from 1854. The passenger station was in the southern quadrant of the diamond and a CCC&I (Big 4) freight depot was in the eastern quadrant.
Shelby Junction
The second station at this location was damaged by a 1969 derailment and demolished soon thereafter.
Shiloh The station was on Cleveland Street south of Main Street (GPS: 40.966569,-82.601695).
Spring Mill  
Toledo Junction
Vernon Junction
Previously known as Junction City.
Notes About Existing Stations...

Bellville (Replica) - This is a rest stop on the bikepath.

Lexington (B&O) - Now a senior center. On bikepath.

Mansfield (B&O) - Rich Tubbs, former operator at MD tower, reports that this station was for the B&O only. The Erie station was further east at the PRR diamonds where it was shared with the PRR. MD tower stood between the two stations.

Plymouth (B&O) - The 1887 map shows this station, but there is a small temporary station located next it indicating that it may have been under construction that year. The B&O planned to build another freight house/grain elevator to the north, but it was never completed. Eventually, a private grain elevator was at that location along Railroad Place (now just a dirt driveway).

Plymouth (Pittsburgh, Akron & Western) - This station was originally located on the northeast corner of the diamond with the B&O (near the baseball fields on Riggs Street). It was built in 1890.