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Type Current
Columbus Grove Sycamore St. F Business 1960s Gone ???
Fort Jennings Road 21L, Cloverdale C Private ???? None Wood
Leipsic Belmore & Center Sts. C Storage ???? Gone Wood
Leipsic Auglaize Village at 12296 Krouse Road, Defiance. P Railroad 1966 In Use Metal
Mandale Behind house at 24742 Road K22. C Private ???? None Wood
North Creek CR 18A. C Business ???? None Wood
Ottawa Taft & Fourth ? Railroad ???? In Use Brick  
Columbus Grove According to Sanborn maps, the passenger station sat on the southwest side of Sycamore (between Broadway and Vidette) and the original freight station was on the other side of the street near the Northern Ohio passenger station. A later freight station was built (or the original was moved to) the SW side of Sycamore. The passenger station was torn down sometime prior to 1951 as it is missing from the 1951 Sanborn map.
Columbus Grove The passenger station was built in 1897 and sat on the northeast side of Sycamore Street (between Broadway and Vidette) on the west side of the tracks.
Columbus Grove This station was at the corner of Water and Sycamore Streets. The freight depot was 50 feet to the north. The Ohio Electric interurban station was just to the west as the OE tracks ran parallel to the CH&D here. The CH&D depot was torn down in the 1970s.
Continental This station sat on Main Street near Oak Street. The photo shows both the passenger station and freight transfer station (across the tracks). The Express Agency building is behind the station in the photo. According the Sanborn maps, the freight station was gone by 1928 and the Express Agency building was expanded. The station was almost demolished on April 14, 1947 when a 28-car derailment happened at the station causing damage to the ticket office, freight office, and other surroundeing railroad buildings (New Philadelphia Daily Times, 4-14-1947). According to the  The station was torn down in the early 1980s.
Continental The passenger station was at the corner of 5th and Oak Streets. It was across the street and slightly northeast of the Hotel Central. It was gone by 1928 and Sanborn maps from that year show only a small RR tool house at the location.
Dupont Photo also shows Cloverleaf engine #102. The structure was moved to a different section of the village, converted to a house, and burned a few years ago after its condition had deteriorated beyond repair.
Elm Center  
Glandorf Was located on Main Street across from feed mill.
Huntstown Huntstown was between Cloverdale and Muntanna.
Jones City  
Leipsic This Detroit & Lima Northern (later DT&I) station was built in 1898 and sat on the southwest corner of 11th and Sugar Streets. It was on the east side of the tracks. It was replaced in the 1960s with a metal prefab building.
Leipsic Junction
The first station at the junction predating the one listed below.
Leipsic Junction
This station, built around 1882, was located at Second Street and Broadway on the southwest side of the diamond. There was a freight station on the northwest side on a transfer track. On the northeast corner of the diamond was the signal tower. This area was once called Craton. This station was demolished in 1970.
Miller City Built in 1882.
Ottawa The Dayton & Michigan (CH&D predecessor) station was likely the first station built in town. It was on the south side of 3rd Street between Walnut and Hickory. It was torn down sometime between 1893-1899.
Ottawa The CH&D frame passenger station was on the SE corner of Railroad (now Taft) and 4th Street. It was replaced by the newer brick station (still standing) sometime between 1912-1924. The freight station was across the tracks to the east.
Ottawa Built in 1898, this station was torn down in 1972.
Ottawa This station was on 4th Street just west of North Oak Street. The FFt.W&W tracks ran down the middle of 4th Street. The station was torn down sometime around the time the CH&D bought the FFt.W&W in 1901.
Pleasant Bend This station was last located 200 yards off SR 108 near the tracks in Miller City and was used as a garage. It was reported as being gone in 2012, disposition unknown. Mark Camp wrote, "This was the depot from Pleasant Bend. It was moved away from town and I photographed it in the late 1960s. It has since been moved to its present location. Some have said  it came from Kiefersville, but this is not possible for Kiefersville is on the NYC&StL and this is not a NKP depot. It is classic TStL&W architecture, identical to the depot at North Creek (compare photos). I had heard from a reputable depot enthusiast from the 1960s that it was moved from Pleasant Bend and never had reason to doubt this. Most of the other nearby Cloverleaf depots can be accounted for."
Vaughnsville It appears from the photo that there was an old passenger car next to the station used as a freight station or as a maintenance-or-way shed.
West Leipsic This combination station was near the corner of Werner and Main Streets on the south side of the tracks. Maps show this as a passenger and freight station, however other sources claim that despite its design it was freight only, mostly serving a nearby poultry farm.
Notes About Existing Stations...

Columbus Grove (AC&Y) - Insurance Office. See old photo before building was re-sided. This small pre-fabricated building was a freight office built on the site of the original station.

Fort Jennings (TSt.L&W) - This station was moved from Fort Jennings. Depot is located 1/2 mile east of Cloverdale, Ohio. Going East on State Route 114 turn right on Buckeye trail (Road 22K) and go approximately 1.25 miles then right on Road 21L about a quarter of a mile. Was used as a cattle barn now sits empty and in disrepair. Update: In 2005 the station was dismantled, inventoried, and stored in the hopes of being renovated and reconstructed at a site yet to be determined. Update: As of Fall, 2008 restoration of the station is in full swing!

Leipsic (CH&D) - This was was the "downtown" CH&D depot which was moved to its current location. It originally sat on Railroad Street just southwest of Liberty Street. It is now hard to recognize as a station due to being re-sided.

Leipsic (DT&I) - Replaced the original wooden station. It was at Sugar Street just east of 11th Street, but was moved to Auglaize Village in Defiance around 2012 as a maintenance building for the RR there.

Mandale (FFt.W&W) - Moved from original location. Now used as storage.

North Creek (TSt.L&W) - Moved to Hilter Airport. Covered with aluminum siding.