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Type Current
Bowling Green Carillon Historical Park, 2001 South Patterson P Museum 1894 None Wood
Brookville Cusick Avenue near Hay Avenue
(GPS: 39.836499,-84.409485)
C Society 1913 Gone Wood  
Dayton Between 1st & 3rd Streets on east side of downtown near PRR tracks. F Business 1920s Aband. Brick  
Dayton 32 North Webster Street
(GPS: 39.762202,-84.181119)
F Vacant ???? Gone Brick
Dayton 22 North Webster Street
(GPS: 39.762581,-84.181071)
F Market ???? Gone Brick
Germantown 245 West Warren, In Veterans Memorial Park P Civic 1896 None Wood
Riverview Avenue near Linden Street
(GPS: 39.641066,-84.294129)
C ???? ???? In Use Wood
Miamisburg 18 North Fourth Street P Business ???? In Use Brick  
Trotwood Oldtown Commons, East Main and South Broadway Streets C Society 1912 Gone Wood
Union 209 West Martindale Road
(GPS: 39.897629, -84.309232)
P Resdience ???? Gone Wood
This station was built by the Dayton, Lebanon & Cincinnati RR & Terminal Co. (bought by PRR c.1913) and was also known as Pasadena Station. A portion of the DL&C line in Oakwood and Kettering is a paved bike path. The station sat behind a vacant storefront at 1213 Devon Avenue about one block west of Wilmington Pike. It was demolished around 2005-06.
Brookville Dayton
According ot the 1875 maps of town, the original passenger station here was on the southeast side of Market Street on the south side of the tracks (GPS: 39.83701,-84.411140).
Brookville Dayton
The original freight station was on the southeast side of Salem Street on the south side of the tracks (GPS: 39.837877,-84.41335).
Carrollton Station This station was on the south side of Farmersville-West Carrollton Road on the west side of the tracks (south of the intersection of Infirmary Road) (GPS: 39.6735,-84.275475). It is shown on the 1875 county map.
Centerville Dayton, Lebanon & Cincinnati RR.
County Line This station was two miles north of Union.
Dayton This photo is identified as being near Dayton. Can anyone help confirm whether it was a station and where it was located? Mystery solved: This was not a station, but rather the B&O yard office shack at South Dayton Yard.
Dayton The "Round Top" union depot was built around 1855-56. It was at the corner of South Wilkinson and West 6th Streets (GPS: 39.755105,-84.193876). It was used originally by the CH&D and AG&W and and later by the CCC&St.L after the original CCC&I station was demolished. It was built and owned by the CH&D, but leased to the other railroads. 
Dayton Built in 1900, the station was located at West 6th and South Wilkinson Streets (GPS: 39.755059,-84.194208). The tracks were elevated in 1931. The main building and towers were removed in the 1950s and the area under the tracks was modified to serve as the station with new entranceways. The remaining station was demolished in 1989. Bob Thaman reports in 2008: The old olive green and gray specked terrazzo floor and black and maroon 12" square tile floors of offices are still there to indicate the terminal. The two stairway openings leading up to the tracks above are evident but now covered over with metal sheeting so someone above doesn't fall through to the old floors below.
Dayton The original passenger station was on the south side of East 3rd Street between Sears and Webster Streets (GPS: 39.760812,-84.182439). A large freight house was a few feet to the south (GPS: 39.760251,-84.182176). After the passenger station was taken out of service, it served as a freight office (and is listed as such in 1918). Both stations were demolished in 1930 for a track elevation project.
Dayton There was a freight station on the north side of Bacon Street between South Clinton and South Keowee (formerly Montgomery) Streets. It was on the south side of the tracks (GPS: 39.761247,-84.177265).
Dayton There was a freight house on the corner of West Washington Street and Veteran's Parkway(GPS: 39.750857,-84.196494). It was built in 1930.
(South Park)
This Dayton, Lebanon & Cincinnati station was on the SE corner of Brown and Caldwell Streets near the university (GPS: 39.737868,-84.18102). University of Dayton buildings can be seen in the background of the photo. It was built in 1910.
Dayton There was a station on Washington Street.
(W. Dayton)
(West 3rd Street)
Not sure if the photo is of the station on West 3rd Street or the West Dayton Station. Can anyone identify its location for sure?
Dayton There was a freight station just to the NW of the intersection of Longworth and Eaker Streets (GPS: 39.753624,-84.197416).
Dayton This was the first station in Dayton, built in 1851. It was on the NW corner of West 6th and Jefferson Streets (GPS: 39.755933,-84.189016).
Dayton The second passenger station for this line (formerly MR&LERR) was a small depot on the NW corner of Ludlow and West 6th Streets. It was just to the NE of the old Round Top Union Station (GPS: 39.75529,-84.192706). This station is shown on the 1875 map of the city.
Dayton There was a freight station on the east side of North Patterson Boulevard between Monument and 1st Streets. The tracks ended there as the Miami Canal was near where North Patterson Boulevard is today (GPS: 39.763934,-84.187101). After two more freight houses were added to the east (see below), this become known as CCC&St.L Frieght House #3. It was gone by 1926.
Dayton In addition to the original freight station listed above, two additional freight houses were added along the East 1st Street/Monument Avenue corridor by 1898. Freight House #2 was at the corner of Sears Street and Cooper Street (now gone). This location is now in approximately the area from home plate to centerfield at the Fifth Third Baseball Field (GPS: 39.764527,-84.184273). Freight House #1 was on the south side of East Monument Avenue and stretched between Sears Street and Webster Street (GPS: 39.765088,-84.183447).
Dayton In 1926 the Big 4 built a new freight house with a larger office and fireproof construction at the corner of SW Sears and Monument Streets replacing Freight House #1 which was on the east side of Sears Street. This location is now left field at the Fifth Third Baseball Field (GPS: 39.764932,-84.184595).
Dayton D&S There was a Dayton & Southeastern (Black Diamond Route) combination passenger and freight station on the north side of 3rd Street between Webster and Keowee Streets (GPS: 39.761732,-84.179617). The station is shown on the 1887 map (as "Dayton & Southern or CCC&StL"). The bulk of the station, the freight section, was gone by 1898, although the passenger portion of the station (shown in the photo) remained and was used as a coal company office for several years after.
Dayton There was a NYP&O (later Erie) freight station at what is now the intersection on North Keowee Street and East 1st Street (GPS: 39.764676,-84.177418).
Dayton There was a freight station on the north side of East 1st Street that stretched between between Webster and Taylor Streets (GPS: 39.764379,-84.18157).
Dayton The first D&M station was a combination passenger/freight station on the the south side of 3rd Street at the south end of Webster Street (GPS: 39.895162,-84.165385). It is shown on the 1875 city map.
Dayton The second D&M (later CH&D) passenger station was near the NE corner of East 3rd and Wesbster Streets (GPS: 39.761497,-84.181178).
Dayton Two freight houses were on the corner of Webster and Toledo (no longer there) Streets. These were just north of the D&M (later CH&D) passenger station and just south of where the existing B&O freight houses are located (GPS: 39.761855,-84.181441).
Dodson The D&U/D&W station here in 1875 was just SE of Dodson Road (formerly French Street) on the south side of the tracks.
Farmersville This station was on the SE side of West Center Street west of California Street (GPS: 39.678575, -84.430879). It was demolished in 2012 by the village to construct a park on the property. It last served as a residence.
Germantown This freight station sat at 156 East Warren. Site is now a parking lot. It is shown on early maps when the line was the CJ&M (pre-Cincinnati Northern).
Harries Sta.
This station was in the north central part of Section 23, Mad River Township. It is shown on the 1875 county map.
Town was called Harrisburg, but the post office was Iamstown. The original line was laid in 1879 and was the narrow gauge Dayton, Covington & Toledo until 1887 when it became standard gauge. It was then bought by the CH&D. The track was abandoned in the 1920s when the CH&D was dissolved.
Johnson Station  
Kinseys This station was 1.8 miles south of Englewood station.
Miamisburg Here is a photo of the old Big 4 station burning down. This station was on Buehner Street between E. Central and Sugar Streets. The freight station was across the tracks.
Miamisburg This was the "new" CH&D station built on West Sycamore Street on the west side of the Miami River. It was washed away in the flood of 1913.
Miamisburg After the 1913 flood washed away the CH&D station, the B&O built a new passenger station at Linden and Riverview Streets near the original CH&D station (then used for freight). This station was just south of Linden Street on the top of the riverbank.
Stillwater Junction  
Tadmor Station This early station was near where National Road used to cross the Miami River east of Vandalia. It was located in the vicinity of GPS: 39.895162,-84.165385. It is shown on the 1875 county map. After the 1913 Flood the Miami Conservancy District relocated the tracks 100 yards to the west, which is now the current alignment of CSX's Toledo Sub.
Tadmor This station was about 1 mile north of Taylorsburg Dam. The foundation of the station was still visible in 2012.
Taylorsville This station opened in 1920 when the Taylorsville Dam project forced the relocation of Johnson's Station.
Trotwood Dayton
West Carrollton This station was at the north end of South Smith Street on the south side of the tracks (GPS: 39.669369,-84.254499).
Notes About Existing Stations...

Bowling Green (B&O) - Station moved to park from Bowling Green, Wood Co.

Dayton (B&O) - Inbound freight house/freight agency office. Webster Street Market. Farmers market & shopping area.

Dayton (B&O) - Outbound freight house. National City Second Strett Public Market.

Germantown (CJ&M) - This CJ&M (later Cincinnati Northern) station was moved to its current site Oct/Nov 1988. Station utilities updated to modern standards with mechanicals hidden in the new crawl space. Station originally sat on East Market Street on the East side of the tracks where the Post Office in now. Permission for original construction given by Village Council August 23, 1887. Station is dated 1896. Maybe freight station was used until this one completed. Passenger service ended in 1938 and freight service teminated in 1960. The original location of the station was on the east side of South Mulberry Street (not a through street at this location now) between East Market and East Gunkel Streets (GPS: 39.624784,-84.367474).

Miamisburg (CH&D) - This was the first CH&D passenger station, probably built in the 1850s or 60s, and was later used solely for freight. It is shown as the passenger station on maps from 1875 and 1888. This section of town was first known as Bridgeport.

Trotwood (PRR) - Here's another photo. Listed on National Register of Historical Places. Built by Pennsylvania Railroad in 1912. last in series of stations dating back to completion of Dayton & Western RR in 1856. D&W became part of PRR Lines West system in 1869. Track bed now a bike trail.

Union (CH&D) - This station was originally on the north side of the street. It was moved to the south side and converted to a residence after passenger service ended in 1922.