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Type Current
Maumee Wolcott Museum 1031 River Rd. C Museum 1880 None Wood
Sylvania 5717 N. Main St. (Holland-Sylvania Rd.) C Museum 1858 In Use Wood
Toledo 415 Emerald
(GPS: 41.638282,-83.54167)
P Multiple 1950 In Use Brick
Waterville West side of Sixth Street at Mechanic Street C Railroad 1885 In Use Wood
Airline Junction This station was at Gibbons Street and Airline Avenue (GPS: 41.638395,-83.578513).
Bailey This station was on Railroad Avenue just north of Broadway Avenue.
Booth There may have been a station here in the early days of the railroad.
Everett This station was on the SW side of South Byrne Road.
Holland This station was on Front Street (at the south end of Erie Street) on the north side of the tracks (GPS: 41.617598,-83.711312).
Ironville This station was near Front Street. In 1949 it was moved across the tracks and was joined to the Front Street Yard office.
Manhattan Junction
Maumee This station was on the south side of Illinois Avenue (GPS: 41.567643,-83.662477).
MC Junction
Monclova This station was onthe east side of Waterville-Monclova Road (GPS: 41.543007,-83.732761).
Neapolis This station was on the west side of Main Street on the north side of the tracks.
Richards The illustration is of this early station in 1875. This station was on the west side of Richards Road on the north side of the tracks (GPS: 41.66089,-83.641362).
Sylvania There was a freight station on the west side of the tracks approximately 100 yards north of Convent Boulevard.
Toledo The first union station here was a terminal-type station that was located east of the former intersection of Ottawa Street and Lafayette Street at GPS: 41.645413, -83.535334. It is shown on the 1875 map. This location is occupied by Owens Corning now.
Toledo This was the second union station in Toledo. It was built in 1895 as it is shown on Sanborn maps from that year. It sat on Emerald Avenue (formerly North Railroad Avenue) where the current Union Station is located (GPS: 41.638282,-83.54167). The station was significantly damaged by fire in 1930, but wasn't replaced for another 20 years and became an embarassment to the city in its poor condition near the end of its lifespan.
(Wagon Works)
There was a combination passenger/freight station on the NE side of Monroe Street near Milburn Avenue (GPS: 41.667069,-83.574511). It was along Albion Avenue (which is no longer a through street there). This station served the Milburn Wagon Works Company (est. 1848). Later a seperate freight station was built to the NE along Albion Avenue and the original combination station was dedicated only to passengers. On the 1875 map a station is shown here called "Auburndale Station."
Toledo There was a freight house on the north side of Monroe Street at Bachelor Lane. This depot probably served the Milburn Wagon Works as it was at the SE side of that complex (GPS: 41.666482,-83.572309).
Toledo The outgoing LS&MS freight house was to the SE of the intersection of Ottawa and Broadway Streets (just across a bayou from the D&M freight house) (GPS: 41.643702,-83.536059). The LS&MS had a complex of freight houses in this area including the "Lake House" and "Island House."
(East Toledo)
The 1888 map shows a 2-story depot on the SW side of the tracks on Fassett Street across the tracks from the LS&MS stock yard.
Toledo The original Canada Southern passenger and freight station was near the intersection of Amherst Drive and Anthony Wayne Trail in the vicinity of GPS: 41.619762, -83.582559. This is a cruse estimate from the 1875 map.
Toledo The Wabash freight stations were near the LS&MS freight houses east of Ottawa Street along the river.
Toledo The passenger station was on Summit between Mulberry and Chestnut Streets (GPS: 41.658684,-83.52191). It was built in 1879, opened in early 1880, and was torn down in 1967. The CHV&T also used this station until 1896 when it moved its passenger trains to the LS&MS station.
Toledo The PRR freight station was on the riverbank just south of the passenger station (GPS: 41.657832,-83.521661).
Toledo There was a freight station on the SE side of Water Street between Jefferson and Monroe Streets. The head end had frontage on Monroe Street (GPS: 41.648200, -83.535353).
Toledo There was a freight station on Ottawa Street at Lafayette (when there was a bridge connecting the streets there) (GPS: 41.645286,-83.537172). There was another freight station east of the intersection of Ottawa and Broadway Streets (GPS: 41.644027,-83.537177).
Toledo There was a large freight terminal on the NE side of Lafayette between Ontario and Erie Streets. This station may have also handled some passenger traffic in the early days (41.648136,-83.542528).
Toledo The W&LE passenger terminal was on the north side of the intersection of North Cherry and Buckeye Basin Parkway (GPS: 41.661034,-83.534696). The address was 1008 Cherry Street. It was torn down in 1941. The freight station was to the NE of the passenger station along what is now Buckeye Basin Parkway (GPS: 41.66181,-83.533406).
Toledo The passenger station was on the eastern corner of Seneca and Cherry Streets (just to the NW of where the old W&LE station was) (GPS: 41.661659,-83.535511).
Toledo The freight station was on Seneca Street just to the NE of Walnut Street (which no longer intersects Seneca) and to the NE of the passenger station. It was at GPS: 41.662170, -83.534231.
Toledo The CH&D had a two freight houses near Ottawa and Broadway.
(East Toledo)
The passenger and freight stations were on the SW side of Main Street (formerly Bridge Street) to the NW of Front Street (GPS: 41.649868,-83.525308). These were stub-end terminal type stations as the tracks ended here.
(Yondota St.)
A station is listed at Yondota Street on the Toledo, Columbus & Cincinnati RR (Later T&OC) timetable from 1889. This was the first station south of the main Toledo terminal.
Waterville This station was on Mechanic Street.
West Toledo  
West Toledo  
Whitehouse This replaced an earlier station that burned. It may still exist. Rumor is that the station was dismantled and stored for future reassembly. Does anyone know for sure??
Yost Station
This station was on the south side of Dorr Street on the NW side of the tracks (GPS: 41.652481,-83.585647).
Notes About Existing Stations...

Maumee (TSt.L&W) - Station moved from downtown Maumee. Its original location was between Conant and Allen Streets (GPS: 41.564725,-83.656147).

Sylvania (LS&MS) - Moved 1 mi. south of original location. The original location was on the east side of Railroad Street just north of Hawley Street.

Toledo (Union) - At the time it was built by the New York Central in 1950, it served 110 passenger trains per day. A few years ago, Conrail sold the station to the Lucas County Port Authority for $20,000. The station was renovated using a combination of local, state, and federal money. It was re-dedicated in September, 1996 and the name was changed to Central Union Plaza. The original lobby has been preserved, but the Amtrak station has been re-located downstairs at track level. The remainder of the building is office space, most of which is occupied by the Toledo Metropolitan Area Council of Governments (TMACOG) and Lucas County Educational Services. The remainder of the space is vacant. Amtrak also operates an express facility at the location. Note submitted by Ed D'Amato

Waterville (TSt.L&W) - The Toledo, Lake Erie & Western Railway, Inc. (TLE&W) leases the one mile of track on which the depot is located. TLE&W operates an excursion line between Waterville and Grand Rapids. Ohio. TLE&W owns the ten miles of track which was the part of the Nickel Plate Road and formerly once part of the Cloverleaf.