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Type Current
Amherst North side of Franklin Avenue near Hazel Street F Civic 1905 In Use Brick
Avon 36840 Detroit Road (SR 254) C Business 1882 None Wood
Elyria 49 East Ave. at Depot Street P Vacant 1923 In Use Brick
Elyria 412 East River Street F Business 1923 In Use Brick
Elyria East River & Buckeye Streets P Railroad ???? In Use Metal  
Grafton West side Cleveland Street at Ontario Street F Railroad
???? In Use Wood
Kipton Haigh Road at Hawkins Street
(GPS: 41.267388,-82.305456)
F Storage ???? Gone Wood
Oberlin Depot Park, SR-58 South of Downtown near South Street C Business 1867 Gone Wood
Oberlin SR-18 West of Wellington C Excursion Line 1855 In Use Wood
Rochester South Street off SR-511 across from church P Museum ???? None Wood
West side of Kenwood Street about 550 feet south of Cleveland Street in Elyria.
(GPS: 41.374653,-82.082025)
C Garage ???? None Wood
Wellington ???? P ???? ???? ???? Wood
Wellington SR-18 (Herrick Avenue) & Kelley Street F Business ???? In Use Wood
Amherst This station was located on the north side of the tracks near the intersection of Mill Avenue and Spring Street. Passenger service ended in 1947 and the station was demolished in 1951.
Belden This location, in the center of Grafton Township, was previously called Grafton Center before Rawsonville was renamed what is present-day Grafton.
This station was on the west side of Ashland-Kipton Road (SR-511), on the north side of the tracks (GPS: 41.178929,-82.308707)
Columbia Station  
Elyria The LS&MS passenger station was on Railroad Street (Depot St.) between Washington and North East Avenue. There were several other railroad structures nearby such as a water tank (across from the station), pump house (to the west on the bank of the river), repair shop, road master's office, tool house and express office. Most of those facilities, including the station, were gone by 1923 when the new passenger station went into operation. Farther to the east across East Avenue and to the north was the roundhouse and turntable. The original LS&MS freight station was at the intersection of Tremont and Lake Streets (formerly Mill St.). It was on the north side of the tracks
Elyria This station was located on the south side of Huron Street with the freight station on the north side of the street. The stations were on the east side of the B&O tracks and an LS&MS interlocking tower was on the west side. The photo shows a 1908 wreck on the LS&MS near the B&O crossing and station.
Elyria This is the frieght station that was on the north side of Huron Street.
Grafton The passenger station was just to the west of the still existing freight station near the intersection of Ontario, Cleveland and Main. It was demolished sometime between 1927-1945. Grafton was first called Rawsonville.
Grafton This was the first station in Grafton for the Big 4. It was later replaced by a new passenger station and then served as a freight house. It was destroyed in a 1966 derailment.
Grafton Both the passenger and freight stations were southeast of Cleveland St. and northwest of Main Street.
Hart's Station This was an early station on the Lake Shore and Tuscarawas Valley Railway. It is shown on maps from 1875, but appears to have been gone by the late 1800s. This location is where Indian Hollow Road crosses the tracks NW of Grafton. 
Kipton This station, built in 1891, was between Hawkins and Court Streets on the south side of the tracks (GPS: 41.267342,-82.304463).
Lagrange This station was at the corner of Union and Church Streets on the NW side of the tracks.
(GPS: 41.236027,-82.117932)
Lake Breeze This station served the Lake Breeze Hotel which was 1.3 miles form the station. Passengers were shuttled by carriage between the hotel and the station (carriage service was also provided from the station to Devonian Springs in Lorain).
Built in 1882, this station was in the SW corner of the B&O/NKP diamond (GPS: 41.461535,-82.170466).
Lorain The freight station was on the east corner of 11th Street and Reid Avenue (GPS: 41.460546,-82.17281).
Lorain This freight house sat NE of Broadway Street about 180 feet due south of the former NKP/B&O diamond (GPS: 41.461081,-82.170331). It was demolished March 13, 2008. The original CL&W freight house was a smaller structure in almost the same location as the later B&O freight house.
North Eaton  
According to the 1884 Sanborn map, there was a joint freight station at the crossing of the W&LE and CCC&I with platforms along each track.
Wellington This freight house was burned by fire and subsequently torn down by the W&LE in 2002. Apparently it was set afire by someone who was intent on robbing a bank in town, while the safety forces were at the fire scene. It was located in the eastern quadrant of the W&LE/CCC&St.L diamond between two W&LE spur tracks.
Wellington The passenger station was located at the west end of Erie Street, just west of Wheeling Avenue.
Notes About Existing Stations...

Amherst (LS&MS) - Display of C&O pass. cars and caboose on site. On National Register of Historic Places. This replaced an earlier frame station.

Avon (NKP) - Moved. Now behind Police Station. Now a model RR shop. 1918 B&O caboose on site.

Elyria (NYC - Passenger) - On National Register of Historic Places. Constructed 1923-1925 by New York Central with the grad opening in 1925. Passenger service discontinued around 1966. Building used as beauty school for number of years, went out of business, building sat abandoned for years. Purchased by Lorain County 1991. After ten years of renovation, building recently reopened as Transportation Center for Lorain County. Currently operating as civic center, with meeting rooms. Originally featured twin tunnels that passed under elevated tracks with stairways leading up to trackside. Tunnels now filled in and non-functional, as are stairways. - John Thompson

Elyria (NYC - Freight) - On National Register of Historic Places. The NRHP says that this was built in 1923, but a freight house is shown at this location on the 1910 Sanborn maps. So, the building may be older or there may have been a wooden predecessor station here at the same spot. Amtrak shack nearby. Tracks were elevated through town approx. 1913-1923. Work was interrupted for a time due to WWI. Although station remains mostly vacant, some small businesses are now located within premises.

Grafton (B&O) - Approx. 30 yards east of SR 57 passing through town, on north side of downtown, adjacent to current CSX tracks near Grafton Tower.

Kipton (LS&MS) - This was the passenger station until 1891 when a new station was built.

Oberlin (LS&MS) - Caboose on site. On National Register of Historic Places

Oberlin (TN&C) - This was the original Toledo, Norwalk & Cleveland station. It's original location was the east side of South Main on the south side of the tracks in Oberlin. It later served as a freight station when the LS&MS built a new station on the west side of South Main. Still later, it was moved to Wellington and is now operated by the Lake Shore Railway Association. Fritz Kuenzel reports, "When I belonged to the LSRA/L&WV railroad group, we had the contractor dismantle and move this depot from Oberlin to Wellington. At the end roof peak between the two rafters he found an 1853 penny wedged between the rafters. He told us that back in the old days they used to do that as a symbol of good luck when erecting a building. So the depot may have been built in 1853 by the TN&C prior to the Cleveland & Toledo RR (which the line became in September of that year)."

Rochester (CCC&St.L) - Moved from original location which was on Main Street just to the east of West Alley (GPS: 41.124779,-82.307146). IT was built sometime in the 1860s.

Shawville (LS&MS) - The original location of this station was on the west side of Avon-Belden Road (SR-83), on the north side of the tracks (mile marker 356, 12 miles West of the Olmsted Falls station). It was built sometime in the late 1850s and served until 1947. It was first called Ridgeville Station, but after 1890 it was changed to Shawvillle in honor of Zimri Shaw who had been station master there for 45 years.  In the late 1950's it was sold and moved to Kenwood Street in Elyria.  Over the years it has been an auto repair shop, machine shop, antique shop and is now a garage. The station has been covered with siding and the twin doors on what would have been the west end of the station for the baggage room has been opened up to fit a garage door. The station structure (walls) appears to be original. The North side may have a storage section added.

Wellington (CCC&St.L) - While traveling through Southern Medina County on River Corners Rd. I found the Wellington (Lorain Co.) station on a back road at a private residence but it was in the process of being dismantled by Amish workers and loaded onto a truck. One of the workers informed me that the depot was being moved to Michigan (near Detroit). No other info was available. Anyone know more about this station? The original location of this station was on Kelly Street, just SW of Johns Street. --Dan West

Wellington (CCC&St.L) - Used as storage. Sometime between 1904-1911 this station was moved across the tracks to the NW side of the tracks from it's original location on the SE side. There was a cheese wharehouse attached to the freight station when it was in its original location.