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Type Current
Bellevue York Street F Museum 1852 In Use Wood  
Collins North Railroad Street F Storage ???? Gone Wood
Curtice York Street, Bellevue P Museum 1882 None Wood
Greenwich Recreation Park at end of Grove Street, New London P Civic 1892 None Wood
69 South Ridge Road (SR-99) P Business 1863 Gone Wood
Monroeville Wye Street F Private 1868 Gone Wood
Now in Milan on SR 13 near the turnpike overpass. P Civic ???? None Wood
New London South Railroad Street near Main Street F Business 1862 In Use Wood  
New Washington 2578 Zenobia Road, Norwalk, Ohio C Private 1890 In Use Wood
Norwalk 50 North Prospect C Business 1852 Gone Wood
Wakeman North of US 20 on west edge of town.  F Vacant 1873 Gone Wood
Willard Main Street at Willard Park P Museum 1976 None Brick
Bellevue This station, which was built in 1900, was on the west side of York Street on the south side of the tracks with the freight station (existing) located on the north side.
The passenger station sat on Railroad Street near the intersection with Main Street (on the north side). The station was west of the PRR tracks. It was originally just an NKP station, but later served both the NKP and PRR passenger services. The NKP also had a freight station on a siding between East Main and East Center Streets. There was also an NKP office and supply house on East Center Street.
Bellevue The combination passenger and freight station was on the east side of York Street north of the W&LE tracks.
Bellevue This freight house, originally built by the S&C Shortline and later used by the PRR, was located on the south side of East Main Street on the west side of the PRR tracks.
Boughtonville The station was on the south side of the tracks at the north end of Main Street.
Centerton This station was on the north side of Egypt Road just east of Thomas Road on the SW side of the tracks at GPS: 41.083361, -82.752223. The original station (as shown on the 1873 map), was on the other side of the tracks.
Collins This passenger station was built in 1873 and was located on North Railroad Street, just west of CR-58 (GPS: 41.258336,-82.492524). It burned down on October 14, 2010.
Greenwich This station sat near the diamond with the Big 4. At one time there was a B&O freight station east of North Kiffin Street.
Greenwich This station was north of Main Street (US 224) between North and South Railroad Streets. It sat on the west side of the tracks.
The station was on the south side of the tracks on the east side of Hartland Center Road (formerly Section Line Road).
Havana This station was on the north side of West Street on the west side of the tracks.
LYME STAtion This station was on Sand Hill Road where it crosses the grade south of US 20 in Lyme Twonship. It was gone by 1900.
New Haven This station was west of town on what is now US 224.
New London The depot was built by the Cleveland, Columbus & Cincinnati Railroad (BEELINE) in 1862 and was torn down by the New York Central in 1967. It stood on the North side of the tracks off Railroad Street about half way between Walnut and North Main. Sometime between 1899-1904, the freight station was moved from next to the passenger station to the opposite side of the tracks (where it sits today).
New London Built around 1891, this station sat at the corner of North Main and Akron Streets.
Norwalk Was built in 1880 to replace the TN&C station (which ironically is still standing) and sat on the corner of Railroad Street (formerly Depot St.) and Whittlesey Ave. It was torn downon December 9, 2002 to make way for a new grocery store.
Norwalk The first W&LE passenger station was on the west side Benedict Avenue on the north side of the tracks. Behind the station on the platform was a small building that served as a concession stand.
Norwalk The second passenger station, made of brick, was built in the same location as the first (see above) on Benedict Avenue. It can be seen on left side of the photo. It was built sometime around 1890.
Norwalk The W&LE freight station was located on the SW side of Woodlawn Avenue. The building in this picture, which sits a few feet west of where the passenger station once stood, was not the freight station, but was the Hotel Norwalk in early years and later was a rooming house.
Wakeman Built in 1872.
West Clarksfield This station was on the north side of the tracks on the west side of Wenz Road (Main Street). Oddly, it wasn't actually on Depot Street, but was across the tracks from the east end of that street.
(Chicago Junction)
This station was on Front Street, NW of Motson Street (GPS: 41.060007,-82.726032). It was built in 1875 and demolished in 1976.
Notes About Existing Stations...

Collins (LS&MS) - The first passenger depot was the building later used as the freight house. In 1872 this building was moved a short distance west and the new passenger depot built.

Curtice (W&LE) - Moved From Curtice, OH in Ottawa Co.

Greenwich (PA&W) - Station built originally in Greenwich, Ohio by the Pittsburgh, Akron & Western Railroad, predecessor of the Akron, Canton & Youngstown. It was moved to New London in 1921 after the New London station had burned down. Closed in 1967 it was moved to New London's Recreation Park in 1972 now used as the park headquarters. The original location of the depot was at the north end of North Pleasant Street in Greenwich.

Monroeville (TN&C) - The Monroeville depot was built in 1863. The RR line was built by the TN&C RR in 1852 but in September of 1853 it became the Cleveland & Toledo RR, so the depot was actually built during the C&T RR years. Data from the National Archives shows that this station was jointly owned 50% by the C&T and 50% by the B&O. The B&O moved out of the this depot when the new W&LE depot was built around 1887 and moved in with them. -- Fritz Kuenzel  

Monroeville (LS&MS Freight) - West of passenger station.

Monroeville (W&LE/B&O) - Now on SR 13 in Milan at Metropark. See this site for more info. This station was originally located on the east side of South Ridge Street at the B&O/W&LE crossing. It is most likely of W&LE design as it is almost identical to the W&LE station that was in Massilon. The joint B&O/W&LE freight house was on the opposite side of the diamond. Also on the diamond was a hotel which was called the Junction House in early years and the Cottage House in later years.

New Washington (PA&W) - Station was on south side of tracks east of SR 602 in New Washington (Crawford Co.) until being dismantled. The current owner has moved it to Norwalk and is restoring it.

Norwalk (T&NC) - This is the original Toledo, Norwalk & Cleveland combination station. After the new LS&MS station was built in 1872, it served as the freight station.

Wakeman (LS&MS) - Railroad right-of-way currently undergoing change from abandoned status to that of being converted to multi-purpose trail eventually going from Elyria to Indiana border, depending on cooperation of adjoining counties working with Lorain County Metroparks. Right-of-way includes passages over several waterways, including very majestic looking sandstone bridge at Wakeman of arched construction. Bridge is adjacent to US route 20 on east end of town. Second bridge of similar construction is located at Oberlin with date 1892 engraved on it.

Willard (Replica) - This building is not the original depot but rather was built from the bricks when the original depot (Chicago Junction) was torn down. The original station dates from 1875. Museum is open June-Aug., Sundays 1-4 p.m. Call (419) 935-0954 for more information.