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Type Current
Arcadia SE side of Fremont Street (SR 12) just NE of Scott Street
(GPS: 41.110774, -83.508943)
C House ???? None Wood
Arcadia Four miles east of Arcadia?? C House 1881 None Wood
Findlay Between West Main Cross Street and Putnam Street on the SE side of the tracks.
(GPS: 41.039001, -83.657522)
F Vacant ???? In Use Wood  
Findlay Crystal Avenue at Walnut Street
(GPS: 41.047238,-83.646295)
C Vacant ???? None Wood
NW Ohio Railroad Preservation grounds, 11600 County Rd. 99, Findlay C Museum 1885 None Wood
Huber Station At the grade on Twp. Road 190 halfway between Twp. Roads 202 and 174 in Marion Twp. SE of Findlay P Residence ???? Gone Wood
Rawson Village Park in SE part of town (off Park Street) (GPS: 40.953261,-83.783557). P Civic 1898 None Wood
Williamstown Bus. Rt. 25A about 5 miles south of Wapakoneta and north of Botkins (Auglaize County).  P Private ???? None Wood
The first station here may have been a joint station between the LE&L (Lake Erie & Louisville) and the C&A (Chicago & Atlantic). It was on the west side of Main Street where the tracks used to cross when the NKP line ran straight east/west through town. It was at GPS: 41.112288, -83.513030. This can be seen on the 1875 map. Later, the two RRs had seperate stations.

The C&A RR was graded, and even had ties laid but was never built, it's shown on the 1875 map because it was still assumed that it would be constructed. The grade east from Arcadia through Tiffin never saw a rail, the western section was sold to the builders of the NKP in 1881 and finally finished. The NKP grade east of Arcadia paralleled the LE&W into Fostoria after crossing it in Arcadia. Some time after the 1923 merger the LE&W station became redundent due to the NKP already having a station in Arcadia and the LE&W depot became a house (still standing, see above).
Arlington And here is a photo of train derailment at the station in 1908.
Beagle This stop had a combination station/post office. It was located on County Road 26 just east of US 68.
Findlay The freight station was on the southeast corner of North Cory and High Streets. The 1924 Sanborn Fire map shows the old passenger station as vacant and the freight station handling both passenger and freight operations. The 1930 Sanborn map shows the original passenger station gone from that location.
Findlay Station was moved from its original location (on the east side of North East Street just north of Sandusky St. and north of the old Union School building) to NE corner of East Main Cross St. and South Blanchard Street where it was used as a residence. It moved from its original location sometime between 1925-1935, and was torn down in 2002. A combination freight station/elevator sat across the tracks. Later, between 1895-1901, the CCC&St.L tore down the original freight station and built a new freight station on the south side of the tracks. That building was still standing as of 1949 and was then used as a coal shed. It is not known whether, or when, that building was torn down or if it is still standing. It is shown on maps from 1875.

The original location GPS is: 41.037698,-83.64659
Findlay There was a freight station near the corner of East Street and East Crawford Street. The station burned in the early 1990s, but the histroical marker (see photo) remained there until the early 2010s (GPS: 41.037506,-83.646555).
Findlay The passenger station was between West Front and West Main Cross Streets.
Findlay The passenger station sat on the south side of East Sandusky Street next to the old Union Hotel. It was torn down in 1979 or the early 1980s. The freight station was just south of the dead end of East Hardin Street near where Grand Avenue is today.
(N. Findlay)
According to old maps this station was not around for very long. It was built sometime between 1887 and 1895. This station sat between Walnut and Crystal Avenues on the northwest corner of the crossing of the Toledo, Columbus & Cincinnati (TC&C) with the Lake Erie and Western railroad. The stop would have been called "North Findlay," but this is not the same location as Mortimer which is also called North Findlay. This section of town was called North Findlay long before that name was attached to Mortimer. According to the maps, the station was gone by 1901 giving it a life span of only 14 years maximum. In 1892 the TC&C merged with the Toledo & Ohio Central. Because the T&OC already had a station in town, this TC&C station was probably redundant and therefore demolished.
Jenera Sat near the tracks at SR 698. Torn down in late 2000. Was an old boxcar converted to a station.
Although of NKP design, this station served both railroads. It was located on the west side of North Liberty Street along the NKP tracks.
Mortimer A frame passenger and freight station sat at this location (off County Road 216), but burned down around 1947 and was replaced by the station that is listed below.
(N. Findlay)
This station was off Off County Road 216 (41.110557,-83.645313). When the NKP built this station in 1947-48 they renamed the station stop North Findlay so that the Passenger Department could advertise that it served the city of Findlay, 6 miles south of Mortimer. It was on the SW corner of the NKP (NS) and the NYC (T&OC) rail crossing. It was closed with the end of the Passenger trains, but was in use by NS as a MofW building up until it was torn down in Fall, 2010. The depot was built of cinder block and glass block.
Mt. Blanchard  
Mt. Cory  
Pratts This station was just off SR-103 and stood until around the early 2000s when it collapsed. It served as a depot and a boarding house, looking more like the latter than the former.
Vanlue The first station here was on the west side of Buffalo Street on the north side of the tracks. (GPS: 40.974572,-83.480253)
Notes About Existing Stations...

Arcadia (LE&W) - Station has been moved from original location. Extensively modified with siding, etc.

Arcadia (NKP) - Station was located West of Main street in Arcadia and may have been moved slightly after 1923 re-alignment. Sometime after 1950 it was supposedly moved four miles east of Arcadia and became a residence. Can anyone confrim this with a recent photo?

Findlay (B&O) - Moved about 1/4 mile from original location which was on the west side of North Main Street at West High (next door to the old Taylor Public School building and later the site of the Findlay Dairy Company).

Hatton (T&OC) - This station was dismantled in Hatton (Wood County) in 2005 and reassembled in Findlay in 2006. See the NWORRP website for photos and details.

Huber Station (CCC&St.L) - This was a station on the Findlay Branch of the CCC&ST.L. It may have also been called River Bridge. The owner of the station has photos of the boards in the walls that are stamped "Huber Station." The heavily modified station appears to have been turned with the middle section of the house being the old station.

Rawson (LE&W) - Moved to park in 1951.

Williamstown (T&OC) - Moved in Summer 2002. Here is a photo after restoration.