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Type Current
Brice 919 Old Henderson Road, Columbus C Business 1880 In Use Wood
Columbus 379 West Broad Street P Civic 1895 In Use Brick
Columbus 5th Ave. and Hamilton Ave. SE corner of Columbus airport property. P Office 1929 In Use Brick
Canal Winchester 96 N. High St. near Oak St. P Civic 1894 In Use Wood
Flint 525 Park Road P Residence 1875 None Wood
Grove City 3950 Front Street at Park Street C Civic ???? In Use Wood
Hilliard Fairgrounds/Hist. Village. Off Main Street P Civic 1899  None Wood
Marble Cliff 2057 Dublin Road
(GPS: 39.579407,-83.72283)
P Business ???? None Wood
Prospect Golf Village at Central Park, on Science Boulevar/Tech Center Drive in Gahanna, Franklin County.
(GPS: 39.996693,-82.844735)
C Business 1902 None Wood
Worthington Ohio RR Museum, 990 Proprietors Road
(GPS: 40.093183, -83.003410)
P Museum 1969 In Use Wood
Alum Creek
Arlington Place This station was on the west side of the Scioto River. It was closed sometime before 1930.
Avenue This station was between Columbus and Galloway. It was 6.7 miles from Columbus Union Station and 3.4 miles from Galloway.
Tower and station that served the T&OC and N&W. Torn down in the early 1930s.
Columbus The first station here was opened by The Columbus & Xenia RR (which later merged with the Little Miami RR). The station opened in 1850 and was a temporary shed-type station on the west bank of the Scioto River in the Franklinton neighborhood. Passengers were brought to (and from) this station  from central Columbus via a stagecoach. The station was short-lived as service to the first union station (see below) began in December of 1850 with the completion of the RR bridge over the Scioto River.
Columbus This was the first permanent station in Columbus. It was built in 1850 and demolished in 1875 and sat on North High Street at Naghten Street. The station was built by the Columbus & Xenia RR (later part of the PRR) and the Cleveland, Columbus & Cincinnati RR (later part of the Big 4). In 1854 the Central Ohio RR (later part of the B&O) was added as a tennant. In 1856 the Piqua RR was added.
Columbus The second permanent union station was built by the Big 4 and Panhandle on the east side of High Street just north of the previous union station. It was active between 1874-1897.
Columbus Station served B&O, CCC&StL (NYC), CHV&T (C&O), N&W, CS&H (NYC), CA&C (PRR) and PCC&ST.L (PRR). It opened on August 29, 1897 and was demolished in 1976.
Columbus A 300-foot brick freight station was built here in 1888 (according to the B&O Annual Report of that year). This station was at Naghten and 3rd Streets at GPS: 39.969412, -82.999251. It was demolished in the 1950s to make way for the 3rd Street viaduct.
Columbus A freight house was constructed here in 1905 with inbound and outbound houses that were 533' long.
Columbus Following the demolition of Union Station in 1976, Amtrak used a pole barn-type metal building. This "Amshack" was about 1/2 mile from the old Union Station site.
This frame freight house sat on Mt. Vernon Avenue and 5th Street at GPS: 39.969662, -82.995768. It was called the Mt. Vernon Freight House. In later years it was shared with the PRR for its Lines West of Akron Division.
Columbus This freight house was on Neilston Street at Mt. Vernon Avenue at GPS: 39.969580, -82.994285. Originally it was the CS&H Freight House, built by the Columbus and Eastern in 1864; in later years the same building became the N&W outgoing Freight House. It was 22,000 square feet, made of brick and was out of service by 1934. It was known as the Neilston Street Freight House.
(Broad Street)
Columbus This station was south of Mound Street. The location today is just south of, or under, the I-70/71 overpass near the SW end of Mound Street.
(East N. Broadway)
Columbus This freight house was on Maple Street.
Columbus This freight house was on South High Street and was known as the South Columus Freight House.
Columbus This freight house was on Naghten and 3rd Streets at GPS: 39.969486, -82.999599, next to (west of) the B&O freight station. The PCCC&St.L and CA&C shared a freight station until 1894 when the CA&C discontinued using it.
Columbus New inbound and outbound freight houses opened here in 1896 on the north side of Naughten Street between 4th and 5th at GPS: 39.969041, -82.996687 (the freight house and tracks spanned the entire block. The inbound and outbound freight houses were 148' apart with six tracks and seven platforms between them. Both freight houses were 632' long with the inbound side being 60' wide and the outbound side being 29' wide. They were connected on the south end by a headhouse/office.
Columbus There was a 48,000 square foot brick freight house on North High Street.
Columbus This smaller frame freight house was known as the NYC South Columbus freight house.
Columbus There was a T&OC freight house on the north side of West Broad Street at GPS: 39.961495, -83.010637.
(5TH Avenue)
There was a passenger station on 5th Avenue.
(Fair Grounds)
There was a station at the state fairgrounds.
(CA&C CrossinG)
Can anyone tell me where this station was?
Columbus Can anyone tell me which RR this belonged to and where it was? The photos are from 1966.
Doney's Station  
East Linden
Flint Was this a CS&H (Columbus, Sandusky & Hocking) or CCC&St.L station?
Galloway This station was located on the west side of South Main Street just past South High Street.
Groveport This station was off Front Street on the south side of the tracks. It was built around 1900 and torn down in the late 1950s.
Linworth The original station was built in 1876 and replaced with a new station in 1895. The station sat on Dublin-Granville Rd. (SR 161) on the west side of the tracks.
Pleasant Corners  
South Columbus  
SOUTH COLUMBUS There was also a freight station here.
Valley Crossing
Station served both the N&W and CHV&T. Nearby tower closed in the early 1960s.
Westerville This station was on the west side of the tracks at the end of East Home Street (two blocks east of Vine Street) (GPS: 40.127474,-82.927031). It was heavily modified by the PRR in the 1950s and then torn down in the 1970s.
Worthington This station was on the north side of East Dublin-Granville Road (SR-161) on the west side of the tracks (GPS: 40.088848,-83.001867).
Worthington This station was on the north side of East Dublin-Granville Road (SR-161) on the west side of the tracks (GPS: 40.088546,-83.002648). It was only about 250" SW of the Big 4 depot. Both stations were listed on the 1922 map, but gone by 1929. There was also a PRR freight house here as well.
Notes About Existing Stations...

Brice (T&OC) - See more info and photos here. Station was originally moved across the tracks and was a pizza shop for a few years. In 2001 it was moved again to Old Henderson Rd. It is now a conference center.

Columbus (T&OC) - This station was built in 1895 and opened on April 1, 1896 when the T&OC pulled out of Union Station in favor of its own facilties. The building is on National Register of Historic Places. A track elevation project took place in 1911. The station was used for passenger service until 1930 when the NYC transferred operations to Columbus Union Station. From 1930 to 2003, the station was occupied by the Central Ohio Volunteers of America. The station has been through a flood (1913) and two fires (1910, 1975), being renovated each time.  It was placed on the NRHP in 1973.

Columbus (PRR) - Although not a railroad building, the PRR stopped at the original Columbus Airport Terminal building. A covered walkway connected the platforms to the terminal. This was the first transfer point for transcontinental service using a combination of railroads and airplanes. Passengers were brought from New York City to the Columbus terminal via the PRR, then flown on a plane to Waynoka, Oklahoma where they boarded the Santa Fe railroad for a trip to Clovis, New Mexico for a final airplane leg to Los Angeles. The entire trip took just 48 hours. The first of such trips took place on July 7-8, 1929.

Canal Winchester (CHV&T) - Chamber of Commerce On National Register of Historic Places.

Flint (CCC&St.L) - Moved from original site in 1930s.

Grove City (B&O) - Home of the SW Franklin County Historical Society.

Hilliard (PRR) - Moved. Caboose on site. The original location of this station was on N. Center St. between Wayne and Main. Prior to this station being built, from 1895-1899, three boxcars were joined to form a makeshift station.

Marble Cliff (PCC&St.L) - Moved about 3/4 mile from original location at the SW corner of railroad crossing with West Fifth Avenue. The station was moved to its current location in 1930.

Prospect (CHV&T) - This station is now at its third location. The original location was on Railroad Street between Water Street and Park Avenue in Prospect, Marion County. This station was located on the west side of the tracks (built across the tracks from the original Prospect CHV&T frame station). It was then moved one mile from original location in 1978 to the north side of West Center Street between Park Boulevard and Davids Street (actual address was 300 Market Street) in Prospect (GPS: 40.589439,-83.1408). It served as a restaurant until that closed in 2008. It was moved to its current location in Gahanna in April 2011.  

Worthington (Replica) - This is a replica of the Worthington PCC&St.L station which was located about a half mile from the museum.