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Type Current
Berlin heights SR-61 P Civic ???? In Use Wood
Castalia SR-269 N. of town
at Cement Street
P Civic ???? Gone Wood
Castalia 818 Bardwell Road C Residence ???? None Wood
Huron Huron & Standard Street F Business ???? In Use Wood  
Was at Delamatre Road, location now unknown. P Vacant ???? Gone Wood
At a farm on Strecker Road near the old B&O grade. Is this still standing? F ???? ???? Gone Wood  
SR-13 near the Ohio Turnpike overpass. P Civic ???? None Wood
Sandusky North Depot Street at Carr Street. P Civic/
1892 In Use Stone/
Sandusky East end of South Depot Street F Railroad ???? In Use Brick  
Vermilion East of SR-60 on N.
side of NS tracks. Behind historic schoolhouse.
P Civic 1882 In Use Wood
Vermilion SR-60 at tracks. P Civic 1872 In Use Wood
Vermilion Across tracks and west of passenger depot. F ???? ???? In Use Wood
Avery Built in 1882, modified in later years, and torn down in 1969.
BAy Bridge
(Bay View)
There was a small station here built on stilts at the south end of the LS&MS Bay Bridge. It was torn down in the 1960s.
Ceylon The station was on South Depot Street east of Chestnut Street. It was on the south side of the tracks.
Huron The passenger station was across the tracks (south side) from the existing freight station (north side) at Huron and Standard Streets.
Milan The Sandusky Register (8-14-1956) reported that the depot was "practically demolished" by high winds on Aug. 13, 1956. It is unclear if the station was consequently demolished following the damage at that time.
Sandusky The passenger station was on National Register of Historic Places and sat at East Washington and Warren Streets.
Sandusky The B&O had a 476-foot long freight house on the lake past the end of where Franklin Street intersects with Water Street. It was built in 1888. The B&O grain elevator was two slips to the east. There was also a freight office near that corner and the B&O round house was in between the freight office and freight house.
Sandusky The B&O had a spur onto south side of the grounds of the Soldiers & Sailors Home, but it is unclear whether there was a station, shelter or any structure there to serve the RR. The interurban line had a depot on the north side of the grounds.
Sandusky The PRR passenger station was on the northwest corner of Water and Decatur Streets. The freight house was about 400' to the north of the passenger station.
Sandusky This railroad had a freight station near the on King Street north of Madison Street. It sat across diagonally southwest and across the street from the Stang Brewery. 
Sandusky The first LS&MS station here was of wood frame construction and built in 1872.
Sandusky The LS&MS had a freight station at 423 Water Street just east of the intersection with Hancock Street. It was on the north side of the street across from the John Dorn Wine Company. There were also two freight stations (inbound and outbound) at the intersection of Central Ave. and North Depot Street. Another freight station was just northeast of the intersection of Lawrence & Water Streets adjacent to the Woolsey Wheel Company warehouse.

The original Mad River station was built in 1838 and was Ohio's first railroad station. Some people claim that the Fedderson Building is the original Mad River station, however this does not seem to be the case as the Fedderson Building is of much newer vintage. The photograph linked to the left was taken after the building was sold by the railroad and then housed the office for the Gilcher & Schuck Lumber Company.


This was most likely the station that went into service after the original Mad River station went out of service and ownership of the building passed to Gilcher & Schuck. This second generation station was located at Water and Lawrence Streets. See this map from 1883 and this old Sanborn Fire Map. The 1855 Sandusky City Directory lists the Mad River station's location as "Water Street between Fulton and Lawrence." It lists the freight office at 282 Water St. This line was at various times known as the Cincinnati, Sandusky & Cleveland and was held in receivership by the Indiana, Bloomington & Western (IB&W). Later it was part of the CCC&St.L. There was a large freight house on the dock north of the intersection of Lawrence and Water Streets. The company also had an office and platform on Water St. with a restaurant in the basement.
Sandusky The LE&W had a roundhouse and shops at the western end of South Depot Street. Was there a passenger station near there too?
Venice The station sat at the north end of Niagara Street at the tracks.
Wilmer The 1909 timetable lists this stop between Sandusky and Prouts.
Notes About Existing Stations...

Berlin Heights (NKP ) - Now an American Legion hall. Moved a short distance.

Castalia (LE&W) - Moved, now houses Lions Club. This station was on the north side of the tracks on the east side of SR 269 (Washington St.), virtually "next door" to the CCC&St.L station listed below. 

Castalia (CCC&St.L ) - This passenger station later served as a freight station. It was moved approx. two miles from orig. location in 1952. The original location was on the north side of the tracks on the east side of SR 269 (Washington St.). See photos of the station being moved.

Kimball (B&O/NKP) - This station and the nearby freight station served both the B&O and NKP. The passenger station originally stood in the SE corner of the diamond. The station did not burn as previously reported. It has been dismantled by a guy from Norwalk. All the pieces have been numbered for reassembly elsewhere.

Monroeville (W&LE/B&O) - Moved from Monroeville to Milan around 1980. See a page about it and the park it is in. This station was originally located on the east side of South Ridge Street at the B&O/W&LE crossing in Monroeville. Although it served both railroads, it is most likely of W&LE design as it is almost identical to the W&LE station that was in Massilon. The joint B&O/W&LE freight house was on the opposite side of the diamond. Also on the diamond was a hotel which was called the Junction House in early years and the Cottage House in later years. 

Sandusky (LS&MS) - Now an Amtrak stop and EMS HQ following restoration! On National Register of Historic Places. A panoramic map of the city from 1883 shows a frame depot at the same location.

Vermilion (NKP) - Moved 500 ft. north of NS main near school. On National Register of Historic Places. There is a serious effort by a core of individuals that are restoring the depot. It is in great shape. Help is needed by anyone interested in creating a site for railfans to visit and chat when visiting Vermilion to photograph the huge amount of rail traffic. The Vermilion group would like to establish this as an interpretive museum, and even re-lay some track in front of the depot for display, even though the operating NS main runs only 150 feet away. If you are interested in joining the Vermilion NKP Depot group,call Don Harbaugh at (440) 967-2265 weekdays from 9-5.

Vermilion (LS&MS, Passenger) - St. Mary's Church Meeting Hall.

Vermilion (LS&MS, Frieght) - Building has been modified and is now hard to recognize as a freight station.