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Type Current
Bucyrus 700 E. Rensselaer St. P Vacant 1892 In Use Brick
Bucyrus E. Rensselaer St., near above station. P Gift Shop ???? In Use Wood
Bucyrus Walton Lake P Residence ???? None Wood
Crestline SR 61 F Railroad ???? In Use Brick  
Galion Hardin Way (Main St.) and North Washington P Vacant 1900 In Use W/B
New Washington 2578 Zenobia Rd. Norwalk, Ohio C Private 1890 In Use Wood
Bucyrus Sat across from the passenger station on the south side of Rensslaer St. Demolished by NS in 1998 to make room for the new connecting track between the NS Sandusky District and the CR Ft. Wayne Secondary.
Bucyrus There were two PRR stations in Bucyrus. The station pictured here is the PFt.W&C station that sat on East Railroad Street on the east side of North Lane Street. It was built in 1884. There was a freight station directly across the tracks there as well.
Bucyrus Another PRR station sat on the south side of Rensslaer St. just west of the T&OC freight station on the original Sandusky Short Line (later CS&H). There was also a PRR freight station south of there on the south side of Warren Street.
Chatfield This station served the Northern Ohio (AC&Y) Railroad and the Columbus, Sandusky & Hocking RR.
Crestline This station served the CCC&St.L and PFt.W&C. It was built in 1864, opened in 1865, and demolished 1980. The station sat in the Northeast quadrant of the PRR main line/NYC intersection off Route 61, Bucyrus Street and Crestline Street. This station also housed the Continental Hotel. At some point the top two floors were removed leaving it as a one-story structure.
Crestline Built 1854, this was the original Union Station predating the one listed above. It burned down in 1862 or 1863.
Galion Prior to the 1900 station that is still standing, the CCC&I had a frame station in the same location at Main and North Washington. The freight station was located on the corner of East Walnut and South Liberty.
Galion Built in 1891, this station sat on the west side of South Market Street. The freight station (a 200' frame structure which also served passengers prior to 1891) was on the east side of South Market.
North Auburn  
North Robinson  
Spore This station was a residence on Bethel Road about 1 mile north of US 30. It was moved there from its original location and became a victim of flooding in 2009 and was then torn down.
New Washington This station was off West Mansfield Street between Willacker and High. There was a street the depot sat off of called Depot Street that is no longer there.
New Winchester Was located southeast of Bucyrus on SR 100, just North of Monett-Chapel Road. After sitting vacant, it was torn down in late 2009.
Notes About Existing Stations...

Bucyrus (T&OC) - On National Register of Historic Places. Will be an active visitors center and museum called Bucyrus Station under the Bucyrus Historical Society for one year, then on its own as a 501(3)c non-profit corporation. The society hopes to rebuild another building that was also on the site and rebuild a 140-foot platform and install new restrooms. It will also be used as a meeting hall, train watching place, and will use old dinette sets and kitchen furniture surrounded by bay windows facing both NS and CSX roads. The T&OC line is abandoned except for the 8-mile Spore Quarry line which diverged to a PRR spur. Old PRR tracks on two sides of the station. The T&OC Station, we find, has a missing ticket office, evidenced by marks on ceiling and floor that match those of the NYC ticket office. Old-timers told us that the PRR Sandusky short-line sold tickets here and operated their own wooden freight house station across the street until torn down. --Jim Croneis 

Bucyrus (T&OC) - Photo shows station in original location. This station was originally located at the corner of Plymouth St. and Lane St. in the northeastern area of Bucyrus. The station was used at the turn of the century as a cream stop and alternative for those living north of the Sandusky River when the river was un-passable. Over the years the station was used as a barber shop and residence. The Bucyrus Preservation Society relocated the station to an area near the T&OC Depot on E. Rensselaer Street. The station now serves as a gift shop for the complex and offices of the Bucyrus Preservation Society. Some have claimed that this was never a railroad station as it does not appear as such on ICC valuation maps.

Bucyrus (NYC) - Moved from original location. Walton Lake is off US 30 on the other side of Crestline. If you have an Ohio Gazetteer, it is on page 49 on the left edge of the page just outside of Crestline on Eckstein Road. Not sure if this one still exists. Can someone confirm?

Galion (CCC&St.L) - Undergoing restoration. On National Register of Historic Places. More info and photos here.

New Washington (PA&W) - Station was on south side of tracks west of SR 602. until being dismantled. The current owner has moved it to Norwalk and is restoring it. The Pittsburgh, Akron & Western become part of the AC&Y Here is a photo from 2005. The original location of this station was the SW corner of Franklin and Center Streets.

New Winchester (T&OC) - Moved. White frame house w/bay window.