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Type Current
Columbiana 148 East Park Avenue P Railroad ???? In Use Brick  
East Palestine West Taggart Street between Market and Walnut F Railroad ???? In Use Wood  
Lisbon Washington Street C Museum ???? None Wood
Lisbon South Market Street P Vacant 1893 None Brick
Columbiana This station was on the west side of Main Street on the north side of the tracks.
Damascus Station Formerly known as Stanley Station until 1852 when it was renamed by the Ohio & Pennsylvania Railroad (later PFt.W&C).
East Liverpool The second C&P passenger station, built in 1887, was at the end of Walnut Street on Water Street at the river (this area of Walnut Street no longer exists). There was a passenger station on the north side of the tracks and a freight station on the south side. In later years both buildings were used as freight stations after the new station was built. The old freight station was eventually torn down (as of 1908) and a new one constructed at the site of the new passenger station, while the passenger station continued to be used as a freight station at least into the 1940s and perhaps longer.   
East Liverpool This station was built sometime in the mid 1890s. It sat on Second Street east of Union Street. The station had frontage on second street but sat at the back of the lot against the tracks. A freight station was added across the tracks at this location around 1905. In the old days there were large hotels on both sides of the passenger station (the Hotel Lake to the east and McKinley's Hotel to the west). 
East Liverpool The Youngstown & Ohio steam and electric freight/passenger railroad/interurban had a freight station near the corner of Claiborne and Moore Streets near Dresden Ave.
East Palestine The passenger station sat at the corner of Taggart and Market Streets, next to the existing freight station. There was a small waiting shelter with eaves across the tracks behind the Meek House (which is shown in the photo). There was an older combination station (built in 1883) originally at this location slightly to the west.
East Rochester  
Franklin Station  
Franklin Square  
Homeworth Passenger station
Homeworth Freight station
Jethro Was just west of East Liverpool.
Town formerly known as Maysville (as shown on 1870 map).
Kountz Station This station was where SR 7 is today, just east of the intersection of Campground Road (there is still a Kountz Road north of 7).
Laughlin This station was two miles east of the East Liverpool station near the PA border.
Leetonia This union passenger station served the PFt.W&C (PRR) and the NYP&O (Erie) and sat between the two lines at the corner of Front and Chestnut Streets at GPS: 40.877416, -80.755869.
Leetonia This freight station sat directly to the SW of the passenger station at GPS: 40.877171, -80.756298.
Leetonia The PRR freight house (which was either formerly an engine house or built on the same site as the former engine house) was located on the corner of Chestnut and Columbia (across the tracks to the SE of the passenger depot) at GPS: 40.877059, -80.755886. In later years (circa 1920s) the PRR had a small passenger waiting shed behind this freight station.
Lisbon The NYP&O (later part of the Erie RR) had a freight house on the east side of South Beaver Street just south of the PL&W engine house and turntable. This freight house was across the street from the passenger station (later a combination station after the old freight station was torn down).
Mill rock  
Formerly called Franklin (1870). Presumably changed the name to avoid confusion with Franklin Square and Franklin Station in Salem Twp. The station was the east side of Main Street between Washington and Walnut Streets.
Negley In 1902, the station was on Front Street west of Commerce Street. Not sure if the station pictured was that station or a predecessor. 
New Salisbury Town was formerly known as Salisburry Station.
New Waterford The first station here was along the west side of the tracks north of Main Street at GPS: 40.846301, -80.612879.
New Waterford This station, built in 1883, was located on the north side of East Main Street, on the west side of the tracks (shown on a 1902 map at GPS: 40.845796, -80.612495). This was the second station here as an earlier station sat farther up the tracks to the northwest (shown on an 1870 map).
Rogers This station was on the east side of Depot Street on the south side of the tracks at GPS: 40.793221, -80.627167.
Salem The original passenger and freight stations were between Aetna and Mullins Streets. The passenger station was torn down shortly after 1892, but the freight station remained.
Salem Built in 1892 to replace the smaller frame depot here, this station sat on the west side of South Ellsworth Street (formerly Depot St.) at Aetna Street. It was demolished in an accident on July 31, 1997.
Salem The Salem RR combination station was on the east side of Ellsworth Street (across the street from the PFt.W&C station). The Salem RR was built by the city under a special act authorizing certain cities, counties, townships and towns to build and lease or operate railroads. In the early 1880s, 40 such railroads were authorized by the state, but only four railroads were actually built under this law: The Cincinnati Southern Railroad, the Muskingum County Railroad, the Mt. Gilead Short Line Railroad and the Salem Railroad. After the Salem RR had been built and operated for a couple of years the law authorizing the building of these lines was declared unconstitutional and the city ceased levying taxes for it. In 1897 the property was placed in the hands of a receiver and in 1902 the Salem Railroad was acquired by the Pittsburg, Lisbon and Western RR. The line of road ran from Salem to Washingtonville, a distance of seven miles. By 1909 this station was being used by the Y&O Traction Company and later it became part of the Deming Company and was used as a warehouse for pipes.

In 1966 the station was slated to be moved, but during the operation it collapsed and the heap was subsequently burned by the fire department for training (Salem News, Aug. 26, 1966).

There is a more modern building on the site now (2009).
Salineville This combination station was at the corner of Main and Elm Streets on the east side of the tracks. In 1870 the station agent was J. Hoey.
Summitville This station was on Front Street (where it used to intersect with Depot Street) on the west side of the tracks.
Washingtonville According an article in The Salem News on Nov. 28, 1936, the depot was built in 1885 and was originally located on the north side of Main Street. It was later moved to a second location (the article doesn't say where, it just says "current location) and an addition was built. It served the Erie RR, Salem-Washingtonville RR and the Y&O. It was closed in 1931, then "torn down and hauled away" in 1936.
Wellsville This large combination station was on the NE corner of 3rd Street and Riverside Avenue (GPS: 40.610564,-80.640794).
Notes About Existing Stations...

Lisbon (Erie) - Moved. Originally on S. Beaver St.

Lisbon (PL&W) - Building was also PL&W office. After the RR went out of business in the 1940s, the building was used for various businesses including a feed mill which closed aroun 2000. The building is currently (2010) undergoing restoration into office space. Here is a story about the restoration.