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Type Current
Alledonia Crabapple Road at Pugh Ridge Road
(GPS: 39.899184, -80.969514)
C Unknown ???? Gone Wood  
Armstrongs Mills South side of SR 148 at the intersection With Armstrong-Centerville Road. P Unknown ???? Gone Brick
Armstrongs Mills South side of SR 148 at the intersection With Armstrong-Centerville Road. F Unknown ???? Gone Wood  
Barnesville 300 East Church Street P Museum 1917 Gone Brick
Bellaire 3103 Union Street
(GPS: 40.012874, -80.742720)
P Restaurant ???? ???? Brick
Jacobsburg 49384 Jacobsburg Key Road C Residence ???? Gone Wood
St. Clairsville East side of South Sugar Street at St. Clair Street
(GPS: 40.077646, -80.897193)
C Vacant ???? Gone Wood
St. Clairsville    Station Street
(GPS: 40.082289, -80.909301) 
Vacant ????  Gone Metal 
Shadyside Along an alley behind a house on East 37th Street between Lincoln and Highland. F Garage ???? None Wood
Baileys Mills  
Barnesville This the pre-1917 B&O station which sat across the tracks from the glass factory in approximately the same place as the existing station (near the intersection of Church and Mulberry Streets.
Barnesville There was a freight station here that was demolished in 1962.
Barton This station was on the east side of Colerain Pike (formerly called "A" Street). It was across the street from a hotel and next door to the Y&O Coal Company Store on the north side of the tracks.
Bellaire Harry Neff writes... This station sat at the corner of 31st and Union Streets and was probably built in 1871 as the viaduct was completed in 1870, and the original bridge in 1871.  At that time, a new station would have been needed, because the tracks would have been probably 40 or 50 feet above the level of the old station.  The "new" station, was further from the river bank, and located on the east side of Union Street. The restaurant that is called Union Street Station today is on the west side of Union Street, at ground level. 

There was another B&O passenger station for a couple of years near the end of B&O passenger service in Bellaire. There was a signal tower a couple of blocks west of the passenger station, and some time in the late 1950's, the B&O closed the passenger station and passengers boarded the train at the signal tower. It almost shouldn't count as a railroad station, because by that time, my grandfather was the only person I ever saw getting off the train there. The end was very near. -Harry Neff
Bellaire This station sat at Union Street & Central Avenue (34th Street) at GPS: 40.015998, -80.741212. The German Reformed Church can also be seen in the first photograph. This is likey the station that was built in 1888. It was likely the second station at this location as there was a station here as early as 1857 when the line opened for service between Steubenville and Bellaire.
Bellaire According to old Sanborn Fire Insurance maps, there was a frame pier attached to the B&O passenger station that held the platform and led to the tracks on the bridge. The passenger station was on the third floor. The building also housed the express office and telegraph office. The B&O passenger station was torn down around 2000 for the SR 7 bypass.
Bellaire The B&O freight station was located near the intersection of Union and Crescent Streets near the river. It was about 100 feet southeast of the BZ&C depot and B&O viaduct.
Bellaire The Bellaire, Zanesville & Cincinnati (name changed to Ohio River & Western in 1902) had its station below and just south of the B&O viaduct along the river at the end of 31st Street. The B&O built this station for the BZ&C in 1883 along with a bridge from the station to the B&O station for transfers.
Belmont County Children's home According to maps from 1888, the Children's Home had it's own station. The home was located NE of Barnesville. Specifically, it was in the SE corner of Section 10, Warren Township.
Bethesda This station was demolished in a derailment of a through train on Dec. 20, 1923. The derailment was caused by a broken bolt on the track (New Philadelphia Daily Times, Dec. 20, 1923).
Bridgeport Photo shows a way station somewhere near Bridgeport. Most likely PRR or B&O. Does anyone have information about what RR this station belonged to? Perhaps someone can identify the locomotive.
Bridgeport The first passenger station here sat at the NE corner of Morgan and Howard Streets. It is shown on maps from 1888, but was gone by 1897. It was on a transfer track.
Bridgeport Built sometime between 1889-1897, the second passenger station sat on National Road (later US 40) just south of the road bridge to Wheeling. Just south of the station, in the old days, was a covered railroad bridge over Wheeling Creek.
Bridgeport The CL&W freight station was on the west side of Morgan Street north of Howard Street.
Bridgeport The C&P passenger station sat just north of the road bridge to Wheeling.
Bridgeport The freight station was across the tracks from the passenger station. It bordered Bank Street.
Crabapple This station sat on the west side of the tracks near the junction of TWP Road 103 (Crabapple Lane) and TWP Road 105.
Fairpoint This station burned down sometime in the early 1900s.
Fairpoint This was the replacement station for the one listed above.
Flushing This was the first station at Flushing, built by the CL&W. It was at the south end of Depot Street.
Flushing This was the second station built at Flushing. This B&O design station replaced the old CL&W station (see above).
Glenco In 1888 this station was on Main Street just NW of the trestle over the creek. It was on the SW side of the tracks. L.B. Potts was the B&O agent here at that time.
Holloway This appears to be a standard B&O station, so there may have been an earlier CL&W station here too. The station here was demolished on Dec. 10, 1902 when a runaway train collided with another train parked at the depot. The headline in the newspaper (Cincinnati Enquirer, Dec. 11, 1902) says the depot was demolished, but the text of the article says, "...the two trains plowed through the station building and the telegraph office, almost demolishing both," so it is not clear if the depot was salvaged or razed following the accident.
Kelsey This station was located at 48809 Centerville Jacobsburg Road at approximately GPS: 39.963430, -80.919728. It was two-story combination station. It burned down around 2004.
Key This combination station was located at 61698 Jacobsburg Key Road just west of the Highmart store. It was a 2 story wood structure covered in "Insulbrick" siding. It was almost identical to the one still standing at Jacobsburg. It was purposely burned about 1989. A trailer is currently siting on the site.
Lewis Mills  
Martins Ferry The passenger station was at the corner of Walnut & 2nd Streets on the SE side of the tracks at GPS: 40.094216, -80.723059. The freight house was on 2nd Street near Wood Street.
Martins Ferry The original passenger and freight stations were on the east side of 1st Street just south of Penn Street. The original passenger station was vacant in 1900 and torn down by 1908, although the freight station remained for many years. Later Sanborn maps of Martin's Ferry do not show a B&O passenger station, although it seems likely that there was one. Does anyone know where it was located or if passenger operations were handled out of the freight station as well?
Martins Ferry The passenger and freight stations were next to each other on 6th Street (now Zane Highway) between Walnut and Hanover Streets. On the 1908 Sanborn map the original freight station is marked "damaged by fire" and it was replaced soon after.
Maynard This station was near the intersection of Bright Road and CR 56.
Neffs Siding  
Pasco This town is now known as Blaine (perhaps due to there being a Pasco in Shelby County as well). The station was on Belmont County Road 10 (Blaine-Barton Road) between US-40 and Blaine-Chermont Road.
Powhatan Point   The station was on Railroad Street (formerly 4th St.) about 100 yards southwest of the intersection with Taylor and Front Streets. It sat on the south side of the tracks. 
Shadyside The Ohio River & Western passenger station was on Central Avenue at West 38th Street.
St. Clairsville The St. Clairsville and Northern Railway connecting St. Clairsville to the CL&W in Barton was incorporated in 1882. The station was located on the west side of North Sugar Street just south of the intersection with Crescent Street. The St.C&N eventually became part of the B&O and as of 1946 the tracks and the station were gone. According to 1888 maps, the St.C&N came into town from the north and terminated at Newell Avenue just past the station. The B&O St. Clairsville branch came into town from the SE and terminated near the SW corner of the fairgrounds.
St. Clairsville Junction
This station was just southeast of Neffs. The small village of Quincy is now part of Neffs. The station was on the east side of McMahon Creek where the two lines merged. This location is near what is today the northwest end of Talbot Road.
Tacoma Passenger station. This station was razed in 1938 (Zanesville Signal, 8-20-1938).
Tacoma Freight station.
West Bridgeport  
West Wheeling  
Wheeling Valley  
Notes About Existing Stations...

Armstrongs Mills (Ohio River & Western) - The passenger station was originally a store owned by Alexander Armstrong. He donated the land for the railroad with the condition that the passenger station be based out of his store. The freight station was then added by the RR.

Barnesville (B&O) - Restored! Tunnel under downtown nearby, caboose also on site. On National Register of Historic Places. Here is an old photo of the station.

Bellaire (Central Ohio) - According to some sources, this station served the Central Ohio Railroad before it was bought by the B&O. This is not the same B&O station as listed in the Stations Of The Past section.

Jacobsburg (BZ&C) - There are also a couple of freight buildings here and formerly had racks for the unloading of pipe used to support the oil & gas wells in the area from around 1890 to 1925.

Shadyside (OR&W) - This station's original location was in the middle of Central Avenue at 40th street. The OR&W ran down the middle of Central Avenue. The building was auctioned and moved around 1931 when the RR closed.  

St. Clairsville (B&O) - Owned by the school district. Exterior is rather intact, but inside has been gutted. Some of the brick platform is extant. According to 1888 maps, the B&O St. Clairsville branch came into town from the SE along Aults Run and terminated near the SW corner of the fairgrounds.

St. Clairsville (NKP) - This structure dates from the NKP era (post-1949) since other W&LE structures were replaced with Armco metal buildings around that time, but the W&LE may have originally had a freight house at the same location. This structure was on the Adena Branch of the W&LE (NKP).