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Type Current
Date Built Track
Athens Depot St.
(off Union St.)
P Private 1889 Gone Wood
Athens Corner of Union
and Factory Sts.
C Business ???? Gone Wood
Chauncey End of Mound St.
off SR 13.
C Civic ???? In Use Wood
Glouster 51 Woodrow St. C Civic ???? In Use Wood
Nelsonville Off US 33 P Railroad Early
In Use Wood
Warren's Station Canaan Township Rd. 605, McAfee Rd. P Residence ???? Gone Brick
Armadale According to the 1875 map, there was a Federal Creek Valley RR station in the NW quadrant of Section 26, Bern Township.
(West Athens)
According to Sanborn historical maps, this was originally a combination passenger and freight station and later just a freight station. This station sat on Shafer St. (formerly known as Cemetery St.), were University Commons Apartments are today. According to old newspaper reports, this station was built in 1899. This station was referred to as "West Athens" on timetables. --Bill Denbow and Dan West
Athens This two-story B&O freight house was behind the former Athens Grocery Company building near the intersection of Depot and West Union Streets (see this 1914 map).
Athens There was also a B&O freight house near the former McBee Binder Company at the corner of West Union and Smith Streets (see this 1923 map). It was built in 1916.
Big Run  
Broadwell This was on the Federal Creek Valley Railroad (later part of the T&OC).
Burr Oak The freight station is in the foreground and the passenger station is in the background of the photo.
(Lick Run)
This was near the Hocking/Athens County line in York Township where the CHV&T crossed the Hocking River. The depot was on Warren Street (now gone). This area is now part of Wayne National Forest near what is today known as East Clayton. The Lick Run switch stayed south of the river heading south along the county line to the Lick Run Coal Works.
Previously called Detroit, this station was built in late March, 1875.
Coolville In 1875 this station was located in the SW quadrant of Section 23, Troy Township on property owned by Tidd and Frame (on the west side of TWP 187). It was likely built in 1874.
Glen Ebon  
Station agent in 1875 was B.S. Plumley who lived in Big Run.
Hocking This station was between Mineral and Carbondale.
Jacksonville This station was built around 1913 at sat on the east side of 7th Street. There was a smaller, earlier station at this location before that.
Kilvert The M&C crossed the Federal Creek Valley RR here.
Kings Station This station was in the middle of Section 32, Waterloo Township.
Mineral Moved a short distance to a lot at Scott Road and Biddyville Road. The station was pp on blocks, in bad shape as of 2000 and was gone by 2014.
Nelsonville The first station here was on the east side of Fulton Street on the north side of the tracks.
Nelsonville The passenger station was on the west side of Fulton Street on the north side of the tracks. It was originally a combination passenger/freight station and was built sometime prior to 1885. It was next to the Hotel Mildred which was just across the swing bridge that spanned the canal (now Canal Street). That hotel sat at the current site of C&E True Value.
Nelsonville The first freight-only station, built around 1893, was on the east side of Fulton. There were at least two different freight stations at this location with the older one sitting farther down the tracks to the east. The newer freight station, built around 1900, was closer to Fulton Street.
New England The station was at North and 3rd Streets in 1875.
New Marshfield This station was located on Depot Street, with the platform side of the station facing Railroad Street. The train tracks separated the town right down the center.
Salina This town was SW of Chauncey near the intersection of Hamley Run Road and Le Master Road.
Sharpsburg This location was known as Federal Station in 1875 before the town or name Federal was moved to Ames Township.
Stewart Was located just off SR 144 in town. Located at the junction of the B&O Southwest sub and The Federal Creek Valley Railroad that ran from Stewart through Amesville. Likely built in 1874.
Stewart Junction  
Sugar Creek Jeff Ellis writes: The line in question appears to have turned out from the C&O (Hocking Valley) line at Hocking Station in Athens Twp. 2-3 miles north of downtown Athens, traveled NE crossing the T&OC (now NS) line, the Hocking River, the Hocking-Sunday Creek traction line, and then along Sugar Creek.  The alignment looks to parallel OH 550 starting near the interchange of US33 and OH 550. The line crossed the SE corner of Dover Twp., and entered the SW corner of Ames Twp.  The community of Sugar Creek is located  in Dover Twp. near OH550 and County Rd. #26. In Ames Twp., the line continued into the unincorporated community of Poston, where the line branched. A NW spur continued, possibly back into Dover Twp., to a coal mine; the NE spur continued toward Amesville to a coal mine. Each spur appears to be about a mile long from Poston. The 1908 map lists the line as "Athens, Amesville, & Chauncey Railroad."  Not surprisingly, there is no indication of line ever reached Amesville or Chauncey. The 2005 SPV Atlas lists the line as Hocking Valley and shows no predecessor roads.
Torch This station was located off CR 62. It was likely built in 1874.
Notes About Existing Stations...

Athens (CWB) - According to old newspaper reports, the Athens depot was built by the CW&B in 1889. The C.W.&B. became the B.&O.S.W. later in the year. The 1888 Madisonville station pictured in Grant's Ohio Postcards book is of the same design, but Athens' was slightly larger. They both also have their build dates above the windows on the front of the turrets. The station of today is the same station only greatly renovated and enlarged in 1915 and 1916. --Bill Denbow

Athens (T&OC) - On the property of the Athens Lumber Company. Bill Denbow and Dan West have researched the origin of this building and the findings thus far have been inconclusive. It does look like a station, and a T&OC station at that, but it is not marked as such on old maps. It may be the original Athens T&OC station that was moved to its current location or it may be an original lumber company building. It is kept here until confirmation one way or another is found.

Chauncey (T&OC) - Now a Lion's Club. The depot's features have been obscured by modern siding.

Glouster (T&OC/K&M) - The T&OC tracks were on the west side of the building with the K&M along the east side 

Nelsonville (HVSR) - This building was built as a depot for the Hocking Valley Scenic Railway in the early 1980s. The design is based on original plans of Ohio RR stations of the late 1800's. It was designed by architect Ted Goodman and built by the carpentry students from the Tri-County Vocational School.

Warren's Station (M&C) - This federal style brick house was used as the station here. Even though the house was built prior, its use as a station would date from 1857 to 1876. The M&C "Old Line" split off just west of Warren's Station and went to Detroit (which later became Canaanville) on an ascending grade then turned north and went through New England, Kilvert, Big Run, Cutler, and east to Marietta. The portion from Warren's Station to Kilvert was permanently abandoned in late 1876. The old line east of Big Run to Marietta eventually became part of the Federal Valley which was built west to Palos and eventually became T&OC. In November of 1874 the Baltimore Short Line was opened from that junction just west of Warren's Station on a lower grade that followed the Hocking River just south of the Old Line to Canaanville, Guysville, Stewart, Beebe, Frost, Coolville Station, Torch, Little Hocking, Porterfield  and Belpre.