Existing Ashtabula County Stations

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City Railroad Current Location Type Current Use Date Built Track Status Bldg. Mat. Current Railroad Notes
Andover LS&MS Antique Engine Club Show Grounds on U.S. 322 just east of Wick (S.R. 193) P Club 1873 None Wood None  
Andover LS&MS Antique Engine Club Show Grounds on U.S. 322 just east of Wick (S.R. 193) F Club ???? None Wood None Moved slightly.
Ashtabula LS&MS Station Ave. P Railroad 1901 In Use Brick Conrail The old freight house used to sit directly across the tracks. There may have been another passenger station at this site as maps from 1893 also show a station here.
Ashtabula PRR Off W. 30th Street P ???? ???? In Use Wood Conrail See note.
Austinburg PRR Mill St. F Business ???? Gone Wood None  
Conneaut NYC Depot St. P Museum 1900 In Use Brick Conrail On National Register
of Historic Places. This replaced an earlier wood depot.
Conneaut NYC Depot St. F Storage ???? In Use Wood Conrail  
East Orwell PY&A (PRR) SR 46, 1 mi. south of US 6 C Private 1874 Gone Wood None Moved to field.
Geneva LS&MS 99 Woodlawn P Private 1886 In Use Wood Conrail Moved from trackside on Depot Street in 1901 to make room for new LS&MS (NYC) station (which is now gone).
Griggs LS&MS Griggs Rd. P Home ???? In Use Wood AC&J NE corner of X-ing,
Flagstop station, now part of a house.
Jefferson LS&MS 147 E. Jefferson St. P Museum 1872 In Use Wood AC&J On National Register of Historic Places. Closed by the NYC in 1961.
Kingsville NKP SR 193 P ???? ???? In Use Wood NS  
Leon LS&MS Leon Rd. just east of Stanhope-Kellogsville Rd. P Private 1872 Gone Wood None Moved. Raised on
concrete foundation,
now a barn.
North Kingsville LS&MS North of Lake Rd about 1/2 mi. west of Burrington Rd. between N. Kingsville and Conneaut P Private ???? None Wood None See Note.
Saybrook NKP 8050 Depot Rd. P Private 1882 In Use Wood NS Moved from tracks in 1950, moved again in 1985.
Simons LS&MS US322 & Pymatuning
Lake Road
P Business ???? Gone Wood None At Buckeye State Farms. Moved. The railroad closed the station in the early 1930s.


Ashtabula (PRR) - This building sits near the old PRR roundhouse and served the PY&A line that ran south out of Ashtabula Harbor and on to Youngstown. Not sure if this station pre-dates or post-dates the main PRR depot which sat at Center Street (that station is now gone). The building has been resided with aluminum, but its general shape has not changed. The PRR "Ashtabula" station sign was attached to the chimney when the station was in service.

North Kingsville: This depot is considerably NE of original location. Moved around 1950. Now used as a cottage.

Ashtabula County Stations Of The Past

Station Railroad Notes
Ashtabula LS&MS This was the original LS&MS passenger/freight station in Ashtabula. After the brick depot was constructed across the tracks, this served as the freight station from 1901 on into NYC days.
Ashtabula PRR This station sat 753 W. 48th Street and was known as the Center Street PRR station. Both the PRR and LS&MS crossed Center St. at this location. A wreck occurred here between a northbound LS&MS train and a trolley car killing eight on Dec. 16 at 7:50 p.m. in 1912. A subway was constructed in 1926 and passengers could access the PRR station via a stairway from below the tracks. I have seen information saying that the PRR station was a two-story building with division offices on the top, but the photo I have seen from 1926 shows a one-story wooden frame depot. However, the freight office and supervisor's office were both listed for this location in the 1931 city directory. In 1931 the Freight Agent was John Clark and Supervisor was Todd Hofmeister.
Ashtabula NKP This station sat on Main Avenue and was torn down in 1978.
Conneaut B&LE Was located on Liberty Street at the bottom of the hill next to the tracks. Torn down in March, 1935.
Conneaut NKP The passenger station sat near the northeast corner of the intersection of Mill and Jefferson Streets. Early maps show there was an adjacent hotel with a dining room and saloon called the "Nickel Plate Dining Station." Later maps don't show a hotel at the location, but still show the dining room and saloon. The freight station was on the west side of Mill Street north of the tracks.
Dorset LS&MS Built in 1872.
Geneva LS&MS (NYC) Built 1901, demolished 1967, this station sat on Depot Street west of North Broadway. There was a freight station on the north side of the tracks. A bridge connected the freight station with the Champion Hardware Company to the north.
Geneva NKP The passenger station was on the east side of South Broadway near the intersection of Liberty St. There was an NKP freight station on the north side of Leslie between Sherman and Broadway.
Rock Creek PRR

1898 Ashtabula County Railroad Map