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Type Current
Date Built Track
Bluffton 562 North Main Street
(GPS: 40.897892, -83.885319)
C Business 1920 Gone Stucco
Bluffton Spring Street NE of Riley Street
(GPS: 40.899728,-83.890588)
P Club ???? Gone Wood
Delphos East 13th Street & West Washington Street
(GPS: 40.855241, -84.338741)
P Private 1952 Gone Block
Kemp 150 feet north of the tracks on the west side of Kemp Road
(GPS: 40.724301, -84.223416)
C Residence ???? In Use Wood
Lima Half block north of East Wayne Street
on North Central Avenue
(GPS: 40.744814, -84.102103)
P Public 1887 In Use Brick
Spencerville East North Street just east of North Broadway Street
(GPS: 40.714351, -84.348432)
C Vacant ???? In Use Wood
uniopolis Lincoln Park north of East Elm Street, Lima
(GPS: 40.738175, -84.088969)
P Display 1893 None Wood
Alnora This town does not exist anymore. It was between Vaughnsville and Columbus Grove where the line breifly crossed in and out of Allen County between Searfoss Road and the county line.
(Scotts Crossing)
Beaverdam The station was just to the north of the western end of Pearl Street.
Bluffton This was the original Bluffton station which served until around 1899. It remained across the tracks from the newer 1899 station until the early 1980s. The photo shows the station not long before it was torn down.
Cairo The freight section was removed and the station was modified in later years.
Delphos This station was located on the west side of South Washington Street at GPS: 40.841838, -84.338709. It was built in 1879.
delphos The first passenger station was on the southeast corner of East 1st Street and South Washington at GPS: 40.842660, -84.338351. The freight station was on the next lot to the south at GPS: 40.842452, -84.338353. By the early 1900s those stations were gone (replaced by a large coal shed) and a newer passenger station was in place on the north side of East 1st Street at GPS: 40.842918, -84.338031.
delphos The passenger station was on South Washington Street just south of the location of the old TSt.L&KC station at GPS: 40.841426, -84.338405.
Delphos The original TSt.L&KC passenger station, which later served as the freight station when the new station was built, was just to the at the diamond with the PRR at GPS: 40.841620, -84.338404. It was gone by 1904.
delphos  The "new" passenger station was located on the northeast corner of South Main Street and East Jackson at GPS: 40.840865, -84.339504. The newer freight house can be seen across the tracks in the background of the photo.
Elida Maps from 1880 show the station on Main Street. A new station was built here in 1887.
Hume The station here was on the east side of SR 501 (Wapak Road), on the north side of the tracks near the old grain elevator.
Lima The original passenger station was just to the east of where the existing station is, right in the SW corner of the diamond. The original station was torn down around 1887 after the new station was built next to it. It is shown on 1887 maps marked with "To Be Demolished" sitting next to the new brick station.

The freight station was on the east side of North Main Street on the south side of the tracks.
Lima Built in 1891, this station was located on the north side of East Wayne Street. The freight station was on the south side of East North Street (across the street from the LE&W freight station.
Lima The first passenger station was a waiting room/ticket office located in the Hotel French which was directly across the tracks from the CH&D station. The station area was between the saloon and barber shop on the west side of the hotel. After the hotel was torn down, the LE&W sold tickets from the baggage room of the CH&D station as noted on Sanborn Fire maps. The freight station was on the north side of East North Street (SR-81). In later years the LE&W also used a station in South Lima near the Locomotive Works.
Lima The passenger station was on the south side of West 1st Street between South Main Street and South Elizabeth.  In later years, the passenger station was havily modified and stripped of its character.
Lima The freight station was at the corner of Greenlawn Avenue and West 1st Street.
Lima There was a three-story brick passenger station built in 1898 on the south side of East Wayne Street just to the west of Jackson Street. This was on an extension track almost a mile from the mainline. There was a freight station right at the end of this extension just south of the passenger station. The passenger station was abandoned in 1931 and passenger traffic was moved back to the mainline station on Bellefontaine Street.
This station was built in 1896 and was at the intersection of Linden and Wood Streets south of Bellefontain Avenue at GPS: 40.736413, -84.089653. The date stone on the statation read "1923." This is when the freight section was added on. The older part of the station is from the DL&N era of the DT&I lineage. The station was torn down in April 2015.
Lima Columbus
& Lake
Michigan RR
This passenger station was just north of East Grand Avenue. The tracks were where North Central Aveune is today. The C&LM was a short line steam railroad that ran from Lima to Definace. It was previously known as the Columbus, Lima & Milwaukee. The station later became a motor freight station.
Southworth There may have been a Toledo, Delphos & Indianapolis (narrow gague) station here prior to its takeover by the CH&D.
Spencerville This station sat on the east side of North Broadway Street just south of the intersection with Elizabeth Street (formerly Railroad Avenue). It was on the north side of the tracks. Today this triangle-shaped lot is vacant, but nicely landscaped (as of 2009). The station was built prior to 1880 by the TD&I (Toledo, Delphos & Indianapolis) narrow gauge prior to CH&D ownership. Both the station and tracks were gone by the mid-1920s.
Steiner Not sure if this station was in Allen or Putnam County (see map below). It was most likely on the property of Adam Steiner (according to 1880 maps) which was on the east side of Tom Fett Road just south of the Putnam County line. There is no town there now, and this station may have simply served local farms in the early days of the railroad.
West Minster  
Notes About Existing Stations...

Bluffton (AC&Y) - Frozen custard stand. Decorated with AC&Y memorabilia and train history.

Bluffton (LE&W) - Currently houses Bluffton American Legion Post #382 and Bluffton Community Sportsmen's Club. Moved from original site on Railroad Street between Cherry and College Streets. This second-generation station replaced the original station which sat across the tracks. The newer station was built soon after the opening of Bluffton College in 1899. The original station remained trackside as a freight station into the 1970s or 1980s.

Delphos (NKP) - A retired NKP section hand (who worked out of Delphos from 1952 until the late 1980s) said the concrete building that was once a station and crew room. He said when he started with the NKP in 1952, the building was not there, but was built shortly after that time. The building housed two clerks, an operator, telegrapher, and the trainmaster's office was directly north of the current structure. The trainmaster's office is gone and only the concrete platform remains. In addition, there were showers and lockers for the crews when they arrived from Frankfort and Toledo to clean up after their runs. The bland concrete structure replaced several NKP offices located in the downtown business district of Delphos. The NKP/AC&Y yards were next to the western terminus of the AC&Y tracks. The NKP tracks from the former PRR mainline in Delphos were recently removed. --Daniel Meckstroth

Kemp (Erie) - Two-unit apartment. The roof was raised and two dormers added for a second story.

Lima (PFt.W&C) - Restored! Just west of the diamonds of the B&O/NKP and PRR! 

Spencerville (Erie) - Former HQ of Specerville & Elgin RR.

Uniopolis (Ohio Southern) - This station was moved from Uniopolis and is now on display in the park near a steam engine also on display.