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Type Date
Austin 430 10th Street P 1941 Business In Use Brick
Brownsdale South side of Fremont Street SE between Oak and Johnson Streets. C ???? Storage None Wood
Oakland In Austin at Mower Co. Fairgrounds off 12th Street SW C 1886 Museum None Wood
Adams The depot was on Commerce Street (formerly North Street) between 3rd and 2nd.
Austin The original depot sat in the same general vicinity as the existing station on 10th Street (formerly Railway Avenue). On a map from 1896 the building is shown as a depot/hotel.
Austin This freight station was on the east side of 10th Street NE (formerly N. Railway Street) between 4th Avenue NE (formerly E. Water) and 3rd Avenue NE (formerly Collins) at GPS: 43.669267, -92.961332.
Austin The first CGW station was on Jay Street between Franklin and Maple Streets. This location was the NE corner of 1st Avenue NE & 3rd Street SE (3rd Street SE now ends a block south) at approximately GPS: 43.667661, -92.971383. The tracks ran north/south along the west side of 3rd Street SE. It was built in 1885.
Austin There was a small cement block station at 316 East Bridge Street that was in service until 1958 when it was replaced by the station listed below.
AustiN Built in 1958 and went into service on June 23rd of that year. It was on a four-acre tract near Ohio Street (now 6th Street SE) with access from South River Street (now 4th Street SE). It was in the vicinity of GPS: 43.656936, -92.967918.
Austin The original CGW freight house was on the south side of Oakland Avenue just west of Jay Street (3rd Street SE) at approximately GPS: 43.666439, -92.971518.
dexter This station was on the west side of Main Street just south of Front. There were two sidings off the main line. The station was between the main line and the northern siding.
Elkton This station was on the east side of CR-7 (670 Avenue) (formerly called Adams Street), south of Main Street. It was on the east side of the tracks. The station was closed in 1958. A new station was built here in 1912.
Grand Meadow The station was on the east side of Main Street (CR-102). It was built in 1871 and closed in the early 1970s. This was the oldest building in town.
Lansing The station was between Main and Division Streets (the names have changed to numbers).
Le roy This station was on the NW side of Broadway.
Le roy In 1892, this station was on the north side of Main Street between West Street and CR-14.
Lyle This station was on the north side of Elm Street. It was torn down in 1965.
Lyle This station was on the north side of Oak Street. The CM&St.P and CGW stations were about 150 yards apart.
Lyle The original IC depot in Lyle.
Lyle After the station listed above was demolished as part of an Illinois Central modernization program, a small 8x8 foot Type "C" depot was built. This shelter was used as a flag stop with a red flag or lantern inside the door to flag down the mixed train that had either a coach or carried passengers in the caboose.
Lyle This building was used by the Cedar Valley RR in the 1980s. Although the postcard pictured identifies it as a depot, it is hard to say if it served the Illinois Central as a freight station. The building is an Illinois Central standard tool house design. There was a space for a tool track cart trailer as well as tools. The building also contained an office space for paper work regarding yard work and for the train crew to sit while doing the local run between Cedar Falls and Albert Lea. See ICRR Employee Timetable (Iowa Division) May 17, 1936; and ICG Iowa Division Track Chart 1973.  --Notes here and above listing by Mark Budka
Racine The station was on the north side of Main Street. A new station was built here in 1912.
Ramsey In 1892, the station was in the NW corner of the diamond where the two lines crossed. The station was torn down around 1962.
Rose Creek The station was on the west side of 3rd Street. It was built in 1878.
Sargeant The depot was north of 310 Street (CR-1).
Taopi The original CGW station was not at the diamond, but north of it about 150 yards.
This may have been a station or a "tower" controlling the diamond. As can be seen in the photo below of the CM&St.P station, both it and the CM&St.P station are in the photo.
Taopi This station was east of the diamond.
Varco A new station was built here in 1886 where there had previously been a smaller station.
Waltham This depot was on the north side of Washington Street.
Notes About Existing Stations...

Austin (CM&St.P) - State License Bureau.

Brownsdale (CM&St.P) - The original location of the station was on the east side of 590 Street (formerly Mill Street).

Dexter (CM&St.P) - This has supposedly been heavily modified and does not look like a station any more. Does anyone know for sure if this was the station?

Oakland (CM&St.P) - Moved to the fairgrounds in 1964 from Freeborn County.