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Type Date
cottonwood About 150 yards back on an access road off 4th Street. The access road is just east of Norseth Boulevard. Depot sits just east of the blue water tower and is also visible from Barstad Road (CR-32) (GPS: 44.611673, -95.668259). C 1888 Municpal None Wood
Garvin 2516 110th Street (GPS: 44.21475,-95.760944). C 1887 Storage None Wood
green valley On a farm on the northeast edge of Marshall. The driveway is to the east across from the intersection of MN-23 and 269th Aveune. It is in a patch of trees in a field approximately 300 yards due east of the football and baseball fields on 23 (GPS: 44.461261,-95.751321). C 1902 Storage None Wood
Marshall North side of West Main Street, just west of North 7th. P 1903 Railroad In Use Brick  
Marshall Located two miles west of Marshall at the SE corner of 210th Avenue and 280th Street (2109 280th Street).
(GPS: 44.457023,-95.862944)
C 1888 Residence None Wood
volga, SD At Wheels Across The Prairie Museum Grounds, 3297 US HWY 14, Tracy, MN. C 1897 Museum None Wood
This station was on the east side of Front Street, just north of Main Street. It was built in 1883.
Balaton Photo is from 1908.
Balaton This station was on the SE side of East 2nd Street. It was built in 1915 to replace the earlier station listed above.
Burchard The depot was on First Street between Main and Elm Streets (First Street no longer exists here). This station was a boxcar modified into a depot.
Cottonwood The original station here.
Dudley The depot was on Front Street (which ran east/west along the tracks on the the west side of CR-9). Although indicated on maps, this town essentially no longer exists.
Florence The depot was on Railroad Street south of Blaine Street.
Ghent This depot was on the west side of Chapman Street. It was built in 1881.
Green Valley This smaller building may have served as a station in later years.
Heckman Siding This tiny village was on the east side of Marshall Lake in Section 25 of Marshall Township. In the early 1900s it featured a post office, elevator and railroad station and not much else.
Lynd This station was on the southern corner of Railroad Street and 4th Street.
marshall This station was on what is now West Marvin Schwan Memorial Drive at South 1st Street. It was built in 1885.
Minneota Built in 1889, this station was on the SE side of Jefferson Street between East 1st and Industrial Way.
Russell The station was on the SW side of 1st Street, on the south side of the tracks.
Taunton This station was at the end of Main Street, SW of 1st Street. It was built in 1898.
Tracy There was a passenger station on the west side of 4th Street and a freight station on the east side. The freight station was built in 1879 and probably served as the first passenger station. The passenger station was built in 1897. To the NW there was a hotel, machine shop and roundhouse for the RR.
Tracy This freight station was on the east side of 4th Street.
Notes About Existing Stations...

Cottonwood (GN) - This station's original location was on the east side of Barstad Road between Front and Main Streets. Bought by the city and used by the water department for storage.

Garvin (C&NW) - This station's original location was on 1st Street at the northern end of Sherman Street (now CR-14) next to the elevator. The station is now (2011) in bad condition on a farm outside of town.

Green Valley (GN) - This station's original location in Green Valley was south of CR-8, on the east side of the tracks.

Marshall (GN) - The original Marshall GN depot was a 24 x 74 built in 1888. It was a one-story, but the walls were very high, so conversion into a 1 and a 1/2 story house makes sense. The roof line was bi-level with the cross gables over the office area being a bit higher than the waiting room area, and the roof line over the freight room was a bit lower still. It appears that the freight room portion was removed from the building when it was moved. The early depot at Pipestone was a twin to the one at Marshall as were the original depots at Wadena, Park Rapids and Hallock.

Volga (C&NW) - This station's original location was Volga, South Dakota.