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Type Date
deephaven 20405 Park Place
(GPS: 44.925049, -93.540779)
C ???? Residence None Wood
Deephaven On the east side of Parkway Street, 3rd house north of Azure Road.
(GPS: 46.362767,-92.945994)
C 1887 Residence ???? Wood
Excelsior 305 Water Street
(GPS: 44.901692, -93.567034)
C ???? Museum None Wood  
hopkins Sits along the tracks, below
and to the west of the
US 169 overpass.
C 1928 Railroad In Use Wood  
hopkins 9451 Excelsior Boulevard C 1902  Business In Use Brick
Manitou Station
(Tonka Bay)
4831 Manitou Road
(GPS: 44.916893, -93.588516)
P ???? Residence None Wood
Maple Plain Sits on a farm at 16350 CR-20 near Watertown in Carver County. C ???? Private None Wood
minneapolis    Washington Avenue at 3rd Avenue 1889  Business  Gone  Brick
minneapolis 201 3rd Avenue South
(at the intersection with 2nd Street)
F 1879 Business Gone Brick
East of North 1st Street F 1910 Condos Gone Brick  
minnehaha  Minnehaha Avenue between
46th Ave. South and Minnehaha
Parkway. It is on the west side of
Hiawatha Ave. (MN 55)
1875  Civic  Gone  Wood
mound Bay Park on Bartlett Boulevard C 1915 Civic None Wood
(Sandy Lake)
About 150 feet north of the derelict roundhouse at the former Soo classification yard, Shoreham, Columbia Avenue North and 28th Avenue NE, Minneapolis .
(GPS: 45.020899,-93.251052)
P 1887 Vacant In Use Brick
St. louis park 37th Street West & Brunswick Avenue North C 1887 Museum None Wood
wayzata 402 East Lake Street C 1906 Museum In Use Wood &
East side of Maplewood Road just north of Maple Ridge Road. P ???? Residence Gone Wood
Armstrong There was a station here before the growth of Maple Plain.
Bass lake Station Now part of Plymouth, this station was in the vicinity of Zachary Lane North, south of 53rd Avenue. It was a short distance to the east of Staffordsville Station. In 1898, Bass Lake and Staffordsville were the only two stations in the township.
Cedar Lake This may or may not be the CNW station. The 1967 Official railway Guide lists CNW as having a freight station in Cedar Lake. Can anyone confirm or deny?
This station was to the west of the Deephaven Station at the intersection of Cottagewood Road and Minnetonka Boulevard.
Crystal Bay
This station was on Railroad Avenue just north of North Shore Drive. It was on the east side of the tracks. The name of this town was changed from Markville to Crystal Bay in 1906.
Crystal This station was on the west side of Douglas Drive North between 52nd Avenue North and 51st Place North.
Eddy Station This station was near where Pond View Drive is today, to the west of Eureka Road.
Eden prairie 
  Built in 1871 and torn down in 1934, this station was located east of Eden Prairie Road.
Eureka This station was located at the intersection of Smithtown Road, Smithtown Way, and Eureka Road.
Excelsior    This does not appear to be the same station that still stands in Excelsior. Perhaps this one predates the station that currently serves as a museum.
Excelsior The GN station was right across the tracks from the M&St.L station on the SE side of Water Street. It was on the south side of the tracks. The M&St.L station was on the north side of its tracks.
Fairview This station was on Fairview Street in the vicinity of Sleepy Hollow Road in the northern part of Greenwood. This station was just a short distance north of the station on Solberg's Point.
Ferndale This station was on the west side of Ferndale Road South in the western part of Wayzata. It was on the south side of the tracks.
Golden valley  
Groveland Park This station was somewhere in the area near the intersection of Grays Bay Boulevard and Breezy Point Road.
Hamel This station was on the east side of Depot Street (now gone), on the north side of the tracks. The Hamel station may have been moved to a private collectors informal museum a few miles east of Annandale on MN 55. More research is needed to confirm its fate.
Hopkins The old pre-1902 frame station was just to the east of the existing brick station. It was where the large parking lot is today.
Hopkins The old pre-1928 station was to the east of the existing station. It was on the east side of the overpass near Washington Avenue.
Hotel St. Louis Station This was a few miles east of Excelsior and served Charles Gibson's Hotel St. Louis.
Kenwood    This station was located near what is now Thomas Avenue South just north of 24th Street on the west side of Cedar Lake.
Long Lake The first station was built here in 1867.
Long Lake This station was on Brown Road North where it crossed the tracks before there was an overpass.
Lake Sarah  
loretto This station was on the corner of Railway Street West and St. John Street. It was on the north side of the tracks.
Lyndale Junction
This station was on Linden Avenue West, just SW of Lyndale Avenue.
Maple Grove  
Miller Station  
minneapolis    This station was located on Hennepin Avenue at Mississippi River. Site now occupied by Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis building.  Built by the GN, it was also used by the NP, CB&Q, and CGW. The station was built in 1913 and torn down in 1978.
Minneapolis This passenger and freight station was on Washington Avenue South at 10th Avenue South.
minneapolis  Built in 1883, this was the original Union Station on Hennepin Ave. near High St. This location is now the site of the central Minneapolis Post Office.
minneapolis    This station, which sat on Washington Avenue at 3rd Avenue South, was built in 1879. It was demolished to make way for the "new" station in 1899.
MINNEAPOLIS This station sat near the intersection of Washington Avenue North and 4th Avenue North. It dates from the late 1860's/early 1870's.
MINNEAPOLIS This freight station was located at 500 2nd Street North. It was built in 1915.
minneapolis  The Minneapolis M&St.L station was at 4th Street N and Washington Avenue. The site is now a parking lot.
minneapolis This freight station/warehouse was in the Warehouse District at 10-12 Hennepin Avenue.
Minneapolis There was a two-story freight station on 4th Avenue North.
Minnetonka Beach This station was near the intersection of Westwood Road and Cottage Lane near the entrance to the Lafayette Club. This was the GN Spring Park Branch line.
Minnetonka Lake Park This station was to the NE of Minnetonka lake Park Hotel. It was on Dakota Avenue due north of the Lyn Haven Pavillion.
(minnetonka Mills)
There is a building that looks like a station at Burwell Historic Park at Minnetonka Boulevard & Cedar Lake Road, but this was a scale house and office for the mills there rather than the station. According to old maps there was an MSt.L station nearby. In 1898, the station was on the south side of the mill pond which was on Minnehaha Creek. This was in the Minnetonka Mill Company Subdivision.
Minnetonka I am not sure if there was a GN station at Minnetonka. Old maps show a spur off the GN line leading to the site of Minnetonka Mills near the town.
(Lake Riley)
This station was located on the east side of Lake Riley
Navarre This combination station was located at 2273 Shadywood Road (CR 19) (Shadywood Road& Chrystal Place). Around 2009 or 2010 the City of Orono had the building demolished as it was partially on the property owned by the rail authority that bought the rail corridor from Wayzata to Hutchinson. For many years the depot was used as a house.
Northwood Station This station was not far to the northeast of the Minnetonka Beach station on the GN's Spring Park Branch. It was located near the intersection of Arcola Lane and Shoreline Drive.
Orono This station was on Boardman Avenue at Brackett Avenue (both gone or changed).
Osseo In 1898 the station was on the corner of Madison and Washington Streets. Due to the construction of MN-81, these streets no longer exist/meet at that location. Specifically the station was located at (GPS: 45.114307, -93.401376). In the early days (1870s) this part of town was known as "Attraction."
(PArker Station)
This station was on Railroad Avenue south of 42nd Avenue North. The first station here was built in 1888 and called "Parker Station" in honor of Alfred Parker who donated the land for the station.
Solberg's Point
(Meadville Park)
This station was on the west side of Minnetonka Boulevard south of Vine Street on Solberg's point south of Meadville Park. The station was right on the point near a steamboat landing site right near the trestle over the connection between St. Albans Bay and Excelsior Bay.
Spring Park This station was near the intersection of Northern Avenue, West Arm Drive, and Sunset Drive. The 1898 map shows this as the terminus of the Spring Park Branch.
St. Albans
This station, according to the 1873 map, was located north of where Statnton Drive is today west of Playmoth Road in Minnetonka Township at GPS: 44.94716,-93.445061.
St. Bonifacius  
St. Louis Park This station was located not far from the existing CM&St.P station near Brunswick and 37th Street West.
Staffordsville This little village is part of Plymouth now. Is was to the SW of Bass Lake. The station was located on Plainview Lane North between 52nd and 53 Avenues.
Wayzata Before the new station was built in 1902, the Wayzata station was much further to the east. It was just west of near the intersection of Bushaway Road and Eastman Lane.
Zumbra Heights  

Notes About Existing Stations...

Deephaven (M&St.L) - This station is now a rental house located behind #20395 Park Place. When the station was moved, the top part was taken, leaving the stone foundation at the original site. A gable above the agents bay was added to modernize it. On the street there is a only a small sign about a foot off the ground giving the address #20405 with the notation "The Depot." This station was originally on the east side of the bridge across Carson Bay, just west of Chimo West Street.

Deephaven (CMSt.P&P) - The Milwaukee buillt the line in 1887 to serve the Hotel St Louis on Lake Minnetonka, so the station was probably built in 1887. Service ended in 1900 when the hotel closed and the RR sold the ROW to the trolley line. The trolley line improved improved the ROW and ran cars out to the hotel. See http://www.trolleyride.org/ESL_Main/history.html for more information on the line.

Hopkins (M&St.L) - Now houses the Depot Coffee House.

Manitou (Tonka Bay) (M&St.L) - Maps show this station was on the west side of Manitou Road just south of Brentwood Avenue. It may have been moved and converted into a residence at the address listed or this could be a station of a different time period in its original location. The property for the residence on which the station is located is the old ROW. The station is either a garage for the residence or part of the house.

Maple Plain (GN) - Station sits in a field to the northeast of the house there. It is in poor shape, but still standing as of late 2008. Photo shows station in its original location on Railroad Street between Pioneer and Spring.

Minneapolis (CMSt.P&P Passenger) - Station went out of service in 1971. Here is an old photo of the station when it still had a pinnacle on the tower (the pinnacle was destroyed by high winds in 1941). The station now houses two hotels, an ice rink and a water park. For more information see The Depot Minneapolis.

Minneapolis (CMSt.P&P Freight) - Only the head house of the station remains here. It now houses a Dunn Brothers coffee shop.

Minnehaha (CMSt.P&P) - The station is part of the Minnesota Transportation Museum. It was referred to a "The Princess" due to its Victorian gingerbread architecture. This is the second station at the site, having replaced an earlier frame station. It was closed by the railroad in 1963.

Mound (GN) - Originally located on Commerce Boulevard.

Shoreham (Soo Line) - Apparently first called Sandy Lake then Shoreham by the Soo at its yards near Columbia Heights.

St. Louis Park (CMSt.P&P) - Relocated to a park and now houses the St. Louis Park Historical Society.

Wayzata (GN) - Now houses the Wayzata Historical Society.

Woodland (CMSt.P&P) - There is a building here that could have be the station. Here is a Bing streetview map photo showing the building. Apparently there was an open sided station here and it was converted into a house. It is unknown wheteher this was the original Milawaukee Road station or a later TCRT trolley line station.