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Type Date
claremont Northfield in Rice County C 1880 Private None Wood
dodge center 4th Avenue NE at 2nd Street SE
(GPS: 44.026338, -92.848531)
C 1950s Railroad In Use Metal  
SE corner of North Main and 4th Street East. C 1981 Gas Station Gone Wood
West Concord In the backyard of a house along the old CGW/CNW transfer track in Dodge Center.
(GPS: 44.02611, -92.84703)
C 1911 Garage In Use Wood
There is no town here anymore. When there were streets here, the depot sat between Railroad and Main Streets. This location is now on 595th Street (CR 16) between 170th and 185th Streets. It was called Cheney in early 1900s, but the location is now known as Eden.
Dodge center This station was near the intersection of 1st Avenue SW (formerly called Fulton Street) and West Main Street. It was built in 1892.
Dodge Center Built in 1885.
Hayfield This station was north of Main Street near 1st Avenue. All the street names here have changed. This location was previously Fourth Street between Pearl and Broad.
Kasson This was the first station built in Kasson. It appears to be of the same general design as the first W&St.P station at Rochester which was built in 1865.
Kasson This depot was near the corner of East Main and South Mantorville Avenue. It was built in 1885.
Mantorville The CNW had a boxcar station with additions here. It probably was along the tracks on the east side of Blanch Street.
Mantorville This station was on the SW corner of Main and 4th Streets. The C&NW, which entered from the south of town, and the CGW, which entered town from the west, both terminated near the station, but the C&NW only served a grain elevator about a block NE of the station. The C&NW came into town on a spur that split off the main line just west of Kasson. The CGW also had an engine house just south of the depot in the early years. Both lines into town were abandoned by the 1930s.
This town was between Wasioja and Mantorville on the CGW. There may have been a depot here in the early years. This town no longer exists and died off in the late 1800s when it lost an election to become the county seat. It is marked on the 1905 county map. It was located in the area that is now the south end of 225th and 227th Avenues south of 605th Street. There is a group of modern homes there now.
Vlasaty This village was named by the CGW. CGW records show that an old pump house building in Hayfield was moved to Vlasaty in 1903 to be used as a depot and telegraph office. The 1900 list of agents shows no agent at Vlasaty so this was most likely the first depot there. The agency was closed April 7, 1921.
West Concord This was the station here prior to 1911.
Wasioja The street names have all changed here, but the station sat on the east side of Broadway between Second and Third Streets. I believe this location is on 210th Avenue just south of 602nd Street.
Notes About Existing Stations...

Claremont (C&NW) - Station is now at the site of a private 2'-gauge model railroad in Northfield. Its original location in Claremont was on the west side of Elm Street on the south side of the tracks.

Mantorville (Replica) - This was originally built as a replica of the old CGW station to keep with the historic aesthetic of the village. It has since been remodeled and does not look much like a replica station any more.

West Concord (CGW) - This station has been modified with a clearly visible seam in the middle. It may have been moved in two pieces It sits in the backyard of a house along the old transfer track near the CGW/CNW diamond in Dodge Center. This is the second house to the east of the water tower on 3rd Street SE. Some vague reports and old information has it that this was the West Concord depot, but further verification and details would be nice. The original location of the West Concord CGW station was on the east side of Front between Main and Irwin in West Concord.