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Type Date
(St. Hubertus)
Great Plains Boulevard, north of West 79th Street. P 1882 ???? In Use Wood  
chaska At The Landing Heritage Park near Shakopee.
(GPS: 44.802889, -93.491997) Is that GPS correct for the building?
C ???? ???? None Wood
chaska Chaska Boulevard (MN-61) between North Walnut and North Chestnut Streets.
(GPS: 44.789236, -93.601168)
C ???? Business In Use Brick  
dahlgren Dakota County Fairgrounds
4008 220th Street West, Farmington, MN
C ???? Museum None Wood
new germany
Moved to a farm near the NE corner of CR 33 and 48th Street. C ???? Storage None Wood
Maple Plain 16350 CR 20, near Watertown C ???? Storage None Wood
norwood On an unmarked farm road NE of Green Isle. It is on the south side of a pond on private property between 180th and 170th Streets (GPS: 44.692223,-93.951178). C ???? ???? None Wood
Benton Junction  
Bongards This station was near CR 51.
Carver This station was on the east side of Main Street (CR 40), just north of 5th Street. The water tower in the photo (or one like it) is still on the site as of 2009 as is a caboose.
Carver This station was on the corner of 7th and Lime Streets. There are modern houses in this area today (2009).
Cologne This station was to the east of Paul Avenue between the sets of tracks. There are no buildings at this site today (2009).
Coney Island Station This station was on North Shore Road, on the side of Lake Waconia. It was on the north side of the tracks. Visitor to Coney Island Park arrived here on the GN and were then taken by boat over to the island. There is a building there (as of 2009, Bing Maps) that looks like it could have been the station. This is just east of where North Shore Road crosses the old grade. Can someone go out and check this? Here is a photo showing the location.
Hamburg This depot was on Railroad Street at Sophia Avenue at approximately GPS: 44.733558, -93.966119.
Hazeltine This was to the west of Hazeltine Lake.
Maases This town no longer exists. It was a stop on the GN located on the northern border of the county between Parley Lake and Stone Lake. This area is now within the Carver Park Reserve (near the southern end of Grim Road).
Maple Hill  
Mayer This depot was on 1st Street NW between Ash Avenue and Bluejay Avenue at approximately GPS: 44.884805, -93.889042.
Norwood This station was at the SE corner of West Railroad Street and North Union Street.
Shakopee Station This was the M&St.L station located across the line in Carver County. It was on the east side of the intersection of MN-101 and M&St.L line about one mile north of Shakopee. It was a small station built circa 1880-1885 to connect Shakopee traffic with Minneapolis directly over the M&St.L route. Shakopee was on the St. Paul & Sioux City RR which ran directly to St. Paul. So prior to the introduction of the M&StL north of Shakopee, the rail route to Minneapolis from Shakopee went first to St. Paul, and then back west to Minneapoils. The station was taken out of service a long time ago, possibly during the M&StL line relocation of 1901-02. However, the station building is said to have been incorporated into a farmhouse very nearby, and that house was intact up to about 1990. --Note by Ron Keagle 
Waconia The station here was destroyed by a tornado on August 22, 1904 (Cambridge Jeffersonian, August 25, 1904).
Waconia According to the 1928 map, this station was on Pine Street south of 5th Street East (near MN-5) at approximately GPS: 44.844347, -93.784484.
Watertown This station was on the south side of Madison Street SW on the NW side of the tracks at GPS: 44.961049, -93.848043.
Young America This station was on the south side of East Main Street at SE 4th Avenue at approximately GPS: 44.783099, -93.910964.
Notes About Existing Stations...

Chaska (CMStP&P) - The original location of this station in Chaska was on Oak Street between 4th and 5th.

Dahlgren (CMStP&P) - This station was originally from Dahlgren in Carver County, but has been moved twice. It was moved Lakeville first and then to Farmington at the Dakota County Fairgrounds which is the site of "Dakota City."

Maple Plain (GN) - This station was moved here from Hennepin County. Station sits in a field to the northeast of the house there. It is in poor shape, but still standing as of late 2008. Photo shows station in its original location.

New Germany (GN) - The original location of this station was south of the RR tracks, west of Adams Street, and east of Washington Street.